Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Words: Dry Conditioner

I know we've all heard of dry shampoo. When that came it, it was like a crazy aha/OMG moment for women everywhere. Shampoo. That's dry. In a bottle. Wow. But the hype over that's kind of subsided, and now dry shampoo is all over and no one bats an eyelash. Until now. Let me introduce: dry conditioner. I know. Breathe. I had a little mental breakdown when I heard about this too.

It's called T3 Orlando Pita Renew Dry Conditioner (if Orlando Pita was involved, you know it's good). It's made from a wheat-derived complex that won't make your hair greasy, weigh it down, or turn it grey/ashy like some dry shampoos do. It adds moisture and makes your hair look shiny, and healthy. Just look at the hair from the Barbie runway show, where copious amounts of this conditioner were used. Shiny, happy, bouncy, shampoo commercial hair. I can see this being totally perfect for people like me, who get oily up at the roots, but really dry at the ends. With a spray conditioner like this, you could pnpoint the moisture at only your ends, and not end up weighing down your hair by accidentally getting the conditioner in places it shouldn't be (like your roots). I am buying this. No, seriously. ASAP. It retails for $25, and it's currently sold out at, but you can find it on Go! Buy! Condition!

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