Friday, February 13, 2009

Waiting for Madewell

For anyone that loves J. Crew but sometimes wishes it was one, cheaper, and two, a little hipper/younger, I'd like to introduce you to Madewell, J. Crew's kid sister. Aka my new obsession. It came out about a year ago, but there are like 3 Madewell stores and you can't buy their stuff online, so unless you live in New York City you probs haven't seen their clothes. It might be better that way though, because every time I go on their website I fall in love with more Madewell clothes that I will never be able to buy. However, if you live in the LA area, there's going to be a Madewell store opening at the Americana in Glendale. We just have to hold out for a few more months! I'm not sure I can make it...well, here are some pics from the Madewell website. Enjoy them while I pine.

Um, blazer? Adorable. Button-up? Perfect. Cuffed denim shorts? Love. You see my problem. And that fringey scarf? Don't even get me started. I legit wear scarves everyday. I don't think I've posted any have a lot of catching up to do...

I have a confession. I like those skinny jeans. I know. Weird. I think it's the croppedness plus cute color plus side zipper that does it. It's when skinny jeans are long and bunchy at the ankles that they start bothering me. That blazer, purple scarf, striped tee, and pale denim shorts outfit is just too cute for words. The pop of color is so perfect...drool...

That cropped trenchy/motorcycle jacket is perfection. The cinched waist and cropped sleeves balance the boxy silohouette, the big black buttons are just enough visual interest, and it's the perfect shade of grey. Sigh.

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