Monday, February 16, 2009

Erin Fetherston

I have minor impulse control issues. Like, I was planning to post on Erin Fetherston tomorrow...and somehow I'm doing it right now. Crazy how that happens. But I think you'll understand why I have trouble restraining myself from gushing. Remember how cute her Target line was? Her runway stuff is even cuter. I'm in sugar shock right now.

Ignoring the weird hats and crimped hair. The red coat is fantastic, I love the layered dresses underneath it, and the contrast of the horizontally striped dress with the vertically striped tights. Very subtle, but big impact. The balance of that Miu Miu-esque black skirt with the cropped white blaze is perfect, and I love black/white peter pan collared shirt underneath. It's a fun riff on a tuxedo look. And how adorable is that LBD? The sheer overlay keeps the bustier from being too sexy, and the full skirt is a little 50's, but in a good way. Love the textured tights.

I just died and went to party dress heaven. The LBD is super versatile, but the halter neckline and the patterned overlay on the skirt take it from basic to special. Just skip the arm tights (what are those?). The one-shouldered thing is still going strong. I love that middle dress because little, metallic lame dresses usually end up looking all C3PO, but Erin Fetherston's is adorable and girly. The sheer white tights really complete the look. The lilac dress might be my favorite. It's an amazing dusky purple color shade, the cut is really flattering, and the silhouette is youthful, a little retro, and just the right amount of fairy princess.

She always does a wedding dress, and I'm really liking this one (almost as much as my Lela Rose one. almost.). I don't know if I'd want to wear an assymetrical dress to my wedding, but this is a good option for a really fashion-forward bride. Very sexy, but not too revealing, thanks to the chiffon.

I'm kind of sad now. I always look forward to Erin Fetherston's shows, and now I have to wait all the way till September again...I think I'm getting that lilac scarf though, because it seems like that color's gonna be sticking around for a while. And I can pretend it matches the Erin Fetherston dress I don't have...sigh...

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