Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Perfect Lip Gloss?

Is it really possible? That's an excellent question I hope will eventually be answered, but for now I am content to settle with one I found yesterday. After months and months of searching (Megan will tell you...), I have stumbled upon a lip gloss that will satisfy my cravings until a miracle potion is created. While at Sephora on what was beginning to develop into my endless journey into the glossy depths of impossibility, I found it. Well, actually I didn't find it, someone who worked at the store did. But that's besides the point. I was looking for a lip gloss that was nude, didn't leave a milky sheen, and had no glitter. I thought I would have to settle with a lipstick and clear gloss, but now I don't have to worry. The lip gloss I am referring to is Lorac Couture Shine.

Now, Sephora describes it as liquid lipstick. I don't know if I would call it that though. I mean it's thick, but not that thick. Besides that, the description is pretty true to form. It mosturizes, hydrates, fills in lines, and the slight Mother of Pearl sheen gives the illusion of a subtle plumping effect (without the sting, because it's not actually plumping). The gloss is also paraben free, sulfate free, phthalates free, and has no synthetic fragrances and dyes (although it smells like fresh sugar cookies). The only problem is the applicator. Now, it may just be my particular brush, but somehow I don't think that's the case. The bristles on the brush clump together and are hardened, which is really weird and kind of feels like you are half painting your lips/ half stabbing them. I know. Weird. Besides that though, it's a pretty good lip gloss. I wore out to a movie today and when I walked out, it was still on. That's pretty sweet.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alexander Wang and Vena Cava for Gap

So every year the nominees for the CFDA/Vogue Fund get to do a little capsule collection with Gap. Last year it was a bunch of designers (including Phillip Lim) and their take on the classic white button-up shirt. This year it's Alexander Wang and Vena Cava making basic khaki chic. The collections come out on June 16 in Gap stores, and features 7 total pieces (there are also 5 khaki bucket hats...which I'm ignoring for a good reason), 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 2 pants, and 1 pair of shorts. Here are the promo pics for the collections, with Alexander Wang's pieces first, then Vena Cava's pieces, and then a general promo shot with clothes from both designers.

Here's the fun stuff. These are the three Vena Cava pieces. I love the doodley, tribal/geometric black detailing. The zipper detail and the skyline-esque shape coming up from the bottom of the tank dress are really cute, wearable, and a little edgy, but I'm not feeling the shape of the dress. It's a little short with a high neckline, which isn't the most flattering cut at all, and it looks a little schlumpy around the middle. I like the second dress much, much better. The detail at the neckline is like wearing a fantastic statement necklace, without having to actually deal with a statement necklace. The boatneck is really flattering, it's a great mid-thigh length, and the cinching at the waist just makes it perfect. I feel like this is a really wearable, versatile (it's the ideal mix between casual, with the khaki, and dressy, with the neckline), investment-worthy piece, and I have no idea how much it costs, but it looks expensive. Although it's probably not, since it's Gap. I'm intrigued with those pants. I like the doodley, random details, very restrained punk, but they don't look at that flattering, even on the model above. I think if you went up a size (like Coco Rocha in the promo pic) and wore them a little baggy it would be adorable. With that cut, I'm reserving judgment until I see them in person.

My love of Alexander Wang is no secret. I could wear only his clothes for the rest of my life and be blissfully happy. Which is why I'm so excited about this slightly more realistic (than his usual fare) capsule collection. I want both of those jackets. The jacket on the left is such a cute take on the motorcycle jacket. It hits at a great spot on the hip, the cropped sleeves and tie details are perfect, and since it's khaki, it really will be a versatile wardrobe staple. That said, I think I like the cropped trench jacket even more. I know. Cropped trenches are such, such a chic outerwear option, very classic and just a little bit cheeky. The four buttons in the front are so cute, and the 3/4 length, zippered sleeves balance out the long body nicely. I just hope it hits above the butt, because jackets that continue on past the booty aren't flattering unless you weigh 90 pounds. Which is, ahem, not me. You'd have to be 90 pounds to wear those pants, though. Don't get me wrong, they're a very on-trend, cute shape, with the pleating and cropped length, and they've got a bit of a jodphur vibe (reminds me of Balenciaga's fall collection two years ago. Best. Collection. Ever.). Pleating adds a lot of volume, though, so unless you are hipless with a straight as a plank figure and need pleats to give you some sort of curve, stay away from pleating at the hip in a pant. Not pretty. The pleating in the shorts works though, because the shorts have an a-line shape. Since they flare away from the leg, it looks like it's the shorts that have the volume, and not your hips, whereas pleating on the hip with a slim leg (like in the pants) makes it look like you have the volume.

All in all, this is some pretty chic stuff for Gap! I'm very impressed, and I will definitely be camping out June 16. Will you?

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

Just when it was starting to feel like summer in LA, weather happened. It's been like 65 degrees, overcast, and misty all day. Maud and I were at Disneyland last night for Grad Night, and it was cold and consistently sprinkly for all 6 hours. It was this odd mix between fog and rain, like the misters you can buy during the summer. Anyways, all this wet, chilly weather is making me want to put together a practical, cute, winter meets summer outfit that I'm going to pretend I'm wearing right now (full disclosure: I'm in sweatpants. Chic, I know).

Elizabeth and James Margo Dress, $395 at, Current Elliot Biker Jacket in Night, $275 at, Opaque Pantyhose in Asphalt, $14 at This dress is totally flowy summer goddess amazingness. The creamy white hue, soft ruffles, and drapey fabric are very warm weather appropriate, but it's not too skimpy for cooler weather, and the scoop neckline and waist tie keep all the volume in the skirt from being overwhelming. I'd pair it with a tougher, slightly warmer piece like this Current Elliot biker jacket. The zipper details and dark shade balance out the girliness of the dress, but the jacket is simple and clean enough not to overpower the dress. The jacket itself adds warmth, but I'd add some tights underneath for extra insulation. Those tights are supposed to be grey (something is wrong with that pic) which I like because it kind of mediates between the white dress and black jacket, so it helps the summery piece connect to the more wintery piece.

Hunter Boots in Green, $115 at, Treesje Turner Satchel in Gray, $595 at, Citrine by the Stones Single Stone Pendant Necklace, $140 at I'm trying to practical with the rain boots here. Obviously rain boots are necessary if it's raining (unless you're like me and ignore the weather while tramping around in flip flops), and I think these rain boots work with this outfit because they're actually chic. Those rain boots are simple and streamlined, like the jacket, and the hunter green is a nice pop of color in this neutral outfit, adding a bit of a summery punch to the ensemble. I like this charcoal bag because it's slouchy and relaxed, the stud detail gives it a bit of extra oomph, and the grey shade doesn't compete with the green boots. Plus that bag's big enough to fit an umbrella in! See, I can be practical. I'd finish the look off with this pink necklace because who doesn't need a little pink when it's rainy and overcast? The stone is small enough that pink doesn't fight with the green boots, and the chain details keep the pink stone from making the necklace too girly.

The key with this look is that it's mainly neutrals with pops of color, and that you're mixing a summer piece, like a sun dress, with a heavier, wintery piece like a biker jacket, and practical pieces like a big bag and rainboots, while keeping it fun with a whimsical piece of jewelry.

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The Holy Grail of Party Dresses

I love this dress, I love this dress, I love this dress. I love this dress. No, really, I love this dress. It's perfect in so many different ways. No feeling it? Let me explain below.

DKNY Stretch Twill Colorblock Dress, $295 at

I'll start with the shape. It will flatter 99.9999% of women, I swear. The sweetheart neckline opens up the face and shows off the collarbone, but it's not too low or too revealing. It's sexy, but appropriate. I know the thin straps are a problem if you have a bigger chest, and if a strapless bra or thin bra straps don't cut it, you could always get a tailor to add thicker straps (it's worth it!). The length is perfect, it hits at the thinnest place on the upper leg, and it's just far enough above the knee to be flirty, but not short enough to be skanky or unflattering at all. The fitted bodice and waist showcase the smallest part of your upper body, and then the gentle a-line of the skirt skims over any problem areas while creating a bit of an hourglass figure. Twill is a great fabric, because while it sounds casual, it can obviously be dressed up nicely, it's durable, and it's comfortable. As for the color palette, charcoal grey is a fantastic neutral because it goes with almost everything, but it's not as expected as black or navy. The lighter grey detail on the bodice is subtle enough not to be distracting, but draws attention to your face and upper body. The pink detail at the waist is the clincher. It's a little on the bright side, so it totally fits into the neon, '80s resurgence that's going to stick around for awhile, but it's not so bright that it keeps this dress from being a classic. I have this BCBG dress, which has a similar pink waist detail, and every time I wear it I get "OMG Megan that's so cute/flattering/adorable." Plus, that shock of pink at the waist draws all the attention straight to the slimmest part of your torso, which is extremely flattering, helps to give even the straightest figure an hourglass shape, and just makes this dress young and fun. And it's only $295. I realize that that's not exactly pocket change, but you would definitely get enough wear out of this dress to justify spending almost $300 on it. I think I'm in love.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiration from the Runways: The '80s

So as you guys already know, one of our shoots (and one of the reasons posting has been a little sparse lately), was centered around the '80s trends that popped up on the Spring and Fall runways. Our favorites were magenta, touches of neon, high-waiste sparkly minis, sharp-shouldered jackets, boyfriend pants and blazers, and sequins. Here are some of the specific shots that inspired us while we were prepping for our photoshoot. All of them are from the Spring shows unless otherwise noted.

Halston, Balmain, Balmain, (all Fall):

Pucci, Elise Overland, Hussein Chalayan (all Fall):

Collette Dinnigan, Balmain, Balmain:

Burberry, Paul Smith Women, Doo.Ri:

Boy by Band of Outsiders, Nicole Miller, Erin Fetherston:

I still can't post pictures from the shoot, but I can give you guys a bit of a sneak peek as to what sorts of clothes we used on set. There was vintage Chanel (I just love saying that), Marc by Marc, William Rast, Dehner (riding boots), American Apparel, Nordstroms vintage, Dooney and Burke, Ali Ro, Cynthia Vincent, J. Crew, Madewell, and vintage Cartier. Get excited. Posting is going to be a little sparse today (as in, this is it), because there are a bunch of end-of-year school things Maud and I have to do, but we should be getting back to normal shortly, I promise! Sidenote: I'm going to New Orleans in 2 weeks, and there will be lots of pictures!

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A Behind the Scenes Look...

So Megan and I created not only one but two fashion editorials today. I don't have any shots of the first shoot, a powered 80s theme, but I do have plenty of shots of the second, a beach shoot. So have a little sneak peek before Megan and I edit our photos and put them together for you all to enjoy.


There's a reason that there were no posts today, I promise! We were literally out from 9 to 9 working on our two photoshoots, both of which went really, really well. We just want to say thanks to our amazing photographer and her super-awesome photo equipment, and to our models, who walked around in a bikini without complaining while the rest of us were shivering in jackets and coats and hats and scarves, and who offered to try to climb down a balcony in heels and a skirt for us. We really couldn't have done it without you guys!

So I can't show you the photos yet, but we will put up the finished spreads in a few days. In the mean time, I'll tell you guys about the makeup we did for the beach shoot. It was very gold/bronzey, and it may sound like a lot, but it's really pretty subtle, I promise.

For the face, we used a sheer powder (I can't remember which one it was, but it's comparable to Stila's Pressed Powder), MAC's Hello Kitty Fun and Games blush (sold out, but try eBay), and Urban Decay's 24/7 Concealer pencil. On her eyes we started with Urban Decay's Primer Potion, followed with a layer of Benefit's Creaseless Shadow in Birthday Suit as a base. Then we contoured her eyes using Benefit's Creaseless Shadow in Busy Signal, by applying the shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and blending it inward, and applied a bit of Nars powder shadow in Galapagos to the outermost corner of the eyes for a bit of extra definition. We lined the lash line tightly in Urban Decay's 2/47 liner in Lucky, and then loosely lined both lash lines with the gold side of the L'Oreal HIP shadow duo in Gilded, smudging it a bit. The overall effect is a contoured, soft gold/bronze eye that's striking, but wearable at the same time. Pictures later, I promise!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inspired by: Mary Kate Olsen

I know that these pics are a few years old, but honestly if I didn't know when they were taken, I'd think it was quite recently. The reason that I'm searched out all these pictures is that I was going through my closet yesterday, and I stumbled upon the exact shirt she's wearing, albeit in navy and not gray. It's one of those things I really loved when I bought it and have since kinda forgotten about, but these pics have made me want to drag it out again (I'm wearing it right now!).

It's this American Apparel Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover, $36 at

I really love the way Mary Kate styled it. The bagginess, offset by the pushed-up sleeves and wide scoop neckline, is so casually chic. It might not seem that flattering, but it is, I promise. All the exposed skin negates the frumpiness of the boyish shape, and you can wear it off one-shoulder for an even girlier look. Plus, it hits at a great place on the hip, right below any lovehandle business (guilty), but above the top of the leg. It's super versatile, as seen on Mary Kate. I'd wear it balanced by a pair of straight-leg jeans, maybe with a brown leather belt like in pic 1, with a big, drapey scarf, tons of jewelry, and a relaxed hobo bag. And it's so affordable, you can buy it in multiple colors! I'm def putting the grey version on my wishlist (it also comes in non-melange colors, if that's your thing).

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Inspired by: Louis Vuitton

I really liked this month's Elle. I still don't know why Megan Fox is on the cover (Transformers the sequel does SO not merit an Elle cover, I'm sorry. Jennifer's Body, maybe), but her shoot was amazing. One of the other highlights was a shoot where they showed how Marc Jacobs translated runway looks from Louis Vuitton into the retail versions being sold in-store right now. It's still not all that realistic, but those are some darn cute outfits. The runway versions are on the left, the retail versions on the right, and I pulled together a few more pragmatic options below.

Joie Raina Cargo Jacket, $298 at, Marc by Marc Jacobs Lulu Solid Cashmere Sweater, $328, on sale for $164 at, Bop Basics Long Sleeve Crew Tee, $38 at This cargo jacket is actually pretty similar to the Louis Vuitton version. Similar shade, cut, and sleeves, but significantly cheaper. I'd layer this Marc by Marc cardigan underneath (it's on sale!). The blue trim is comparable to the gold embellishments on the Louis Vuitton version, keeping it basic but not boring. Make sure to leave the sleeves peeking out from under the cargo jacket. It's a cute take on the old-school short-over-long layering trend (middle school? nobody?). I like this basic black tee as an alternative to the black tee/sweater on top. Buy it one size large and push up the sleeves for a baggier shape that would balance out a slimmer skirt.

Nomia Linen Chiffon Panels Skirt, $308 at, Loeffler Randall Trig Skirt, $195 at, Myne Olive Skirt, $191 at This skirt on the left has really similar detailing to the Louis Vuitton skirt above, but I think the black on black is actual an even more practical color palette. It's much more versatile, and much cheaper than the runway version. Another alternative is this Loeffler Randall skirt. It's a similar shape, but much simpler, which I think would work nicely with the layered tribal jewelry from the Louis Vuitton runways. That statement jewelry is a whole lotta look, so it needs a simpler outfit to tone it down. For the second runway look, really any patterned mini would do. I like how the colors in this skirt would contrast with the cargo jacket and grey cardigan--very quirky and very on-trend.

Tory Burch Carrie Two Band Jet Wedge, $395, on sale for $276.50 at, Pour La Victoire Paige Motorcycle Sandals, $292, $204.40 at, American Apparel Unisex Solid Knee-High Socks, $10 at I have to be honest, the Louis Vuitton tribal heels are impossible to dube. They really are. I freaking love them. If you can, buy them. If not, here are two slightly more affordable options. The Tory Burch wedges are the most 'tribal,' and they are really, really cute. That color combination is chic and seasonless. These Pour La Victoire sandals aren't really tribal, but they have a similar shape as the Louis Vuitton sandals, they're on sale, and they're really versatile. On the runways, the heels were styled with knee-high socks. If you're into that, I'd go for black (it's the least cheesy), and scrunch the socks down a bit so they look a little more relaxed.

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