Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rocker Chic

Sometimes I get bored with my closet. I think it's a universal girl thing. When that happens, I like to channel different looks to get out of my style rut, like boho, adrygonous, Audrey Hepburn, etc, etc. After seeing the fall runways, I've really been feeling the rocker chic look. While I don't want to dress like a rockstar everyday (I think my parents would send me to therapy), it's definitely fun to play around with sometimes. Rocker chic is definitely on trend for spring and even next fall, so I'm going to focus on how to recreate a more wearable version of this classic look.

One thing to keep in mind about this look is that, no matter how cheap all the items of clothing are, there needs to be one luxe (or at least luxe looking) either article of clothing or accessory in your outfit. Rockstars are generally rich. They like to wear lots of luxe things at one time because they can afford it. Normal people can't do this, obviously, and would probably look insane walking about of the house covered in leather and fur and rhinestones and all that. Unless that's your look, in which case, go ahead. So instead, try to incorporate just one or two richer looking pieces into your outfit. It will elevate the entire look.

Specific fabrics/embellishments and articles of clothing are associated with the rockstar look as well, like leather, studs, sequins, and fur (if you don't want to wear leather or fur, there are loads of vegan friendly options out there, it just takes a little longer to track them down), and dramatic jackets and pants (no MC Hammer pants, please). Layering different textures and fabrics is key, as it ups the visual interest. Rockers want to look rebellious, effortless, and, well, hot. The easiest way to add a rocker vibe to your wardrobe is to invest in items that are associated with that look: biker/motorcycle jackets, military jackets, mini dresses, big furry jackets, etc.

I put together two outfits, one based around a dress and one with pants, to showcase this rocker chic look.

Charlotte Ronson Motorcycle Jacket, $279 at, Anna Sui Ombre Sequin Tank Dress, $660 at, Kova & T Alaina assymetry Dress, $355 at The biker jacket is classic off-stage rocker, and adds a edgy vibe to these party dress. I think the sequin one would work well for day (sequins before 5 o'clock is so typical rockstar), and the hot pink one is definitely a showstopping evening dress. Here the whole point is to look hot (duh), which the dresses accomplish, but totally irreverant and effortless, which the casual jacket does (plus, it's a NON-leather biker jacket. score).

Pair the same motorcycle jacket or this Phillip Lim Assymetrical Cadet Jacket, $595 at, with a sheer t-shirt like this T by Alexander Wang Classic White Tank, $79 at, and these Madewell for Shopbop Ex-Boyfriend Jeans, $200 at Military/band jackets are 100% rocker (see Michael Jackson), but the sheer tank and cropped boyfriend (but not too baggy!) jeans make it sexy. It's a little kooky, but so rebellious/I just don't care and fashion forward at the same time.

Pair with a bold bag and shoe like this Rebecca Minkoff Devote Tote with Studs, $695 at and these Marni Suede T-Bar Sandals, $845 at Crazy shoes are essential for this look, and the bag has the obvious studs, but could also work with tons of other outfits, and who doesn't love versatility?

It's really more about attitude than how much the clothes cost, though. This doesn't have to be an expensive look. I found these crazy, gold lame leather Moschino jeans for $5 at my local flea market, and I gave them to Maud, and she rocks them as part of her alter-ego Josie and the Pussycats look all the time. The whole point is to look a little rebellious, rich,and effortlessly glamorous. And a little smudgy black eyeliner never hurts.

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