Saturday, February 7, 2009

Navigating Cheap Chic: Forever 21

With all the craziness that is the economy right now, I thought it would be good to give out a few tips about what to look for (and steer clear of) when it comes to cheap chic stores, like Forever 21. There are certain fabrics that you should always stay away from: mainly anything polyester or uber synthetic. It is pretty impossible to find anything that is actually decently made, but you can do little things to improve them. When I buy stuff from Forever 21, I usually add different buttons or change trim or something. That way, your clothes end up looking a little more expensive, and nicer, and it's more of your own personal style. Bitchin.

Outfit #1: This cute satin dress begins to look a lot chicer when you add accessories. Delilah Satin Dress retails for $22.80. Add a substantial necklace that can stand up to the fabric, and you're almost good to go. Marceline Necklace retails for $9.80. Of course, a clutch is also needed to complete the look. Glitter Clutch retails for $16.80. Leggings are a pretty good idea as well. Open heel and toes tights retail for $6.80. And If you are one of the few brave who thinks they can stand a night in cheap heels, good for you. Richie Platform Pumps retail for $19.80. Cost for total look: $82.80. Less than what you would usually pay for a look like this, huh?

Outfit #2: So here's a nice denim dress that can easily transition from spring to summer. H81 Casual Denim Dress retails for $22.90. Add a cute gray or white light weight cardigan for when it starts to get chilly. H81 Annabelle Knit Cardigan retails for $24.90. Gold (even fake gold) is great for summer because it accentuates any tan you might have developed over the months. Polished Discs Necklace retails for $7.80. Dangling Leaf Earrings retail for $4.80. Top (or bottom) the whole look off with a cute pair of sandals. Faux Leather Stud Sandals retail for $14.80. Cost for total look: $75.20. Summer Cheap Chic at its best, I think yes.

P.S. Forgot to mention: do not even consider looking at stuff that looks like it came from American Apparel. It's no where near as good quality and looks so freakin cheap. Just thought I'd give a friendly warning.

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