Advertising Policy

Awkward Chic was founded in January 2009 and started as a school project that evolved into a professional blog. The site contains articles detailing my love of all things relating to fashion, beauty, film, music, art, food, and literature including books and magazines.  The blog's demographic is predominantly women from the ages of 15 – 30, but young and old, male and female alike have shown interest in my articles, including readers from all over the world.

The site averages 5,600 – 7,000 page views per month and approximately 200-250 views per day. This number is growing rapidly, especially with the number of followers on our Facebook and Twitter pages that receive approximately 500-700 views per day each.

Detailed below is a list of forms that the blog Awkward Chic adheres to in terms of advertising on the site. Some aspects of this policy are flexible, but we still appreciate the acknowledgement of these policies by advertisers or potential advertisers. Options for advertising include:

·      Banners
·      Giveaways
·      Reviews (at my discretion)
·      Photoshoots (also at my discretion)
·       I am also open to ideas from individual advertisers who may have a unique idea they would like to present me with!

My current rate is between $50-75/month depending on the size and placement of the ad. If any of these aspects appeal to you, please let me know. I would love to hear back from you. Feel free to e-mail me at for further information.

Thanks for your time,


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