Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MAC Sugarsweet

Most makeup brands release new collections 4-5 times a year. Maybe. MAC, on the other hand, releases like 20 new collections a year. Which is good for the 12 year old in me that likes collecting shiny makeup, and bad for my bank account. But anyways, the next collection coming out, Sugarsweet (which looks exactly like it sounds) is really messing with my head. The tri-color lipglosses and new shadesticks are repeat offenders. (If this post makes other people as unable to focus on anything but layered lipglosses for the next two weeks as much as I've been, I apologize in advance).

LOOK AT THE LIP GLOSS! It's layered! Layered! Like...cake! I'm losing it. Supposedly the different densities of the colors keep them from mixing in the tube, but when you pull the applicator out and put the lip gloss on, all the colors blend for a multi-dimensional shade. GENIUS.

Shadesticks are a cream eyeshadow housed in a pen-like applicator. So basically, cream eyeshadow in a fool-proof applicator in new copper, gold, and pink shades? Um, yes please.

Image Sources:
Four Lipglasses:
Two Lipglasses:
Four Shadesticks:
Two Shadesticks:

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