Friday, February 13, 2009

Bond Girls Are Forever...

...truly. Most, if not all of you, are probably not avid die hard James Bond fans like I am. Sure you've seen a movie here or there, but you don't really follow the franchise or anything like that. Quite a few of you probably think that the misogynistic 007 is nothing but a brutal and lethal weapon ( another series I love, which a lot a of people forget about these days...) who takes advantage of every woman who comes into his line of sight. While that was pretty much the case when Sean Connery was around, the women who starred in the films from the eighties onward have transformed into a new kind of Bond girl.
What I'm getting at though, is not about the totally kick-but way these femmes fatales have evolved, but how their fashion has always been a mainstay in Western culture. As a Bond connoisseur ( I can't think of any other way to phrase this, h
onestly), I can tell from my recall of clips from the most ransom scenes how beautiful and alluring these women were and are. While I think that there are some rather unfortunate outfits that will forever be burned into my brain, there are also many others to negate the mental scarring. Many of these women are still recognized as the epitome of beauty today. Don't let their stealthy smiles fool you, cause some of them are cold blooded killers. Seriously. Believe me. No really.

First off, the number one Bond girl of all time, the first ever to be immortalized on celluloid: Honey Rider (a.k.a. Ursala Andress) in Dr. No. Okay, so the names of these women are also completely ridiculous, but they are getting better. I swear! The iconic image of Honey striding out of the water in that white bikini is ingrained in everyone's minds, whether you realize it or not. The outfit is so famous that it is constantly reproduced and parodied. Remember when Halle Barry played Jinx in Die Another Day? Yeah, her bikini scene was taken right out of Dr. No. So, for those of you who want to mimick the enternal look of beach godess and go for a more modern take, try Zimmerman Jinx Ring Bikini which retails for $202. That way, you can go out and be that girl who 007 just can't take his eyes off of.

Now to my favorite Bond girl ever: Vesper Lynd (a.k.a. Eva Green) in Casino Royale. She is by far, at least in my opinion, the most gorgeous woman you could ever find, maybe even on the face of the planet. Remember my obsession with green eyes and brown hair? This is proof. While this isn't the best shot of her character, it is decent enough to get my point across. If you want to translate her look into everyday wear, like I try to do, almost too obsessively, you should try something that's long but light, and she always wears dark/bold colors like purple and red.This green piece is very similar to the dress Vesper wears right before the end of the movie. The Foley + Corinna Backless Chiffon dress retails for $400.

If you are more into the whole bohemian thing, then Solitaire (a.k.a. Jane Seymour) in Live and Let Die could work for you. The sorceress' style was very much influenced from her hippie surroundings. A great boho dress with some bangles (and maybe a choker? probs not) is all you really need. Try Milly's Tie Dye Strapless Flounce dress which retails for $465.

While there are many other fabulous outfits, bikinis, etc. that the infamous Bond girls wear, I just didn't have the time or resources to put them all in here. If you ever happen to be bored or inspired, hopefully the later but most likely the prior, go and find some of your dad's old 007 films and, if anything, just look at it for the fashion. I'm sure that you'll find at least the smallest thing that inspires you. As you can see, many of these clothing choices become eternal. I would say that is worth some good investment, don't you?

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