Saturday, October 31, 2009

News Flash! (aka Quick Update)

Okay, well it's nothing that exciting, but Megan and I were talking and decided we would mix it up a bit and try and make our site a little more interactive for all you lovelies out there. If you go to our Facebook page, you (and we mean all of you!) can post pictures of you or one of your fashion inspirations on our fan page. Yay! Sounds exciting, right? This is just another way for you to express yourself on the big huge gigantic interwebs/universe! (And yes, I did just make a lolcats reference, which, by the way is my main costume for Halloween. Jealous ya didn't think of it? I know.)

We know there are already a bunch of sites out there where you can post things like this, but who knows if 1) your photo will ever really be posted and 2) if anybody will actually look at it if you do get posted? Well, that's not the case here. We have our sources (I sound oh-so-mysterious, don't I?) that let us know that the majority of you babes frequent our Facebook page, so we thought we'd up the ante and give you guys the chance to really be a part of the AC world. Crazy!

So yeah, head over to our Facebook page, either by clicking the link to your left or by typing in Awkward Chic into the search bar.

Also, feel free to comment and post as many inspirations/uber chicness you can. The more the merrier!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Loving: House of Harlow, Kenneth Jay Lane, and Cozy Cardis

Yes, this is a random shopping post, but it's a pretty good one! House of Harlow (AKA Nicole Richie) has some fab new jewelry and some seriously killer shoes, Kenneth Jay Lane delivers some inspired pieces, Piperlime is doing jewelry (!), and there are some lovely party dresses and cardigans.

Kenneth Jay Lane Coin Earrings, $44 at, Kenneth Jay Lane Coil Snake Ring, $220 at, LINE Hana Cardigan, $225 at I'm a totally history nerd. I live for period movies and Dan Brown novels. Antique jewelry is one of my shopping weaknesses, but the problem is that sometimes antique means really, really delicate. That's why I'm loving this pair of earrings. They have a totally vintage, Byzantine vibe, but with all the modern sturdiness. How stunning would these be with a simple ponytail and a white top? This ring is similarly stunning. I don't know how you would bend your finger wearing it, but the lazy arabesque curls of the snake's body combined with all those sparkly rhinestones is such a casually rich look. And this is coming from someone who passionately hates snakes. I'm seriously craving cozy sweaters right now. I'm resisting wearing North Facey coats until there's actually snow on the ground, but it's too cold for all my thin cardigans. I want a thick knit, giant, snuggly, open-front cardigan. The knit and drapiness are really on trend, and it's such a comfy way to do casual chic.

Tibi Tank Dress, $428 at, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Bib Racer Back Tank, $264 at, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent One Shoulder Dress with Belt, $363 at I love that the pattern on this sequin shift could either be a play on the ikat trend from last year (which still plays into Fall and Springs tribal trends) or just random geometric awesomeness. The black/gold color palette is livened up by the unexpected splash of white, and even though the black is plain there's a great dip in the neckline that would make your exit as attention grabbing as your entrance. I think this cami is a little long to be worn untucked, but how adorable would it be tucked into a high-waisted skirt? The sporty vibe of the cut is a nice juxtaposition to the architectural sequins running down the front. I die for the print on this Cynthia Vincent dress. It's got this organic, moody, Impressionist vibe that makes it so unique, but in a really wearable, chic way. The one-shouldered cut is very on trend, the body is classic and super-flattering, and I love the belt (I'd like a chain belt even better).

Lauren by Ralph Lauren EP-Knot with Braided Chain Drops, $38 at, House of Harlow 6 Strand Bracelet, $75 at, House of Harlow Pave Thick Stackable Ring, $47 at
So Piperlime is doing jewelry now, which I think is so epic. They have great taste at great prices, and whenever Rachel Zoe is involved amazingness abounds. I had no idea that Ralph Lauren had another diffusion line, but they're making affordable jewelry now. I hear these earrings--the mix of a modern, edgy material against the classic drop earring shape is genius. I don't think people give Nicole Richie enough credit. Yes, she used to be extremely annoying and very trashy, but she's seriously cleaned up her act and proved that she has merit as a designer. I love drapey bracelets (let's be honest, I love drapey anything). They look so casually glamorous on the wrist, and they're much comfier than a bangle. The mixture of textures here is stunning, and all those beads would make a really pretty clinky noise when you moved your wrist (maybe it's just me that likes that). Stackable rings are one of my favorite jewelry trends. Wearing multiple rings on one finger has such a boho, rock and roll vibe, but the geometric detailing and tiny crystals make this a feminine, polished take on the look. And since they're less than $50 a pop, you could actually buy multiple rings and stack them.

House of Harlow Heels, available in January. Just to prove my point, House of Harlow is doing shoes now! I love these. They have the same geometric, tribal inspirations as her jewelry, and the look translates so well into shoes. I need the first two. The first pair of heels is so gladiator fierce, the thick heels and platform are practical, the cut of the shoe is very modern and edgy, and the mixture of textures and subdued color palette gives these a really unique but wearable look. As for the peeptoe pumps, I like that they're business in the front, party in the back (yes, they are a heel mullet). The detailing on the heel is so unexpected, and the arts and crafty vibe makes them feel like a rare find, not something from a mass-produced brand.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gossip Girl Halloween Costumes: A Great Excuse to Go Shopping

I always keep my promises, and that means Gossip Girl-themed Halloween costumes. I rounded up looks for Blair and Serena, because Vanessa's outfits are just depressing and dressing up like Jenny is essentially like dressing up as a prostitute at this point. To pull off Serena's look, the easiest way is to track down a little evening mini-dress, preferably one with sequins, some tights, and some intense tranny shoes. For Blair, I'd go with something more prim and proper, like a pencil skirt, a cardigan, and of course, some colored tights and a headband. Here are a few pics from season 3 and season 4 to refresh your memory.

Blair: Forever 21 Cameo Lace Cardigan, $19.80 at, Lace Bow Front Tank, $26 at, American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt, $32 at Blair is always very classic and elegant, but in a young, interesting way. I'd layer this cardigan over this lace tank, and tuck the tank into the pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is refined retro chic, which is right up Blair's alley, it's the perfect palette for the textures in the rest of the look, and it's an affordable wardrobe staple that I now have a legitimate excuse to buy. The lace tank is very on-trend, and wouldn't be too exposing layered under the cardigan. The lace is the perfect mix of Victorian and sexy, and the oversized bow is insanely girly preppy. Layer a cami under that and you could wear it a million other times. The cardigan plays off the Victorian vibe with the cameo buttons and lace collar, and ties the whole outfit together.

Forever 21 Opaque Tights, $5.80 at, Steve Madden Mirakle Bootie, on sale from $69.97 down from $129.95 at, Forever 21 Pleather Bow Headband, $3.80 at Blair wears colored tights like her life depends on it. These blue tights add a punch of color to the outfit without being overwhelming, and the booties add visual weight to all the light textures on top. Plus, booties are super on-trend right now, and these are one of the most affordable options I've seen. I couldn't finish a Blair outfit without a headband. I like this one because the bow is very girly, Upper East Side, but the pleather texture gives it a bit more of an urban vibe (Blair is going to NYU). As for hair and makeup, do a classic red lip, a hint of liner, and use your curling iron to create a few ringlety-waves.

Serena: Aqua Sequin Mesh-Sleeved Dress, $98 at, Forever 21 Opaque Tights, $5.80 at, Forever 21 Gladiator Heels, $26.80 at Serena's look is significantly simpler because, well, she wears less clothes. Her staple look is a party dress and killer heels. Long sleeve mini dresses are so hot right now, and this is a great excuse to buy one for less than $100! The mesh sleeves add a lot of visual interest and play into the sheer trend, the sequins are a Serena classic (that girl is attracted to sparkly objects like a magpie). The tights are practical for cold Halloween nights, and the heels are trannytastic amazingness. I would wear this outfit in a heart beat. The mix of textures makes the limited color palette so rich, and the whole ensemble clocks in at under $140. If you're not a natural blonde, I'd invest in a long, blonde wig, smoke out your eyeshadow, and go for a nude, glossy lip.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miranda Kerr, Natalia Vodianova, and Sparkles

I'm taking a mini break from the Halloween stuff (don't worry, there's a Gossip Girl costume extravaganza planned for tomorrow), and posting some lovely pics from V Magazine. I snuck a few random cravings in at the bottom, of course.

This first shoot from V Magazine features Natalia Vodianova and was shot by Hedi Slimane, and the second shoot from V Magazine features Miranda Kerr and was shot by Willy Vanderperre. Natalia Vodianova is one of my favorite models of all time. She's so pretty. And she's had kids! Multiple kids! Not fair. I really love the concept of this shoot, putting a new spin on the couture looks. It's always nice to see them in a different context than on the runways. And the jewelry in that third look is really stunning. As for Miranda Kerr, I think I underestimated her as a model. It's easy to forget that the Victoria's Secret models have actual careers outside of Victoria's Secret. Bleaching her eyebrows turns her into a whole different person. I like that she's kind of curvy (for a model), and the pin-uppy styling plays off that nicely.

By Malene Birger Lilly Bell Pearl and Crystal Necklace, $315 at, Miu Miu Forma Cutout Sandals, $750 at, Kate Leather Shoulder Bag, $950 at This necklace has the perfect Lanvin meets Tom Binns vibe. The ribbon is very elegant and chic, and the twisted ropes of pearls and crystals are very Art Deco meets Marie Antoinette. This would look equally fabulous with jeans and white tee and with a fab little cocktail dress. And, it's a fraction of the price of a Tom Binns or a Lanvin necklace. I almost bought a pair of heels like these Miu Miu platforms a few months ago, but I talked myself out of it. I didn't think the trend would last. I am clearly an idiot. These are fantastic. The contrast of the delicacy of the cutouts and the thick, bondage nature of the straps is pitch perfect. The zipper adds a bit of extra edge, the platform makes them comfy, and the suede gives it so much visual richness. I've never been a fan of the messenger/long strap across the body bags. I think they look sloppy and awkward. But this Marc Jacobs bag is making me rethink that. The tiny gold hardware, the studs and the locks, elevate the basic shape and black leather, and the structured shape of the bag itself mediates the long, thin strap. It has a casual, It Girl vibe to it that makes me want to wear it with a leopard print pencil skirt, a drapey white tank, and some crazy intense heels. I'm seriously having a moment right now.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Wants an Epic Halloween Costume?

You guys didn't think I'd forget about Halloween, did you? It's basically my favorite holiday. You have full license to look absolutely ridiculous and no one can give you a hard time about it. Coming from a girl that once wore a turban to school, that says a lot. Now I'm not going to deal with the regular Halloween costumes, you know, the Barbie/vampire/Harry Potter/whatever, because I think those are pretty straight forward and not all that fashion forward (actually vampires might be pretty fashion forward but that's a whole other post). So for all those girls--or guys--that want an on-trend Halloween costume, I'm going to do a few posts. Starting with: Lady Gaga. Of course. I'm talking pre-VMAs and real descent into insanity Lady Gaga. I mean the leotard-wearing, disco stick carrying Lady Gaga.

Let's have a little re-cap of Lady Gaga's style. Lots of leather, leotards, long blonde hair, boots, shiny things, more leather, general amazingness.

Now obviously we're at a disadvantage because Lady Gaga's closet is full of things that no normal person could ever buy anywhere at any time. But a lot of Lady Gaga-inspired stuff has filtered into the high-street market, so I'm going to try.

American Apparel Nylon Tricot Zipper-Front Bodysuit, $41 at, Forever 21 Biker Style Vest, $32.80 at, Hue Opaque Sheer to Waist Tights, $12.50 at I just have to say right off the bat that this is not a costume for the body-conscious or timid. I mean, you've seen Lady Gaga. You have to be at least slightly ridiculous and rather exposed to pull of this look. That said, I think a black bodysuit/leotard is the perfect base to this outfit. Obviously Lady Gaga walks around in leotards (and no pants) often, and I think this would actually be a conservative choice for her. The shiny finish and zipper down the front take it up to that crazy Beyonce tranny thing that she seems to love so much. I'd throw this motorcycle vest on top. It gives you extra coverage and warmth, and it's a look that she rocks all the time. It gives the ensemble even more of an edge, and hey, you might actually get some wear with this vest beyond Halloween. The tights aren't really Lady Gaga, but they're practical. It's going to be cold, and wearing a leotard with nothing on top or underneath is a lot of look and a lot of exposed skin for most people. The tights would at least make you feel like you weren't naked. And they're on-trend for fall!

Bleu Dame Futuristic Flat Out Neon Wrap Sunglasses, $12.80 at, Serpentine Wig in Blonde, $19.99 at, Lady Gaga Hair Bow, $17.99 at Now I know you're thinking something along the lines of "but Megan, Halloween things are at night, why on earth would I need sunglasses?" Well. Celebrities in general are prone to wearing sunglasses at inappropriate times, but Lady Gaga would wear sunglasses in a blackout. And they have to be '80s inspired sci-fi sunglasses. She has like 15 different pairs that look just like these, and probably cost a lot more. Plus, sunglasses means you can skip the eye makeup! You just have to remember not to take them off. Last but not least, the hair is a big part of the Lady Gaga costume. You could do the purple/pinked streaked thing she's been rocking lately, but if you really want to be immediately recognized as Lady Gaga, you need the long, platinum blonde hair. Unless you naturally rock that style, I'd suggest a cheap, ridiculous wig like this one. And of course you need the hair bow. Aside from the disco stick, which I haven't seen in a while, the hair bow is definitely her signature accessory.

Susie Plain Stretch Thigh Boots, $39.99 at As for the shoes, you could always just throw on the most bondage-inspired, hardcore pair of heels that you own, and that would be fantastic all on its own. Or you could track down a pair of thigh high boots, preferably patent leather, if you really want to push it to the next level. And these boots might actually be a rational purchase, because thigh high boots are actually on trend now. You could get more wear out of these! And they're shiny!

If anyone successfully attempts this, I'm going to need pictures. Please.

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