Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I Would Wear to DVF

If you live anywhere with a radio/tv/newspaper, you've probably heard of The City, aka The Hills ditches LC and moves to NYC. Whether or not you love the show and are as ridiculously obsessed with it as I am, or you think it's a sign of the apocalypse (Maud), you need to watch it. Even if you have to put it on mute. Why? Because the clothes on that show are fab. Seriously, fab. But while I love Whitney Port and her adorable California style, she needs to stop dressing like she's in LA and realize that she's in NYC, where wearing this little yellow number to you first day of work at DVF is probs not appropriate. Just look at those construction workers. They want to eat her and her ridiculously teensy legs.

I thought I'd put together what I would have worn if one, I were Whitney Port with Whitney Port's MTV salary, and two, if DVF hired to me pretend I worked in PR in their NYC office. Since she's working in the fashion industry, she can get away with some things that would be considered inappropriate in a normal business environment, like that mini-dress. However, I think that if you show off the legs that much you need to layer more up top, because that office is probs about 60 degrees, and it's in Manhattan. Aka cold.

I'd wear this blazer, which I know I already posted but I realllllly like it and had a dream about it (sad, I know), so here it is again: Marc by Marc Jacobs Blazer, $278 at shopbop.com, with either this Herve Leger Dress, $950 at net-a-porter.com (yes, I know a bandage dress doesn't exactly scream office-wear, but it's DVF, and this is The City, so reality's not really an issue),

Or I would wear the blazer with this Larsen Gray Pencil Skirt (studs and and exposed zipper. I am drooling), $251 at shopbop.com, this Kain Label tee, $85 at shopbop.com, and a pair of black tights.

I would pair both of these outfits with these bamf shoes: Sigerson Morrison Wedges, $795 at net-a-porter.com

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