Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bobbi Brown

So I actually got inspired by my own post (yes, I read my blog posts, and yes, I know that's sad) about the Bobbi Brown makeup for Erin Fetherston. I've honestly never bought anything from Bobbi Brown, I kind of forget about that brand enough though I know she's a fab makeup artist. I decided to shop the Bobbi Brown website, and they actually have some really great stuff!

Tinted Lip Balm in Golden Pink, $17 at I couldn't find an actual pink but it's just what it sounds like, shimmery golden pink lip balm. Aka perfection.

Shimmer Brick in Pink, and in Beige, both $38 at These both have rave reviews on Makeupalley, and they're so pretty! It's like the perfect highlighter, and the variety of shades makes the shimmer look much more natural and multidimensional. And they're so freaking pretty.

Pot Rouge in Pale Pink, $22 at Creamy, pale pink blush stain. Enough said.

No Smudge Mascara, $22 at I'm definitely going to buy this. Supposedly it's very natural looking, but actually waterproof. And I've actually sworn off mascara because I can't find a flake-free waterproof version. So happy!

Shimmer Eye Shadow in Fawn, $20 at Shimmery, grey-taupe eyeshadow is probably one of the most flattering neutral shades ever.

Metallic Shadow in Lavender, $20 at I know I already featured this, but lavender/lilac shadow is going to be big for spring, and this looked so pretty at the Erin Fetherston show!

Gel Eyeliner in Black Mauve Shimmer Ink, $21 at
This got a great review on Blogdorf Goodman, which means it's amazing because they are hardcore, and the dark purpley-brown shimmer looks like the perfect soft alternative to black liner. I think I just convinced myself to buy this...

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