Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Is Why I Love Lela Rose

I was going to wait and put Lela Rose's Fall '09 show in with the roundup I'll do tomorrow morning, but I can't contain myself. It's all too pretty. So Lela Rose gets her own post. Yes, that is love.

I'm loving the sequin/lame ombre shift dress. The pattern and the sheen are subtle, but fun, and they spice up a traditional shift. And those heathered grey tights are fantastic. The collar and the belt detail on the middle dress are so interesting--that's one of the things Lela Rose does best. She takes a conventional silhouette, and then makes it modern with little details. The pattern on the last dress is intense, but how adorable is the shape? That one shoulder/assymetrical strap detail is popping up all over the place!

The color and the collar on this blue dress are fantastic. I love cobalt blue (it's so flattering!) and the pushed up sleeves and twist detail at the neck take this dress from unremarkable to covetable. It's hard to make gold lame look elegant, but Lela Rose does it with the middle dress. The pleating and gathering have a very modern Joan of Arc vibe (maybe that's just me), and this dress could really work for a lot of seasons/occassions. That black dress is screaming red carpet to me. The wide v-neckline is the perfect balance of sexy and not too revealing, and the layers on the shape give it great motion and silhouette. It's chic and classic, but definitely not boring.

These first two dresses need to show up at the Oscars. Please. I mean, silk chiffon + gorgeous color + bustier-inspired bodice and one shoulder sleeves? I die. And again, gold lame has never looked so good. The simple shape balances out the extravagant fabric so well. This would look fantastic on like, Penelope Cruise. Or anything. Like me! Oh, and that white dress? Yeah, that's my wedding dress. For serious. I needs it. Everything on it is perfect: the sweetheart necklace, the ribbon belt, the draping/weaving of the chiffon, the column skirt...I might be drooling a little bit.

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