Thursday, June 30, 2011

Currently Loving: My New Pendant Necklace

It's a four-day weekend, y'all.  FOUR DAYS.  And you know what I'm going to be doing?  Sleeping.  Lots of sleep.  I miss sleep.  We haven't hung out in a while.  Anyways, one of the things I'm going to be wearing a lot this weekend is this new tassel pendant necklace I was sent by Spring Street.  I totally love it.

It's a long necklace with a 36" gold chain, an adjustable clasp, a circle covered in geometric crystals, and a large tassel.  It's a very heavy, solid feeling necklace.  You can get it on their website for $45.  I love tassel necklaces.  I bought one a while ago but it fell apart, and I've been meaning to get a new one for a while now.  This one is perfect.  It looks and feels expensive, and has a fun mixture of textures and finishes, with the crystal, black bead, chains, embossed metal, etc, etc.  The chain tassels hang so nicely, and they have great movement, too.  It all has a very exotic feel.  Also I love anything shiny, so...

My favorite way to wear a statement necklace like this one is with a simpler outfit, so that the necklace gets to stand out more and it doesn't all look too busy.  Here I'm wearing it with a Madewell tank, a vintage cardigan, and J. Crew shorts.  You could also wear it with jeans, boots, and a black tee, or with jeans and a white button-down and boots, or it would look adorable with a simple LBD.  You have a lot of different options.

So would I have paid for this?  Yes.  Especially with the discount code I'm about to tell you about!

And for the next 24 hours you can use the code Awkward chic at to get 25% off your order. Yayyyy discount codes!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sephora Wants

I could collect makeup like some people collect shoes.  I want more makeup.  Specifically, I want this makeup:

Tarte for True Blood LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain, $24 at, Sephora Favorites Beauty & the Bride Combination Set, $50 at True Blood themed makeup?  Hi.  Yes, please.  I love this.  The packaging reminds me of True Blood (aka favorite guilty pleasure show ever), but it's the product that I really like.  When I think of True Blood and lip products, I think of red stained lips, like blood stains.  This is a shimmery red lip stain pencil.  It's perfect.  It would give that 'I just ate a Cherry popsicle' look or 'I just drank some human dry' look, if that's your thing.  Plus the Tarte lip pencils are nicely moisturizing and have great lasting power, so even though you are paying for the branding, you do get a lot of product for the money.  Sephora does great combination sets like this one.  This is bridal themed, so it has lots of basic, neutral makeup, but it also works really nicely for real life. It has $108 worth of product, including a mini Flora by Gucci perfume, Boscia green tea blotting papers, a mini Buxom lipstick, a black Sephora eyeliner, a Bare Minerals lid primer, a Tarte mascara, a Lancome Juicy Tube, a Benefit pore minimizer, a pink Sephora by OPI polish, Stila eye shadow in Kitten, and a Josy Maran Argan oil color stick in a dusty rose.  You get a LOT of product for $50, and a lot of different products, but the best part is that you get a voucher for a free, full Sephora makeover.  Usually you have to buy $50 of product for those, so here you get $50 of mini, full, and sample size products AND the makeover.  Great deal.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Not to Look Like a Tourist

This post was a request from one of my housemates about how not to look like a tourist when you're traveling.  I think it's funny that people get really stressed out about what to wear while sight-seeing in other countries.  The hardest part for me is finding an outfit that works for a lots of different situations--say you're traveling around Italy.  And you want to visit some cathedrals, go out to a nice lunch, do some shopping, and walk around a lot.  You need something fancy enough for a nice restaurant, modest enough for a church, and comfortable enough for lots of walking and shopping.  I have two go-to outfits for sightseeing: sundresses and tops+jeans, because they're both so versatile.  I put together a jeans+top outfit here that would work for all of those situations, and still keep you looking cute.

J. Brand Bombshell Cigarette Jeans, $174 at, Frannie Camisole, $78 at As far as jeans go, I know at least in Europe wearing ratty, light jeans around will make you seem like more of a tourist.  However, a clean pair of black jeans like this is great because you get the comfort of a jean (and these have a ton of stretch and a nice high waist), but you still get a very polished look.  It's very Audrey Hepburn.  And I love this white top.  I am a huge fan of tops that are basic, but still have a fun and unique twist.  This one is easy to style around, since it's white, and the sweetheart neckline and fitted waist are extremely flattering.  It's a step up from a tee, but it's not too revealing (especially if paired with a little sweater or jacket).

Frye Melissa Button Boots, $328 at, J. Crew Jenna Cardigan, $70 at I'd do boots for sight-seeing.  Flat sandals can lead to gross, dirty feet, and ballet flats always tear my feet to shreds.  Please don't wear high heels around cobblestone streets.  You will hate yourself.  Flat boots are a great option because they have a formal feel, but they're comfortable and easy to walk in.  The riding boots are very classic and polished, which works nicely with the vibe of the black jeans and the blouse, and they're a nice, rich leather, so they wear well and look very expensive.  Then I'd add this navy blue cardigan on top.  It adds a little warmth and coverage for, say, going in a church, plus it's cropped to a great length that highlights the waist and doesn't add any visual bulk.  The navy adds a little color, but it's still a neutral, so you can wear it with a ton of other outfits.

Foley + Corinna Snake Chain Cross Body Bag,  $425 at, Ray-Ban Oversized Wayfarers, $145 at The only practical bag for sightseeing is a shoulder/cross-body bag.  It keeps your hands free, but has lots of storage, and is hard to pickpocket from.  I love this bag.  It's leather, so it's sturdy, the black makes it versatile, and it has a bunch of little details that make it really fun.  The chain on the strap and the zippers down the side add some edge, and the ruching adds an organic feel and some visual interest.  It's a basic enough bag to wear with a ton of different outfits, but it still has some sass, and it's large enough to store a guidebook, camera, some snacks, your phone, etc, etc.  I kind of want it for real life...As far as accessories go, lots of jewelry isn't so great for traveling.  It can attract pickpockets (paranoid but totally true) and if you lose it in a foreign country, chances are you'll never find it.  Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize an outfit as an alternative to jewelry.  I like these over-sized Wayfarers because they're big enough to protect the skin around your eyes from the sun, and the classic style is flattering and goes with a lot of outfits.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

J. Crew Lovelies

 Blargh I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but I am so, so bad at sleeping.  Really.  It's top 10 on my list of things I am terrible at.  So instead I've been trolling the J. Crew website, and I found these two adorable dresses.

Paradisa Dress, $168 at, Ramona Dress, $225 at This first  So cute.  I wants.  I like that the shape is very simple and lingerie-inspired, a little 1940s, a little slip-like.  The basic cotton is simple and versatile, but the coral-red floral embroidery adds a whole other level of luxury and visual interest.  I love that the pattern is at once classic and modern in how abstract and geometric it is.  It's like a deconstructed toile.  Plus the fitted, with the close-cut bodice and fit and flare skirt, is extremely flattering on almost any body type.  J. Crew styled it nicely, with the slightly masculine belt.  I'd add a fitted little cardigan in say, a cobalt or navy blue, and maybe a set of skinny bangles.  As for the other dress, J. Crew totally owns when it comes to versatile, flattering bridesmaid-esque dresses.  This is a fab bridesmaid dress.  The cut is insanely flattering.  A deep-neck elongates the neck, flatters existing cleavage, and emphasizes cleavage if you don't have as much, the wrapped waist creates and hourglass silhouette, and the ruching hides a multitude of sins.  I'd get this in black.  I like the idea of black bridesmaid dresses, and you could style them adorably with crystal/rhinestone jewelry and jewel-tone heels.  Plus it's the kind of dress you can wear to work, to cocktails, to a wedding, etc, etc.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Everyday Jewelry

First off, this dress is totally unrelated to the rest of the post.  It's the Honky Tonk dress by Lucy in Disguise, $230 at, and Lucy in Disguise is actually a brand done by Lily Allen.  Apparently she's had a clothing store for a while and just recently came out with a line of vintage-inspired dresses.  This has me written all over it.  I love the western, kitschy print on the simple, retro silhouette.  I'd do it with a masculine, brown leather belt, girly wedges, and a little cropped cardigan.  Adorbs.

What I'm actually going to talk about today is jewelry.  I know I talk about statement pieces all the time, because they're fun, but the pieces I actually end up wearing every day are little, versatile pieces, not big flashy things.  I've worn the same pair of earrings basically everyday for the last 18 months.  When you buy a piece that's wearable and easy to style around, so you can wear it a lot, the cost per wear goes down to virtually nothing.  The cost per wear of my earrings is like 15 cents.  That's awesome.  So here are some pieces that you can literally wear day after day that will go with everything.

Shashi One Row Original Bracelet, $62 at, Shashi Petit Indian Danna Earrings, $40 at I wear the same Tiffany's bracelet all day, everyday.  It's one of the really cheesy, Return to Tiffany's bracelets that I got in like 10th grade.  I love it, but another (slightly more, ahem, on-trend) and affordable option is this Shashi bracelet.  The woven black cord has a nice, rustic feeling, the rose-gold beads add some understated glamour, and the crystals give it just the right amount of flash.  It gives a casual, spontaneous feel to a cocktail dress and a bit of polish to jeans and a tee.  You could actually not take it off.  These earrings are SUPER tiny in real life.  They're basically posts with the smallest little dangling charms.  I love that idea, because you get the lightness and delicateness of a post, but the fun movement of a dangling earring.  Even though the pearl is glass, the gold is real, so they have a really luxe feel to them.

Viv & Ingrid 14K Gold Posts with Ruby--July, $190 at, Juliet & Company Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings, $20 at My birthstone is ruby!  That's why I picked these.  Viv & Ingrid makes birthstone post earrings for every month.  They make adorable birthday presents, and they have the real stones, but they are discrete enough to be worn every day.  I love jewelry with little personal connections like that.  Last but not least, if you're a pearl girl, these fake, oversized pearl studs are fab.  The pinkish hue is really flattering, and the fact that they're kind of giant (for pearls at least) make them a little ironic.  I can't bring myself to wear pearls without some sort of irony, and this is a really affordable and cute way to do that.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Top 3 Summer Nail Polishes

Ha.  So today my MacBook screen cracked for legitimately no reason.  I touched the screen to adjust it and get rid of glare and now there are like 1000 cracks and tiny pieces of glass are falling out.  NOT COOL, APPLE. NOT COOL.  Of course my parents won't believe that story, and I don't blame them because I wouldn't either, and now I need a new MacBook.  I've been in happier moods.  Let's look at some pretty nail polish.  That should make it better.

I've found that I really change my nail polish preferences based on the season.  I occasionally like to do a vampy color in the summer, but it's mostly bright, punchy oranges/corals/pinks/purples/reds/etc, all cremes, no shimmers (shimmery pink is just too much for me).  I actually have a good 15-20 candidates in that category, but here are my top 3 for the moment.

Essie Vermillionaire, Orly Terracotta, Zoya Areej: We've got the whole range of colors here, orange, coral-red, and pink.  Vermillionaire is a straight-up orange creme.  Not a neon, traffic cone orange, but a more reddish-orange that reminds me of the outside of Creamsicles, which just screams summer.  I'm really not an orange person, I don't even own a piece of orange clothing, but this nail polish with a tan is so great.  This polish makes you look tanner no matter what, but with a tan it screams Mediterranean goddess.  It applies like butter and is opaque in 2 coats with a glossy finish and good wear time (about 5 days for me).  Orly Terracotta is my new go-to polish.  It's a semi-matte, neon, medium coral-pink-red.  That sounds like a lot of colors.  But it totally works.  It's bright enough to be fun and punchy and sassy, but the tone is a very typical coral with pinky-red undertones, so it works in a lot of different situations.  Being matte does make it a little annoying to apply, but if you wait long enough between coats it doesn't get streaky.  With a shiny topcoat it loses the matte effect and looks like any other glossy polish.  What I love about this color is that I can wear it to work, because it's really a coral, but the brightness gives it a little edge.  The wear time is decent, about 4 days (mattes always chip faster for me).  Zoya's Areej is my overall favorite.  I'm wearing it on my fingers AND toes right now (and that never happens).  I get compliments on it every time I wear it.  Areej is a light-to-medium pinky-purple.  It really reminds me of Barbie for some reason, it's extremely girly but still professional, and it's totally appropriate for work but it's still a fun color.  I can get away with one coat this, but two is probably better.  It dries glossy and wears well.

Not pictured is my other favorite, OPI Cajun Shrimp, which I mention so much that I figured it was kind of implied.  It's a poppy red--a red with orange undertones--and it's great.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shopbop Cravings


I need my naptime, y'all.  So here's a super short post because, honestly, I'm going to sleep.  I don't do mornings well.

Kenneth Jay Lane Coral and Jade Earrings, $44 at, Elie Tahari Catalynn Dress, $398 at, Diane von Furstenberg Tonda Sliced Leather Clutch, $365 at Confession: I don't like jade--or things that look like jade--and I don't really do large earrings.  But there's something about these oversized jade-esque earrings that makes me really want to have them on RIGHT NOW.  The pattern and color are so ornate and vibrant, but the tiny cutouts keep the earrings from being too over the top.  The orange adds an unexpected visual contrast that really makes them pop.  I think these work because the motif of the carved jade is so Old World but statement earrings feel young and fresh.  This LBD is the perfect work-to-cocktails dress.  It's a universally flattering shape, since it's fitted at the waist and has a soft a-line skirt, and black is such a versatile color.  The way I'd wear it for work is with a pair of heels in a soft neutral, maybe a dove grey, a short cardigan in a cobalt-navy blue, and a patent leather dark grey belt.  Then for cocktails, take off the sweater and add a statement cuff and some sparkly earrings.  Voila!  I'm really not a clutch person, but I really like this little guy.  It has a skinny chain shoulder strap, which is really handy.  My pet peeve about clutches is that I always drop them.  This solves that problem.  The sportiness of the perforated leather works really nicely with the organic feel of the twig clasp, too.

Night, y'all.  

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Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY Room Decorating!

Ha.  So I sat down on Friday and Thursday to blog...and I literally fell asleep on my computer.  Like lights out, Mike Tyson just gave me a right hook passed out.  Why?  Because I have an hour and a half (each way, haha) commute in the morning and I have to get up at 6AM so when I get home at 6ish I am like zombie-Megan.  Blah.  So that was totally my bad.  I'm sorry.  I really just wanted to sleep.  For like 100 years.  But on the plus side I did some productive things this weekend, some of which you'll see below.

Bop Basics The Fiance Blazer, $198 at, Nixon Oversized Chrono Watch, $500 at In theory, I was going to buy a blazer for work.  In theory.  In reality I got lazy.  But in theory I want a blazer like this one.  I'm not the kind of person to wear a serious, fitted blazer (at least not till law school y'all), and boyfriend blazers are the cute alternative.  This is a great option because it has contrasting inner lining for a little sass, a high enough button to create a flattering shape, and the perfect mixture of slouchy and tailored.  I'd put it over a girly dress with some gladiator sandals.  I'm not a watch person, but OMGIWANTTHISWATCH.  I love that it's kind of masculine in shape, but the tortoiseshell is super girly and chic.  I love the giant, oversized face and the calendar faces, and IWANTITTTTTT.  It would be adorable with a really feminine outfit, like a little sundress and big sunglasses.

So I am stupid, and I didn't take a picture of my ugly nightstand before I prettified it this weekend.  But I did take a picture of the matching dresser.  Imagine that but shorter and skinnier, and voila (the dresser is getting a makeover this coming weekend).  Now, there was nothing wrong with the side table.  It didn't make snide comments at me or anything like that.  But it did clash with my room theme.  So I got a little DIY on it.  First I sanded it down with a medium-grade sandpaper to rough up the surface, since it's probably not real wood and it was covered in varnish.  Then I took off the previous knobs, and did 1 coat of black glossy spray paint.  I let that dry (it took about 24 hours, if you do it inside like I did, put something on the floor and open ALL THE WINDOWS.  For serious.) and then I put on the new knobs.  The top and bottom knobs were like $3 on sale at Anthropologie, the middle one is from eBay.  Long story short: spray paint and new hardware are great for pieces that you are okay with the general shape of, but hate the look and finish of.  I paid probably $30 for that dresser, $10 for the knobs and $10 for the spray paint and sand paper, so I basically got that for $50.  It looks SO much better, and I actually like it now, so success!

Also my mom sent me this shelving thing from my room at home.  I got it at the Container Store about 6 years ago, and it's still in great condition.  It's about 5 feet tall, with shelves over a foot deep and tall and four shelves (not including stuff you can put on top).  I highly recommend buying this shelving unit.  It's basic enough to go with a lot of different room themes, but it still has enough of a visual twist to not be boring.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Etsy Wants

Oh, Etsy.  How I love thee.  If you're looking for cheap but interesting art to decorate your walls with, Etsy is the best place.  All of these prints are under $25, and they're all so quirky and chic and would add so much character to any room.  Here are some favorites!  And a random mirror.

Chanel No. 5 Print by 8by10, $25 at, Chanel Print by birdAve, $20 at I will buy any and every print with a Chanel perfume bottle on it, but this one is particularly pretty with the grey/white color palette and the little heart instead of the A in Chanel.  I'd do a series of three of these in antiqued silver frames in a dressing room/walk-in closet.  This second print is so chic,  You have the pink and the girly concept of the perfume bottle but then the execution is on the industrial, edgy side.

Coffee Isn't A Drug It's A Vitamin Print by birdAve, $20 at, When Life Gives You Lemons Find Someone Who Has Vodka And Throw A Party Print, $20 at This is my life mantra.  I don't drink coffee for the caffeine, I drink it for all the nutrients.  Obviously.  I love these hilariously sassy prints.  The blocked out everyday objects are a little Warhol, and the witty quotes that it to a whole other level.  I could cover my room in these.  The quote on the lemon print? ADORABLE.  I'd put that one up in the kitchen.

If You Haven't Got Anything Nice To Say About Anybody Come Sit By Me print by birdAve, $20 at, Rococo Inspired Tabletop Mirror, $29.95 at This chair print is my favorite.  I would love it for the cute chair alone, because it's totally my style, and then the lavender makes me love it even more, but the quote printed on it--LOVE.  Fits my personality, it's so quirky and adorable, and I want to buy it and frame it and hang it in my room right now.  How awesome and cheap is this mirror?  It's not actual mirror, it's some sort of laser cut reflective surface but it works like a mirror and it looks amazingly rococo.  I'd put it on a vanity and do my makeup in it in the morning--it adds such a fun splash of glam to the dreaded morning hours.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Orly Terracotta

It was really cold today.  And my feet hurt.  So I had to buy myself pink nail polish.  It makes sense in my head.  I've been having a staring contest with Orly Terracotta for a while now, and today I snapped.

Orly Terracotta Nail Polish, $4 at Terracotta is a pinky-red coral neon.  This stuff is bright.  In comparison with my other neon, Essie's Pink Parka, Terracotta is darker and more saturated.  It's definitely not a Terracotta color though (when I think of Terracotta I think of orangey-brown with a hint of red), but it walks the line between pink and coral nicely and has a nice amount of punch.  It fills a gap in my nail polish collection because I have pinks and I have corals but I didn't have bright pinky-corals.  Hurrah!

As far as application goes, it is a neon--I should know this by now--so it has more of a matte finish.  It's not as matte as Essie's Pink Parka, which is straight up 100% matte, but it only has a slight sheen.  The plus side of that is that it dries pretty quickly, but the downside is that it does drag and can go on streaky.  One coat of top coat and a steady application with fix that problem right up!  I can't comment on wear time yet since I just put it on literally an hour ago, but it looks so good.  It's fun and bright and girly and just a little ridiculous while still being wearable.

The formula is thin but workable, and nicely pigmented.  It's a bit of a jelly, so it's on the sheerer side of pigmented and it has that squishy look on the nail.  It also has no shimmer, glitter, pearl, anything.  I love coral jellys because they feel so light and fresh and tropical--like guava juice!

Awkward Chic Rating A-: Taking a few points off for the matte-ness and difficulty of application, the color is great and I trust Orly's durability.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Currently Craving

I'm ALIVEEE!!!!  And one day soon I shall finish posting pictures of my room.  I swear.  But in the mean time here and some pretty things.

Lisa Stewart Modern Myth Gold & Enamel Bracelet, $75 at, MELINDA MARIA  Marquise Cluster Studs, $98 at I love anything with Greek key on it.  It's so graphic and clean and classic but modern at the same time, so you can wear it a ton of different ways.  I love this turquoise bangle version.  The blue and gold are so fresh and punchy together, and the bangle is just the right size--big enough to be a statement but not so large as to be annoying.  How cute are these earrings?  I love jewelry like this, where there's a pretty, girly jewel in a rough, abstract, geometric setting.  These are a fun alternative to the usual set of studs without being too over the top.

Alice + Olivia Odette Dress, $396 at, Noir Jewelry Pyramid Bangle Set, $132 at Ahhh I want this dress!  I die for simple but dramatic cocktail dresses, and this one would work for a ton of different occasions and body types. The fitted silhouette and emphasized waist create or emphasize an hourglass silhouette, the dark on bottom and patterned on top layout minimizes any lower body issues, and the lace print adds the perfect amount of drama and visual interest.  Plus the ruffle adds to a smaller chest and the deep-v keeps larger chests from looking even bigger.  You could dress it down with a cardigan and flat boots or dress it up with cocktail jewelry and platform heels.  And it has a cutout back!  I'd totally wear it with these stacked stud bangles.  I love layered bracelets.  They look so casual and thrown together, and the mixture of colors and sizes of studs keeps it all interesting.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Lady V Bag, $548 at, Sara Berman Emma Envelope Clutch, $377 at The name of this bag is so appropriate.  It's so lady-like.  The shape is very frame-bag-esque and retro, but the slouchy leather adds a fun, modern twist.  The light beige works with a lot of different color palettes and it's a nice, practical size.  This cheetah clutch totally reminds me of a way more expensive Mulberry clutch that I've been craving, but for like $1000 less.  The utilitarian size works well with the fun leopard, the hardware adds an industrial edge, and who doesn't love leopard?!  Really now.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Room Pics!

I haven't slept in 3 days.  It's kind of a funny story.  The first day was totally my fault, I had to take a placement test for my study abroad program and it took wayyyyy longer than expected.  The second night I got food poisoning and ended up missing my morning flight back to Boston so I took a red eye and didn't sleep last night either.  I think I might be getting delirious.

So I missed blogging yesterday :( and I only have a tiny post today because I'm moving in my new apartment and I have a ridiculous amount of stuff.  Like insane.  Anyways, here's a snapshot of what I'm doing in my new room.  It's square with a little bay window area, and my bed fits into this like wall nook.  I didn't want to spend the cash to get a real headboard, so I got this $30 decal from Etsy.  I love it because it adds a lot of drama and glamour, but it's so cheap and easy to put up.  My color scheme is pink, black and white, and I'm painting the walls a light pink but leaving this little nook off-white.  I got the chandelier decal at Target a year ago and re-used it (totally still sticks!) and the poster is from Etsy.

And I got my chair from eBay!  It was just about $100 with shipping and totally worth it.  It goes with my theme and color scheme and it's so much cuter and more comfy than a computer chair or desk chair.  I got it to sit at my 'desk'.  I say 'desk' because it's really a table I'm going to use to watch movies at and do my makeup at. 

I'm painting my room and spray-painting some of my furniture tomorrow so hopefully I've have more pictures for y'all!

Monday, June 6, 2011


So I'm flying back to Boston tomorrow morning (disturbingly early), and as always instead of just deciding what I'm going to wear and take on the plane I have to blog about it.  Obviously.  So here's what I'd like to wear and take on the plane tomorrow!

7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Jeans, $133 at, Victoria's Secret Cut-Out Shoulder Tee, $34.50 at My eternal plane dilemma is that I want to be cute, but I also want to be comfy (who doesn't?).  I love these jeans.  They're high-waisted and super stretchy, so they're really comfortable and eliminate all incidences of muffin toppage, but they're also a nice, thick denim in a dark wash, so they look very clean and sleek.  So you feel like you're wearing pajamas, but you look like a real person.  Which is always a win.  On top, I love this shoulder cut-out Victoria's Secret tee.  It's a little oversized, but not too baggy, and the deep neckline and shoulder cut-outs balance out the relaxed fit nicely.  I'd do it in black, so it's a little more formal.  The dark jeans and black tee work really well together, and you end up looking polished but you're still comfy.

Frye Taylor Harness Boots, $378 at, Emi-Jay Summer Hair Ties, $10.99 at I'm not one of those people who's okay with looking schlumpy on a plane.  You never know who you're gonna see.  Totally saw Katie Holmes on a plane a few years ago.  Actually she looked pretty blah, but you get my point.  I love doing boots on the plane.  My feet get really cold, but I don't like wearing Uggs or slipper-shoes in public.  Boots are great because they keep your feet warm, but not too warm, and they instantly make you seem more dressed up.  These dark brown boots are absolutely gorgeous, and the cowboy twist adds a fun, Western vibe to the outfit.  The skinny jeans are perfect, because they'll easily tuck into these skinny boots, and the little heel is so adorable.  I have boots like these and that tiny heel is not only really comfy but totally adds some sass to your walk.  Which is always helpful when you have to be at the airport at 6AM.  Which I have to do tomorrow.  So excited.  Sometimes my hair gets kind of silly on the plane, or it gets all in my face and I want to take a nap, which is when hair ties come in handy.  I hate the skinny little elastic ties that leave lines in your hair, though.  That's why these Emi-Jay ties are great.  They come in fun colors, they double as bracelets, and they won't leave lines in your hair!

Vanessa Mooney Buddha Amulet Necklace, $40 at, True Blood Season 3, $29.99 at You don't want to do a ton of jewelry on a flight (just for the sake of getting through security), but I do like to do one thing to add a little pizazz to my outfit.  This Buddha necklace is fab.  It's a good price, the gold works nicely with the black tee, and the big pendant has gorgeous detailing.  It adds a lot of visual interest to the overall outfit with minimal effort (and I love me some minimal effort).  As for on flight entertainment, I just got True Blood Season 3 and I want to spend the whole flight watching the special features.  Mainly the episode commentaries.  So funny.  Virgin America has outlets on the flight to charge your laptop, so you can watch movies the whole time!

Foley + Corinna City Tote, $485 at, Vitalicious VitaTops Muffins in Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip: When you're flying, you need a bag big enough to hold your laptop, all your snacks, books, magazines, toys, etc, etc.  I have the smaller version of this bag, and it is THE BEST.  I've had it for about five years, and it wears so well.  This version is giant, and can literally fit your laptop + your entire life, and the gorgeous black leather adds a richness to any outfit.  Plus it has a lot of handy pockets to store all your goodies, and a handy-dandy shoulder strap.  As for snacks, these VitaTops are my new favorite snacks (don't mock me until you try them!).  They're muffin tops--literally the tops of muffins--and they come in a ton of great flavors, like fudgy peanut butter chip, corn muffin, pumpkin spice, deep chocolate, etc, etc.  But the best part is that they're large and only 100 calories, plus full of fiber so they keep you full for hours.  Take 2 of these on the plane with you and you're good for the whole flight, plus you don't end up binging on the in-flight snacks.

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