Friday, February 13, 2009

NY Fashion Week Day One

It's starting, it's starting! It may be smaller and shorter than ever before (gee, thanks craptastic economy) but it's finally here!!!!! NY Fashion week has officially begun. As far as I/ know, 7 people showed today, with a max of 28 looks (way down from last year), but even though there are fewer looks there's more stuff I want to buy, so it's all good. Here are my 6 fav looks:

Acne, Jenni Kayne, Jenni Kayne. Fall is going to be full of dark colors. Shocking. No, but I'm really liking the layering of different fabrics and textures within a single color palette. It's a very understated but rich look. That ACNE dress (from their first ever runway show, color me impressed) is the perfect party dress. The pushed-up sleeve blazer/coats from Jenni Kayne are adorable and semi-winter practical, and the leather tulip skirt and metallic mini-dress are, well, awesome. The nerdy-chic glasses don't hurt either.

Peter Som, Lyn Devon, Monique Lhuillier. I'm so glad Peter Som showed, even though he has no more financial backers....:( because look how cute that is! He does pattern clashing layering like nobodies business, and makes it look chic. The brown leather bomber jacket is hot. Not so sure about the blue, furry neck ruff, but whatever...The full-skirted, silver dress at Lyn Devon is the perfect mix of demure and fun, and the monochromatic styling with the grey tights and shoes is really fabulous. I'm thinking matching tights and shoes might be in for fall? Oh, and check out that Monique Lhuillier dress (the upper body tights/sleeves thing is not a part of it, it's just an odd styling prop). Sexy column dress with cut-outs and a keyhole back + Angelina Jolie + Oscars = I die.

It's too soon to start calling out trends, but I'm really liking Fall '09 so far! I was expecting depressing and melancholy because of the economy, but instead it seems more understated, but still party-ready.
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