Friday, February 20, 2009

For Real This Time

Unless is lying to me, this is the last NY Fashion Week roundup post. I think. I'm like, 99% sure. We'll see.

Brian Reyes, Brian Reyes, Libertine. Brian Reyes is fantastic, as usual. Supposedly his collection was inspired by rocks and geology, but he made those rocks look really pretty. That irridescent black shift and fault-line printed gold cocktail dress are the kind of perfection that make me willing to cough up the thousands of dollars his collars cost. Or, at least, I'd cough up the grand if I had it. But you get the point. And OMG, Libertine is back! (As in did a GO International collection for Target Libertine). Yes, that is Queen Elizabeth on that t-shirt, and yes, that crazy-striped blazer is adorable. They do slightly morbid, quirky preppy like nobody's business.

Catherine Malandrino, Calvin Klein, Rebecca Taylor. Not only is that outfit at Malandrino chic as a whole, but I want that little leather jacket and that dress to wear separately too. The jacket is a super versatile mix of slightly edgy/grungy and luxe, and just look at the feather detailing and gauze pleating on that dress. Sick. As for Calvin Klein, I usually really dislike their shows, because sculptural minimalism is really not my thing, but anyone who can take a very prevalent trend, one-shouldered LBDs, and make it unique deserves props. The draping on that dress is meticulously gorgeous. This look from Rebecca Taylor is pretty much the exact opposite, but I love it. All three of those pieces are cute on their own, but together they actually make a really chic outfit. The flirtly, embellished cami balances out the fuller, knee-length skirt, and the short sleeved, Fair Isle cardigan makes it both winter appropriate and a little quirky. Bravo.

All Naaem Khan. The only issue I have with Naaem Khan is that none of his dresses will be appearing at the Oscars, and that's just wrong. Take these three for example. I could totally see some young starlet (with a bit of a tan) working that nude, floor length dress. The crystal detailing is stunning. The other two dresses are more Oscar after-party worthy, but still fantastic. The sweetheart necklace works perfectly with the full skirt of the LBD, and the chiffon overlay softens the sequins. And I usually hate those half and half dresses, but here the half crystal, half draped grey fabric thing really works--it's just the right mix of sexy and demure. Plus, Naaem Khan made me like a bubble hem. I know. 99.99999% of the time I think they look like droopy diapers. But now I'm all confused...that dress is so cute...I think I'll just have to try that dress on and see how it works. That's the only solution I can think of. The sacrifices I make for fashion. :)

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