Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics is probably one of the lesser known beauty brands (Sephora stopped carrying them! I cried.) but they have a serious cult following. They make decently priced, high-quality makeup that is mainly sold online, and most of their stuff is centered around a tropical/ethereal theme. Aka really pretty.

Beach Tint in Watermelon, $25 at
This is definitely what they're most famous for. Beach tint is a thin, creamy gel stain for lips and cheeks that's a really low-maintenance way to brighten up your face. Just put it on in the morning and you're set for the whole day. Plus, the tube is easy to travel with if you need to do touch-ups.

Eye Color (Powder Shimmer) in Damask, $24 at
I've heard they have fantastic eyeshadow, and this color is so pretty! It has a velvety texture with a hint of shimmer, and I seriously can't get over that gorgeous, bronzy neutral color. Want.

Eye Tint in Baroque, $24 at This is Becca's second most famous product. It's a thin creme shadow that dries to a water-resistant powder. Sounds foolproof, right? You can apply it in a sheer layer or build it up for more opaque color. It comes in the most gorgeous, shimmer colors. I may need some of these...

Bird of Paradise Gloss, $29 at Stay with me for a second. This is a face gloss. Yes, a face gloss. It's like a sheer, non-sticky creme highlighter. And if you think about it, highlighters like this are much better at giving you that dewy, glowy look than powdery highlighters, which can end up looking chalky and gross. Plus this is super subtle and moisturizing.

Pressed Shimmer Powder, $38 at
I couldn't get this to swatch in the right colors, but they have some really pretty off-white/pale pink/gold shades that would work really well as highlighters, blushes, bronzers, or even as all-over face settings powders.

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