Monday, November 30, 2009

Cat-eyes and Vampy Nails and Shoppings.

Let's talk about Black Friday. Personally, I think it's a little overrated unless you're looking to buy a plasma TV and willing to camp out in front of Walmart, but nevertheless, there was some serious shopping done. My bank account is crying, but I'm very happy (what else is new?). And remember all that makeup I said I was going to buy? I bought most of it! I'm going to be testing the majority of it for a few more days, but I'm going to review a few things now. But first, look at this picture:

See anything different? Probably not. BUT I GOT MY EARS PIERCED! I'm a big girl now! It was very anti-climatic. But I'm really happy about it. Anyways, on to the makeups. It's hard to see in the pic above, but I'm wearing navy blue nail polish, and yes, it's OPI's Russian Navy. I fell for it (and the rest of) the Russian collection when it came out, but I never got around to buying it. Well, Ulta was having a buy 2 OPI, get one free thing, and I stumbled across a bottle of Russian Navy (the first pic). Sold. I also finally sprung for Black Cherry Chutney (in the middle). Russian Navy is amazing. It's dark enough to be edgy and a little vampy, but it's not so dark that it gets mistaken for black (so annoying). It's a bright sapphire blue with a hint of scarlet shimmer. I really love it. It's unique and fresh, but since it's a deep blue it's not too in-your-face. I wish the shimmer would show up a little more, but I think my topcoat's more to blame for that than the polish. I've already gushed about Black Cherry Chutney, but seriously, how gorge is that? My roomie picked up the sleeper hit of the night, though: Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow, from the Spain collection. It's so interesting. It's a dark, hunter green polish with absolutely no shimmer. It's almost dark enough to be mistaken for black, but in the right light it makes you stop and wonder what color it is (in a good, mysterious way). I will def be borrowing it.

As for the actual makeup, I got the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink, $21 at, and the MAC shadow in Satin Taupe, $14.50 at I already had the Sephora Platinum Angle Liner Brush, but it's $18 at I knew those gel liner pots were small, but wow. It's literally the size of a gold dollar. On the plus side, I still think it'll take me a while to go through because you need so little of it. I think it's going to take me a while to get used to this because there is definitely a learning curve, but I like it, and it makes perfect cat-eyes, which is why I bought it. It's very black, although it could be blacker, it dries quickly but is easily to apply, and has the look of liquid liner without the hassle of actually using liquid liner. It layers well and wears pretty decently. It will rub off and I doubt that it's entirely waterproof, but I can go most of the day without a touch-up. To apply, I use an angled liner brush (you could also use a thin brush like a MAC 209/210), and just tap the sides of the tip of the brush against the liner. Then start the tip of the brush at the inner corner of the upper lashline, and follow the lashline all the way to the outer corner of the eye. Lightly draw the brush along the lower lashline (you could line the waterline, but I doubt it would wear well). Pick up a bit more product, and place the brush so that the point is equal with the end of your lower waterline. Draw a line, however long you want your cat-eye to be, that extends your lower waterline out past your eye. If your line goes belong where the continuation of your lower waterline would be, it makes your eyes look droopy and tired (never a plus). Then connect the end of that line that the liner above your upper lashline, and voila! Brigitte Bardot fantasticness. On to Satin Taupe. I resisted buying this for such a long time--I thought it would just be another taupe, nothing special. I don't know why, but Satin Taupe is amazing. It's a deep taupe that's leaning towards purple with a hint of grey and a silver frost. All of MAC's shadows are blendable, but some literally are as soft as butter (like Romp and Style Snob), and Satin Taupe is one of those. It's so easy to work with, it layers well, and it is officially the perfect crease color. It has more impact than Wedge, and the silver frost makes it a little mysterios and intriguing, but it's still a workhorse neutral. This is a definite repurchase. And it would be so hot as a base color for a smoky brown eye look! Loves it.

So this is my new daytime eye look. The lid is really light, which is new for me. I'm wearing Ulta's shadow in Sandstone across the lid, with Satin Taupe as a contour and the Bobbi Brown gel liner. I know the liner isn't perfect yet (the left eye always comes out better than the right! And that's the eye that's covered by my bangs. Grrr), but I love this look. It's lighter than my usual, but it has just as much impact, and the feline eye look is very on-trend.

My inspiration, Brigitte Bardot. Although her liner is a bit below the continuation of her lower waterline. It's really hard to explain, but the liner should continue the shape of the eye, like it does in this Temptalia pic. So perfect.

J. Crew Cyprus vachetta-and-metallic Leather Sandals, $115 at, 3.1 Phillip Lim Leopard Trench, $439 down form $725 at, Missoni Rose Knitted Tunic Dress, $1,390 at And, as always, some random shopping. These J. Crew sandals are the perfect gladiators. They're simple, and really look like they were hand-made in Italy, and the authenticity of that is so refreshing against all the blinged-out gladiator sandals we've been seeing lately. The mixture of metallic and matte leather adds visual interest without distracting from the clean lines of the sandal, and although $115 isn't cheap for a pair of gladiators, J. Crew sandals wear so, so well. My new obsession with cat-eye liners has made me want to dress up like a '50s Italian cinema heroine. There's something about that look, with the classic feminine pieces against the aristocratic touches, like a really nice pair of flat riding boots. (Random, but if anyone loves Italian aristocracy--or just books about the decline of aristocracy in general, yes I am a nerd--you have to check out The Leopard. So good). I love this trench because, one, it's Phillip Lim, and two, it takes the classic trench shape and color palette, and then throws some leopard print into the mix. But since it's such a subtle leopard, it's really a neutral with a lot more attitude and visual interest. I find the wrist detail distracting, but I'd roll the cuffs and push up the sleeves anyways for a more casual chic look. I realize that this Missoni dress is absurdly expensive, but I loves it. The shape is perfection, with the deep v-neck offset by the fluttering sleeves, and the leather belt cinching in the waist. The juxtaposition of the organic feel of the belt against the very manufactured flame print is so drop dead chic. And you could wear this dress a million different ways. I'm totally justifying it to myself right now. Someone please restrain me.

Mink Pink Riveting Mini Dress, $72 at, Gap Product Red Stella Tee, $28 at I know I post a lot of body-con minis with long sleeves, but this one is so affordable AND it's covered in little studs AND it has a deep back. For less than $75, this LBD is a serious bargain. I just had to post this Gap tee. If anyone remembers our first blog, I have a very soft spot in my heart for anything named Stella, and also proceeds from this tee go to charity, so it's shopping for a good cause. Plus, the trompe l'oeil tangle of necklaces is both ironic and ridiculously fab.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just In Case You Haven't Noticed

...the site got a bit of a makeover today. Let's be honest, our girl needed it. She was beginning to look a little tired. Say good bye to the bubble yum pink and the homage to old Hollywood. But I think the new design is a lot spiffier, if I do say so myself! I know, I know. Change can be hard, but I think in this instance it's more than welcome. I also updated the twitter page. All in all, definitely more awkward but still chic!

Just in case you were really attached to the old layout, here are some photos to reminisce by:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Space Case

Just finished writing a ten page paper. So logically, I want to incorporate the hours I've slaved away writing about it more, right? Call me CRAZY. But then again, when your paper is about the history of science-fiction film and your comparing King Kong and Jurassic Park and the social commentary that is stealthily (or not so much) hidden in the plots within every science-fiction film ever made in every era of get my point. But one little jewel I did come across was the classic film La Voyage Dans La Lune (The Trip to the Moon), you know the silent film with the iconic image of the man in the moon? Anyway, I realized that it was actually a rather fashionable film even today and, low and behold, I realized many outfits could be put together using this film as inspiration. But since I am actually writing a post based on a very strenuous paper I just wrote, maybe I am losing my mind. Just call me a lost cause.

But feast your eyes nonetheless:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Into the Wild.

So on the quest for the perfect pair of Frye boots today (so. many. to chose from. The harness boots or the Bonnie boots? CAN'T CHOOSE), I stumbled across this fantastically amazing leopard print scarf. Just look at it!

(PS: Nope, that's not my dorm room. I'm at my roomies house for Thanksgiving. Yay holiday orphans).

Not only is it leopard print, it's purple and metallic silver reversible leopard print. This is the sort of thing I wouldn't have looked at past sixth grade, but I've been thinking: metallics are making a serious comeback. Purple is one of my favorite colors. Leopard print is actually chic now. So the combination isn't that crazy. Plus, the rich purple adds a fantastic pop of jewel-toned richness to my black/grey/navy wardrobe, and the silver makes it fancy (the ways I justify things). It's about 2 by 6 feet, which is a pretty good deal for $32. Since my love affair with leopard print has been re-kindled, I dug up a few more leopard printed accessories for you guys.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap in Grey Leopard, $345 at, Tolani Leopard Scarf, $99 at, Marc by Marc Jacobs Into the Wild Computer Case, $68 at (I may have stolen the post name from this bag...what...crazy): Yes, this White _+ Warren scarf is ridiculously expensive. BUT it's all cashmere and it's 81 x 36 inches (like 6.5 by 3 feet), so it's mildly justified. The cozy fabric and giant size make this so fabulous. It would be great on a long plane ride, or just looking extremely luxurious tossed casually around your neck on the way to grab a coffee. The small scale of the print and the neutral palette make this surprisingly versatile. It's the classiest way to do a leopard print. This Tolani scarf is a little louder, and while it looks a little out there on the mannequin, I've seen it out and about on celebs like Kim Kardashian and Shenae Grimes, and paired with a simple, neutral outfit, it's a great way to make a statement. You could wake up feeling totally disgusting, put on a white tee and jeans, and then throw this on and look totally pulled-together. Those are the best kind of accessories. Isn't this the most adorable laptop case EVER? I want it so badly. Normally I'd say no to a leopard print bag, but I think that fact that this is a laptop case makes it perfectly acceptable. How could you not smile during a Psych lecture with that in front of you? It would make taking notes so festive!

Eugenia Kim Daphne Leopard Earflap Cap, $176 at, Fashion Focus Accessories Animal Print Skinny Suede Belt, $28 at, Leopard Risky Business Sunglasses, $10 at I'll admit, I think this hat would be hard to pull off, but if done right it would be totally adorable. It's the perfect mix of snow bunny and safari, and the leopard print is so blown up that it looks more like an abstract pattern than actual leopard print. This belt is such a versatile piece. I have one little statement belt like this that I got for $5 on a whim, and I wear it more than any other belt I own. These work because they're so thin that a vibrant color or print isn't too overwhelming, but helps pull the eye straight to the waist--aka your narrowest part. This over a cute little cardigan or a little day dress would be drop dead chic. These glasses might be my favorite pick from this post. The Wayfarer shape is literally flattering on every face shape, the slightly oversized lenses are practical and glamorous, and the subtle leopard print adds so much visual interest without being too distracting from your actual face. If I see these at Urban they're coming home with me. Not up for negotiation. I mean, those with slightly messy hair and a red lipstain? I'm dying.

PPS: There def won't be any posting tomorrow (food-induced coma), and there probably won't be any posting Friday. But then again, I'm going shopping, so I may not be able to restrain myself. We'll see. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Attire and UDPP

So, Thanksgiving. Personally, I think this is a hard holiday to dress for. You have to be cute and put-together, but not too fashion-forward for the fam, young, but not too exposed. I struggle with every year, which culminates in a 10 minute argument with my mom about how short my skirt is and how much I need to wear tights (love you mom). I think you can go two different routes with this kind of holiday dressing: either take a more classic silhouette and modernize it with textures and accessories, or take a trendier silhouette and play down its edginess with girlier accessories.

Example #1: Cute, but chic.

J. Crew Sequin Peekabo Cardigan, $128 at, J. Crew Sequin Slouchy Tank, $85 at, Thread Social Overlay Skirt, $293 at This silhouette is very simple and extremely feminine. The high-waisted skirt is a classic, and the volume from the peplum-esque overlay takes it from sexy to sweet and fun (and is super flattering). The slight loose cut of the tank is balanced nicely by the sequin detailing, and the light pink hue is much softer than the expected white. An outfit like this, that's fitted at the torso and then goes into a gentle a-line with an exaggerated waist, is really flattering on a lot of body types. It can create curves or play up the ones you already have. Adding a cardigan on top adds a bit more coverage, and the heather gray against the soft pink has such a whismical, ballet-inspired feel (I may have just watched Center Stage) that is perfect against the hard black of the skirt. The sequins on the placket of the cardigan tie back to the sequins on the tank for a polished look.

Example #2: Fashion-forward, but not overwhelming.

Splendid Modal Jersey Long Sleeve Dress, $139 at, Elegantly Waisted Haley Belt, $121 at, American Apparel Opaque Pantyhose, $14 at If I had to pick one new silhouette off the runway that was family function appropriate, I'd go for the long-sleeve, body-con mini. Why? Because the mini-length shows off your legs, and all that exposed skin is balanced by the long sleeves and relatively high neck-line. I love this Splendid version because it's affordable, the all-black makes it incredibly versatile for multiple holiday functions, and the zippers (which I'd keep all zipped up for the fam) add a bit of edge that makes it a great party dress. The slight boat-neck is very flattering and highlights the collarbone without revealing too much, and the slight ruching at the sides can hide a multitude of sins. I'd pair it with this belt, which has a bit of a Lanvin vibe. The ribbon and crystals of the belt add a lot of elegant glamor to this edgier dress, the sparkle gives a needed bit of embellishment, and the woven detail on the front is unexpectedly chic. I'd pair it all with these tights because the dress is a little on the short side, and these tights are pretty opaque, but just sheer enough that they wouldn't blend in with the black of the dress.

The Accessories: I'd pair both of these ensembles with the same accessories. They work because these add a bit of edge to the first outfit while adding a bit of girliness to the second outfit (it's all relative).

Victorian Hippie Multi Strand Necklace with Leather Back, $150 at, Felix Rey Nicole Clutch with Snake Trim, $295 at, Dolce Vita Trinity Studded Suede Pumps on Hidden Platform, $215 at The chains on this necklace give it a bit of an urban edge, so it would balance out the sweetness of the first outfit perfectly, but the delicacy of the layers would add a distinct femininity to the second ensemble. The same goes for this clutch; the bow is sweet and girly to soften up the black mini-dress, whereas the metallic textures add a ton of visual interest and a little bit of cheek to the first look (plus, this clutch has the most adorable leopard lining). I love these shoes. Obviously, the studs add a needed hardness to the first outfit, and the gray ties in with the cardigan nicely, whereas the girly shape, with the rounded toe and thin heel, adds a classic finishing touch to the second outfit.

As for makeup, I'd rock both of these looks with a black cat-eye. It works because it's cheeky, but it's not overtly sexy. So it would add a bit of an attitude to the first outfit, and be much fresher than the expected smokey eye with the second outfit.

Last but not least, I finally got around to dismantling one of my "empty" Urban Decay Primer Potions. I mean, anyone can look at the packaging (left) and see that the straight applicator isn't going to get all of the product out of the curved areas of the container. I knew that some of it was getting wasted, but I thought it was just a little bit. Well. I was wrong. I hacked it open with an Exacto knife (not recommended for the accident-prone), and look at how much I got out! That fills up an entire Benefit Cream Shadow pot. That's more product than I thought was in the entire container to begin with. So yeah, I'm a little annoyed. The packaging sucks. I'm still going to keep buying it, but I'm definitely going to rip it apart again. The Benefit pot is the perfect size, and it's keeping the primer moist and perfect.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Even More Random Than Usual.

I've that instead of writing posts about one thing and then posting multiple times a day like I used to, I'm just jamming everything into one post. Which makes for longer posts that are seriously more random. But I'm going to keep doing it anyways. You can see how my train of thought evolves (or devolves, depending on the situation).

First order of business: I think I want this hair color. I realize that I just posted this first pic and that Rpatz's hair is very distracting in the second pic, but look at Kristen Stewart's hair color. It's still the same dark brown as it was from the first Twilight pic, but this time it has a bunch of red undertones running through it that simultaneously warm it up and edge it out. It's like a really, really deep auburn. I want it. I might actually do it. I think adding a bit of red ( not a lot mommy, don't worry) to my hair would make the green in my eyes pop, and my skin's calmed down enough that the red in my hair wouldn't conflict with an irritation on my face (it's about time). So basically, next time I dye my hair it'll probably by Dark Auburn instead of Dark Golden Brown. Crazy, I know. What can I say, I live on the wild side. If I happened to find an Rpatz along with that new hair, well...let's just say I wouldn't complain. I'd just make him shower.

L.D. Tuttle Arc Heels, $550 at, L.D. Tuttle Shifter Boots, $725 at, L.D. Tuttle x VPL Realignment Boot, $725 at So a friend mentioned this website that led to intensive online shopping that led to the fab discovery of this shoe brand, L.D. Tuttle. Very edgy, almost a little Bladerunner-esque, lots of leather and dark neutral and zippers and all around Megan-ness. Not only is this first pair of heels a pair of black platforms with zippers and cutouts (already loving it), but the heel is covered in black fish scales. They might be sequins masquerading as fish scales, but still. That hint of sheen and texture adds a bit of glam and so much visual interest to this shoe. I know these boots aren't cheap, but they're really two boots for the price of one. You can wear them as shown, up to the knee with those awesome leather wraps (they're so the lovechild of a motorcycle boot and a pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots), or you can unwrap and unzip the boots so that the top half folds over and they become ankle booties. They look hot both ways, and that's a way to justify the pricetag. At least of little bit. I love the idea of VPL doing a shoe collaboration, and all that architectural elastic is so perfect on this pair of booties. The navy hue is refreshing but still versatile, the black insets and wooden heel keep it interesting, and the overall effect is somewhere in between those Pierre Hardy for Gap booties that I loved and Proenza Schouler. I die.

Melissa Odabash Marrakech Embellished Cutout Swimsuit, $345 at, Versace Spring 2010 makeup: So this is extremely random, but I heart this swimsuit. That's all. The fuchsia is so exuberant, the sequins are so unexpected but yet so perfect, and the cutout shape is one of the best I've seen. This eye makeup from the Versace Spring 2010 show is similarly summer-fab. It's basically just a dusky purple across the lid and lower lash line, blended out at the outer and inner corners, with a slash of purple liquid liner on the top lash line. Lots of blending, but a very simple, breezy, and not too innocent look for Spring/Summer. I'd try Illamasqua's matte shadow in Fatal, $20 at

Viv & Ingrid Bow Outline Posts, $41 at, Silver Diamond Posts, $41 at, and Rose Posts, $41 at I'm getting my ears pierced on Wednesday (eek!), and I'm anticipating that I won't be comfortable wearing anything other than posts for quite a while. So of course I have to have adorable posts, but I also have to factor in my general brokeness. I'm so indebted to Lucky mag for turning me on to Viv & Ingrid, a sites that sells the most adorable post earrings. They also have a ton of gorgeous Moroccan inspired hanging earrings/hoops that you guys should check out. I love these posts because they're sterling silver (yay!), they're affordable, and they're the right mix of versatile and whimsical. The bows are sweet without being too girly because of the miniscule size, the silver diamonds are ironic and a little bit edgy, and the roses (my favorite) are precious and elegant without being over the top feminine. And how cute is that packaging?

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection (releases 12/26): Shadesticks in: Cuddle, Nurture, Warm & Cozy, Relaxed, Eyeshadows in: Chamomile, Modelette, Milled Cider, Embark, Mineralize Skinfinishes in: Comfort, By Candlelight: Finally, a new MAC collection that I'm interested in, and one that comes out at just the right time for me to spend my Christmas-gifted MAC gift cards on (hint hint). It's basically a bunch of warm, neutral but festive shades. I want the Shadestick in Cuddle, a frosted dark chocolate, the Eyeshadow in Milled Cider, a warm dark brown (satin) or Embark, a permanent shadow that's a deep rich brown-black (matte), and either the Comfort MSF, a golden bronze, or the By Candlelight MSF, a golden pink. I like Cuddle because you can never have enough dark brown cream shadows, Milled Cider and Embark because they'd make great smokey eye/contouring shades without being as harsh as black, and the MSFs because they're great highlighter/bronzers.

Toms of Maine Toothpaste in Cinnamon-Clove, $3.99 at, Lady Gaga's Fame Monster, $7.99 on iTunes: Again, really random, but I've found the best toothpaste of all time. It tastes like Christmas!!! Just as a warning, Toms' toothpastes aren't as intensely flavored as say, a Crest or Aquafresh toothpaste. At first I thought they tasted like clay. They definitely take some getting used to. That said, the Cinnamon-Clove toothpaste has a hint of clove, which screams things like Christmas cookies and apple cider, while the cinnamon adds to the holiday vibe while giving a bit of a refreshing tingle. This is love. On a totally unrelated note, there's new Lady Gaga. We must discuss. Personally, I think her voice is much smoother (read: more edited) than it was on The Fame, but I still love it. I strongly recommend all of the songs except Telephone (I think it's weird that Lady Gaga does a song with Beyonce called Telephone, and Beyonce does a song with Lady Gaga called Video Phone, and they both suck). Bad Romance is obviously fantastic, Alejandro has a bit of a Spanish flavor and a very danceable beat, Monster has really entertaining lyrics and is totally club ready, Speechless is a poignant ballad, Dance in the Dark and So Happy I Could Die are a little off beat, but going to get stuck in your head immediately (and again, so danceable). Teeth might be my favorite. It's kind of weird, but it has this great burlesque-ish bass beat that makes me want to drop everything and start dancing. Literally. So check out Fame Monster. It blows Rihanna's (and Shakira's for that matter) new album out of the water.

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