Monday, February 16, 2009

When You Need Rain Boots in LA...'s a sign of the apocalypse!!! Just kidding, but it does seriously sound like there's a war going on out there. I'm not even going to work today because the rain is scarring me. Hey, this is absolutely ridiculous for LA weather man. Anyways, this crazy hot tranny mess weather I have officially dubbed the bipolar El Nino (cause you know, one day it's bright and sunny and the next week is like hell froze over) has inspired me to take another look at, you guessed it, rain boots. Really cute, decent rain boots are hard to find, so I thought I'd accumulate a small list for you guys.

First Stop, Target:

The first pair is actually the pair I've had for a few years now, and they still hold up decently. They go with pretty much anything and I get complements on them from a wide range of people. The tattoo rose print is a little more taste specific, but I think if worn with the right outfit it could be really cute. I also thought the acid green ones were cute. They could add a serious pop of color to a blah and depressing day. All Target boots priced at $24.99.

Then on to Hunter:

This is one of the more classic go-to brands for heavy duty, but still stylish, boots. First off, those silver ones are
amazing. I think I need to go buy a pair right now. Cause you know, shiny objects make me reallllly happy. They retail for about $125. And, in a weird way, I always thought the little Morton's salt girl was cute. The yellow version of this boot is a little more practical than the uber shiny ones and retails at about $115.

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