Thursday, July 30, 2009

Through the Looking Glass

Long story short, I had (and have) an Alice in Wonderland themed thing to go to, and while I'm not really the costume type at all, I thought I'd have fun with my accessories. I wanted something whimsical, and a little bit dark, but also cheap, so I hopped over to Forever 21, as usual. I just have to say, they're in the middle of a serious accessories win right now. There are some crazy good bib necklaces there for less than $10.

Dainty Zipper Flower Headband, $4.80 at, Crystal Mesh Necklace in Black, $5.80 at, Ornate Elephant Necklace, $7.80 at I ended up getting (and not wearing, but that's a long story) these first two pieces. I love this headband--Maudie got it too. From a few feet away, it looks like a nice little flower with gold trim, but as you get closer, you realize that the flower is actually made out of a zipper. Maybe it's just me, but I think that's genius. It combines the youthful girliness of the flower with the industrial, edgy feel of the zipper in a way that totally reads modern Alice to me. Plus, it's less than $5, and even I can wear it! I have trouble with headbands, since I have a big head and lots of hair, but I promise it looks just as good on tiny-headed Maud as it does on giant-headed Megan. This first necklace had a serious Lanvin vibe, with the clear, crystal-looking beads covered with the netted stocking material. It's a great mix of opulent and traditional with modern and organic, which is very Lanvin to me. Since the beads are clear, it doesn't look heavy even though it's a sizeable necklace, and again, it's less than $6. How can you go wrong? I didn't get this last piece, but I want it now. It's just an adorable little elephant necklace. Nothing special, just seriously cute. I have a thing for tiny elephants (it's so funny!).

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New from Alexander Wang

I'm not even going to try to hide my love of Alexander Wang. He's in my top three fav designers of all time, I wear his Gap trench all the time, and um, he's adorable. I've been waiting for his extensive bag collection to hit stores for months, and it's finally here! Here are my top pics, plus some fab new Alexander Wang dresses.

Jess Small Shopper, $895 at, Daphne Duffel Bag, $890 at, Hillary Large Tote, $890 at The shredded detail on this shopper reminds me so much of Bottega Veneta, and their woven bags, except in a much younger and more modern way. The combination of the funky texture and classic shape is spot on, and the extra-long handles mean it'll hang in that perfect, accidentally on purpose slouchy way (if that makes any sense at all). I love the texture on this second bag. It's like a combination of fading/a gradient and either intense distressing or snakeskin embossing. The grey on grey color palette is neutral and versatile, but so rich due to the color variations and the exotic feel of the pattern. This is like my dream carry-on bag (it even has a convenient shoulder strap!). And here's my favorite, the studded tote. Like the shopper, it has the long handle that guarantees perfect slouchiness, but the sheen of the leather and the black on black with the studs takes it to an entirely different level. I need this. The studs are the perfect detail, not too in-your-face, but the ideal dose of subtle edge.

Burnout Velvet Combo Dress, $420 at, Geometric Bustier Dress, $520 at, Cutout Dress, $650 at I'm very entertained by this first dress, the way it looks like Frankendress, stitched together from the remnants of two other dresses. It sounds fugly, but somehow it works. The juxtaposition of the fitted, sleek right side and the opulent, draping left side makes this dress flattering, but at the same time carefree and effortless. The print on this second dress reminds me of those English composition notebooks I used in middle school. Awkward memories aside, I really like the cut, with the sweetheart neckline balanced by the bondage-esque straps, and the seriousness of that body-skimming fit mediated by the sketchy unsureness of the print. I love the back on this last dress. It's a little '90s, but it's a nice way to be sexy without showing too much skin. The zipper detail is genius.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review: MAC Molasses Pearlglide Liner and Style Snob Shadow

Like I promised, I actually made it over to MAC this weekend to check out the Love That Look and Baby Bloom collections. I didn't end up getting anything from Baby Bloom because the glosses looked even sheerer in person, and I'm trying to cut my gloss addiction (it's so a lost cause), and the tinted moisturizers looked pretty small for $30. Love That Look, on the other hand, looked pretty fab. The Starflash shadows were GORGEOUS. I mean, the shimmer on those things is stunning. I've never seen anything like it. Not only is the shimmer fantastic, but the texture is divine. It's not gritty at all, it's buttery smooth and just slightly frosty.

So I got the Pearlglide liner in Molasses, which is $14.50 at, and is the second swatch from the left in the left pic and second swatch from the right in the right pic.

I'm in love with this liner. Don't get me wrong, it's no showstopper. It's just a dark, dirty, warm brown with moderate gold shimmer. It's a little deeper than Urban Decay's Bourbon, which is why I like it. I have so many bronze shadows that buying a bronze-brown liner seemed redundant. I just wanted something dark enough to give definition, but softer than black, and this hits the spot perfectly. It's the most natural looking liner I own, but I can layer it on for a smokier, darker look easily. If I smudge it into my lash-line it looks like I have crazy big lashes, even without mascara. The glitter is subtle, and it's definitely glitter, not shimmer, but it keeps the liner from looking flat. The pencil itself is about 4-5 inches long, about the same size as an Urban Decay liner, and it's a good deal for $14.50. The formula strikes the right balance between smudgeable and long-lasting, even without a primer. What I really like is that the name matches the color. It really does look like Molasses. Oh, and it's awesome. I might have to repurchase because it's Limited Edition (sad face), and I never, ever buy multiples of the same thing. This is a big commitment.

I also go the eyeshadow in Style Snob, which is $14.50 at As much as I like Molasses, I might like this even more.

Style Snob is a warm, pinky taupe with tons of gold shimmer and a bit of gold frost (it is a Starflash, after all). Now, before this I thought I didn't need a taupe. Taupe sounded old and boring and ugly. But Style Snob...well, it's freaking magical. The shimmer is indescribable. I don't even remember looking at the other shadows, I made a beeline right for this one. It makes me eyelids look like they're literally glowing. It's gorgeous. It's not too obvious, it's not fake looking, it's just a lovely golden glow. The taupe itself is just a subtle wash of color over the lid, enough of a light brown tint to be worthwhile, but not so much color that it really looks like you're wearing shadow. This is the perfect shadow to use as a base for a relaxed day-time look. It makes your eyes pop! Or you could use it to lighten up a heavy smokey eye (I did that last night, with this as a base/in the inner corners, Romp in the crease, and Benefit's Busy Signal to contour and it was stunning). The lasting power was pretty good--I got minimal creasing at the end of the day without a primer, and the shimmer didn't migrate at all. I'm going to buy a backup of this one. It's not even optional, if I run out of this I will freak out. I can really see myself using it everyday (which makes its LE status very frustrating!).

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crash and Burn

Something about summer makes celebrities go batshit crazy. It's like they assume that everyone's on vacation, so they can break out their 'festive' outfits, and nobody will notice. Except cameras never forget, and neither do I. Here are the top three offenders of this past week:

I get it, Rihanna, you're androgynous and edgy and out there, and that's all fine and good. I can even embrace her new, half-buzzed hair cut (even though that must be a pain in the ass to maintain). But when said haircut is styled in an Elvis pompadour, and paired with very '80s lipstick and awkward sunglasses, not so much. On top of that, she's wearing a jumpsuit (minus 100000000 style points) that appears to be eating her feet. Or, what scares me even more, she may be wearing a pointelle bodysuit UNDER the jumpsuit. That's a lot of suit for one outfit. Not only is it confusing, especially with those t-strap shoes, but it's unflattering and boring. I never thought I'd call a bodysuit boring. She gets 10 points back for the Tom Binns-esque tangled pearl necklace, though. I'd keep that, trade the sunnies for some Wayfarers, tone down the lipstick, and maybe go for a boyfriend blazer and some skinny pants instead.

Sienna Miller is frustrating me here because I get where she was going with this. I really like all the pieces separately, but all together she looks like the evil spawn of Michael Jackson, a leopard, and an '80s power suit. I'd keep the ponytail, the jacket, and the shoes, and add a high-waisted, gunmetal pencil skirt and a drapey white tank with some silver pendant necklaces instead. That way the jacket gets to be the star of the ensemble, and the other pieces are just as modern, but infinitely more subtle. Or I'd keep the pants, and pair them with a sheer, drapey Kain tee, something soft and relaxed against the stiff glamor of the trousers. But the shirt...the shirt has to go.

And I thought this was Britney Spears, circa 2008. It's actually Lady Gaga. I have nothing else to say. Except that she bears a striking resemblance to a 15 year old Russian prostitute.

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How To: The Perfect Ponytail

So I know I haven't posted in a while (by that I mean I, me, Maud), but that's just because I've been busy/lazy/uninspired as of late. But no fear. I is back. And with the recipe for a perfect ponytail to boot. While my hair may be a little unmanageable at times, a tribute I associate with my Mexifro, there is still a way to make an adorable hairstyle even from some of the most rebellious of hair.

What you'll need: a hair tie (probably one that doesn't have a metal band so that it doesn't damage your hair), a few clips or bobby pins close to your hair color, and a head band is optional for additional cuteness.

So generally I just let my hair air dry after a shower,
but if you are a little more specific with what you do, then do that. Just make sure that your hair is straight in the front and that you can tame all of your fly-aways. Once done, I put my hair in a loop or bun depending on my mood. Then I go to sleep. Seriously. That's it. (But if you take a shower in the morning and are looking for a quirky going-out style, you can leave your hair in that position during the day and then follow up before you go out.) After I wake I take my hair down and pin up my bangs on the top of my head and make sure that the rest of my hair stays flat around the sides. Then after some touch-ups I pull my hair back into a ponytail that lies about midway up the back of my head with a tie. If you have any stray hairs underneath, pin them back with another clip or pin if necessary. You can add any hair accessory after that to dress up or down your style.

P.S. That's my dog Sugar in the corner. She say hi.

Craveable: New at J. Crew

I know I've waxed poetic about J. Crew about 453637 times, but can you really blame me? They've gone from frumpy and preppy to chic and modern in the last five years, and I fall in love with something every time I walk into their stores. A ton of new merchandise just hit their website, and here are my top picks:

Cashmere V-neck Cardigan, $168 at, Silk Sirrah Dress, $148 at, Poplin Brynn Dress, $148 at J. Crew does cashmere like nobody's business. This cardigan is the perfect combination of feminine and schoolboy, the v-neck is super-flattering, and it hits at the perfect place on the hip to work with dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans, you name it, and it comes in a rainbow of hues. I'm really impressed by these two dresses. If you told me they were from some emerging designer I'd see at Saks, I'd totally buy it. The ruffle detailing on the neckline of the first dress acts like a statement necklace, the waist tie gives the relaxed fit some shape, and the crinkled silk is a great mix of refined and insouciant (and how awesome is the pewter shade?). This second dress also comes in black, and I love the way that they've managed to put tiers in the skirt, but still make it flattering and not bulky. The juxtaposition of the dusty pink hue and the geometric, sharp lines is stunningly modern.

Duchess Stone Necklace, $98 at, Shiny Hunter Wellington Boots, $115 at, Icon Trench, $298 at J. Crew needs to stop making jewelry. It's having a very detrimental effect on my sanity. The radial position of the pendants on this necklace reminds me of the sun's rays, the dirty topaz shade of the glass is so opulently chic. and with all that weight at the bottom of the necklace, it would hang perfectly. I had no idea J. Crew sold Hunter boots (but it doesn't surprise me)! If I'd known about this patent version when I was in the market for mine, I would have snapped these up. The glossy fabric is just so...amazing. I mean, that is a rain boot I'd wear even when it wasn't raining. And last but not least, is my favorite trench of all time. Aside from a Burberry trench, but I'm putting those in the unrealistic category. It's the perfect little black trench, not too long, not too short, just a hint of sheen.

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Summer Loving

I haven't played with Polyvore lately, so I thought I'd put together a fun, versatile outfit that would be perfect for summertime shopping or going out, but with a few substitutions could work for any season. This is what I'd like to be wearing right now. If only money was no object (wouldn't that be nice?).

Untitled by mw09011 featuring J Crew

I like the relaxed, sporty fit of the T by Alexander Wang tank against the clean, polished lines of the J. Crew shorts. The Juicy Couture jacket balances out the proportions nicely and gives the look a bit of an edge. Keeping the entire ensemble monochromatic makes it seasonless and also really versatile, because you can use different colored accessories to create totally different vibes, like how I added a pop of color with the cobalt blue Rebecca Minkoff bag. It's in keeping with the hard, slightly moody tone of the outfit but keeps it from getting too dark or heavy. I kept the glasses, the Ray-Ban aviators, simple and classic, and then had fun with the shoes and jewelry. The Tory Burch sandals have a bit of a tribal vibe and pull together all the colors in the outfit, but are still practical and comfy. The crafty, Lanvin-esque vibe of the J. Crew necklace adds a whimsical touch to the ensemble and a bit of needed femininity, and I love that Alyssa Norton piece. It's like a grown-up friendship bracelet! The way it drapes across the wrist and mixes all those textures is so modern and fun.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Kismet!

If you know me, you know how much I love Sanskrit (cough cough, a lot). It's beautiful, it has a great sense of history as the first written language, and it's different. Rosena Sammi has combined my love of Sanskrit and meaningful words with my love of delicate, girly jewelry in her Kismat collection. The prices are for silver, add about $11 more if you want it in gold, and about $100 more if you want crystal detailing (Vanessa wore one of the crystal ones on Gossip Girl).

Friend Necklace, $88 at, Beloved Necklace, $99 at, Heart Necklace, $88 at, Love Necklace, $88 at, Hope Necklace, $84 at, Lucky Necklace, $88 at I'm such a nerd, but that friend necklace would be the chicest BFF necklace ever (like those old broken heart best friend necklaces!). The beloved, heart, and love necklaces would be adorable for a significant other, and I think hope and lucky are self explanatory. I really want the lucky necklace. I mean, who doesn't want a little extra luck? It's the perfect size, the shapes look interesting and modern, and...I wants it.

Since I'm on the subject of jewelry, this Elizabeth Cole Braided Chain and Crystal Bracelet, $340 at, is killing me. The braiding detail is a fun take on a friendship bracelet, the chains and crystals woven together are the perfect mix of precious and tough, and it would drape so perfectly on my wrist!

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Eloise at the Plaza

It's Friday. My brain hurts. So I'm leaving you guys with my new inspiration, this fantastic Eloise at the Plaza inspired spread from Elle entitled Little Miss Precious. Aside from the fact that I've been harboring fantasies of living at that hotel for years, I love the styling in this spread. It's little Eloise schoolgirl meets dress-up meets Amy Winehouse meets Lolita. I'm dying. That second picture is insanely gorgeous. So is the third one. And the first one. Ok, all of them. The best part is, this whole shoot is totally on-trend, with the '20s/'30s and lingerie inspiration, but the overall effect and story is timeless.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Picks from MAC's Love That Look and Baby Bloom

So I guess MAC decided to release their Love That Look and Baby Bloom collections a week early. I'm not complaining. Since the lovely Christine over at Temptalia already put up swatches (how does she do that?!), I went through both collections and came up with my must have list. This is just the stuff I'd buy, it's not the entire collections, and keep in mind that I have somewhat tamer taste (I'm sure all the blue and green shadows are lovely, but they're so not me).

Shadows in Dreammaker, Smoke & Diamonds, Fashion Groupie, Glamour Check!, and Style Snob, $14.5o at Dreammaker is a light, peachy gold with lots of shimmer. It might work as a highlighter, but it would be a great base shade to use all over the lid and brighten up heavier, duller colors or a smoky eye. Smoke & Diamonds is a pewter-grey with gold shimmer. I like this because it's not too dark, it's just a nice, medium grey with a little bit of a green/gold twist, so it would be perfect in the outer half of the lid for a subtle flash of grey or as the base for a grey, smoky eye. Fashion Groupie is a medium, reddish purple that looks a lot to me like Nocturnelle but just a bit brighter. I won't be getting this because I have Nocturnelle, but if you're looking for a purple that's vivid enough for color impact but deep enough to contour/line, I'd recommend checking Fashion Groupie out. For some reason, Glamour Check! (chocolate brown with gold shimmer) and Style Snob (pinkish taupe with gold/pink shimmer). Glamour Check! reminds me of Romp, but a bit deeper and less golden, and Style Snob seems like a lovely, wearable taupe with a bit of a gold cast. Glamour Check! and Style Snob would look great together, with Style Snob as a base and Glamour Check! in the crease and outer half of the lid, but what I really want is Style Snob. I don't have any taupes, and I only have one shadow base (Benefit's Creaseless Shadow in Birthday Suit), so I have to get another one, right?

Pearlglide Eyeliners in Fly-By-Blu, Black Russian, Molasses, and Rave, $14.50 at I really want Molasses (dark brown) and Rave (royal purple). I like Molasses because it doesn't seem to have a lot of shimmer, it's just a basic (but pretty) brown liner, and the lack of golden shimmer means that I can pair it with a ton of different looks. Plus, it's a great alternative to the basic black liner, since it still gives definition but without the harshness of black. Rave is a cult classic, and the perfect mix of bright and deep purple. It'll give a flash of color at the lash line, but still define the lash line, and purple is such a flattering color, especially if you have green tones in your eyes!

Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balms in Full of Grace, Lilt of Lily, Just a Smidge, Moist Plum, and Pink Tinge, $14.50 at, Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, $29.50: Supposedly all these Lip Balms are barely pigmented, but have a great, gel-like texture. Plus, they have SPF, which is a serious plus when you're outside all day. I want Full of Grace, because it's the darkest, so it'll give a hint of berry color to my lips with all the healing power of my usual lip balm. As for the Moisture Tints, I want to see more reviews before I spring for one, but seriously, a tinted moisturizer from MAC? How could this go wrong? Tinted moisturizers and MAC are two of my favorite things. It must be amazing.

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