Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alexander Wang Studded Duffel

I love Alexander Wang. I love handbags. So, I've concluded with my highly advanced math skills that I must love Alexander Wang handbags. Especially this one:
The Coco Duffel: Releasing in July for $899. Look. How. Pretty. Pretttttty. The studs on the bottom are super subtle, but totally one, totally awesome, and two, totally practical! It keeps the nice leather off the floor. Somehow MK Olsen got her hands on this BEFORE the runway show. Too. Jealous. For. Words.

Since the Alexander Wang bag doesn't come out for months (grrr), I'm getting my stud fix with these hot bags:

BE&D Garbo Studded Shoulder Bag, $995 at It looks like the Gucci boots (the black ones with all the studs). I love the size and the shape, and the fact that there are multiple sizes of studs--it definitely makes the bag.

Miu Miu Studded Shoulder Bag, $1,295 at Expensive? Yes. But pretty? Also yes. The oversized, abstracty studs make it a little more sweet than punk, and the chain detail on the handle is unexpected, visually interesting, and just a little rock and roll.
Botkier Trigger Bag, $610 at This one doesn't have really studs, but it's still pretty adorable. The two slanted zippers kind of remind me of the YSL bow bag, but for much, much less. The combination of the glam silver metallic leather and the edgier zippers and studs make this the most wearable option of the bunch.
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