Thursday, December 30, 2010

J. Crew Post-Xmas Sale

I'm sorry I was such a fail this week.  I was in San Francisco from Sunday till today, and the hotel I was staying at claimed to have Wi-Fi, so I didn't plan any blog posts ahead of time.  And then I got to the hotel, and no Wi-Fi.  Cry.  Crycry.  But, on the plus side, J. Crew is having a great post-Xmas sale, so I thought I'd blog on that.

Dream Zip-pocket Cardigan, $49.99 down from $78 at, Panne Velvet Bell Skirt, $49.99 down from $78 at I almost bought this sweater a few months ago, and now I'm so glad I didn't because it's on sale.  Yipee!  It's adorable because it seems like a normal little cardigan from a few feet away, but then you realize that it has a sassy little zipper and cute little zipper pockets.  It's a wearable basic, but with an attitude (and it comes in a ton of colors).  This velvet skirt is the perfect thing for holiday cocktail parties.  It's easy to style around, and it feel so luxurious.  I realize holiday cocktail parties are basically over but...consider it an investment for next year?

Glitz Stud Cami, $38 down from $169 at, Dulphine Bling-button Cardigan, $39.99 down from $69.50 at This tank is such a ridiculously good deal.  It's a pretty pale pink silk with gorgeous sparkly embellishments, and it drapes so nicely.  You do wear it so many ways--dark jeans and boots, tucked into a high-waisted skirt with heels, etc, etc.  J. Crew's bling cardigans are so classic.  The cut is so basic and versatile, but the gemstone-esque buttons give it such a luxe, glamorous twist.  Play it up with some crystal jewelry for a really fab look.

Bonfire Cardigan, $78 down from $118 at, Drapey Sequin Tank, $44.99 down from $69.50 at That sweater looks so cozy.  I want to wear it and snuggle up by a fireplace with some big shearling-lined boots and drink hot cocoa.  The marled texture gives the neutral hue a fun twist, and the exaggerated shawl collar adds so much drama to such a comfortable look.  I love this sequin tank.  It looks like a basic white tank, but once the light hits it you realize that it's entirely plastered with white sequins.  That subtle sheen adds so much visual interest to even the simplest of looks, a tank and a pair of jeans.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ode to Denim

I am not happy with Blogger right now.  It's not letting me upload pictures (Grrrrr) and I wanted to show all of you the pretty jeans I got today, but I guess I'll just link to the picture instead.  I really need to move to Wordpress already.  Anyways, I went out today on a mission.  I'm in San Francisco until Thursday, and in the middle of possibly the best few blocks of shopping ever, so it seemed like the perfect time to pick up the new pair of jeans that I've been dying for.  I've been wearing my pair of dark, straight leg J Brand jeans to pieces--literally--and I wanted another pair of slim leg, dark wash, high rise jeans, mainly to wear tucked into boots.

Usually for me jeans shopping is borderline traumatizing.  I have a very hourglassy figure, so it's hard to find jeans that fit my thinner legs and wider hips, so I usually end up with something a little too small in the hips and a little too big in the thigh.  Boo.  It's like finding the pair of jeans that fits the least badly.  But today I literally put on this one pair of jeans and it was perfect.  I actually did a little dance in the Saks fitting room. 

I got these 7 For All Mankind High-waist Gwenevere jeans in Antoinette Darling.  They are amazing.  It's a dark, uniform wash skinny jean in a thick but very, very stretchy denim with a pretty high-rise.  I want to write an ode to these jeans.  Here's the list of reasons why I love them:

1.  The dark wash is really flattering.  It makes your legs look longer and leaner, and feels a lot fancier than a lighter wash.  The 7 For All Mankind squiggle on the back pocket is the same color as the jeans, which I like, because it feels a lot cleaner than that giant A in like pink thread.  The only bit of decoration is some contrast stitching at the waist and pockets.

2.  The high-waist is awesome.  All my body fat goes to my hips, so even if a pair of jeans is too big on me, if it cuts across my hips it gives me automatic muffintop.  Even though I don't naturally have one.  So. Annoying.  But this pair hits above the top of my hips, creating a smooth line down my torso.  I know a high-rise sounds bulky under a top, but it's actually really slimming--like a pair of Spanx.  It ironically makes me look thinner than my lower-rise jeans.  YES.

3.  The fabric.  It feels like a pair of jeggings but it's as thick as a regular pair of jeans.  It's a 10.5 oz denim, which is pretty thick, but it's really high-stretch, which means that it doesn't stretch out and it conforms to your body perfect.  I could run up 20 flights of stairs in these no problem.  They feel like pajamas.  It's AMAZING.

I didn't realize how uncomfortable all my other jeans were until I tried these on.  I literally wore them out of the store.  And no, 7 didn't pay me to write these.  I just really, really like these jeans and really recommend them to anyone who wants a flattering pair of skinny jeans that's actually comfy.  And trust me, they look better in real life than in the pictures

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shoe Porn

This post is perfectly timed with the holidays.  Looking for a last minute present for a very fashion forward friend and have a LOT of cash to burn?  Try these babies.

YSL Tribute Patent-leather Sandals, $795 at Hello, darlings.  Please find your way to my tree this weekend.  Thanks.  They're fabulous because they're the standard YSl Tribute shape, which is versatile but very wearable with just a hint of stripper heel, but then they're done in that amazing purple patent leather.  The high sheen makes them feel very luxe, and the jewel-toned of the purple is so unexpected and fun, but not so bright that you'll never wear them.
Long story short: perfection in a platform.

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My Go-To Holiday Party Outfit

So this isn't my exact go-to ensemble, but it's very similar.  This is what I'd wear to the family Xmas or holiday dinner, where you want to look nice and put together but it isn't as formal as say, a cocktail party.  For me, when I think of holiday colors I think of red and green.  I don't like to wear both at the same time, and red is just more festive to me than green, so I usually go with red, and mix it with some other wintery colors, like white, gold, and silver.  

Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture Embellished Scoop Neck Top, $158 at, American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt in Cranbery, $32 at I love this tee/pencil skirt combo because it's really, really comfortable but it's very flattering and it looks very polished.  The skirt is the perfect shade of deep, cranberry red, and you can fold over the top easily to get it the right length for you (plus it's less than $35!!!).  This dolman top tucked into the skirt will make you waist look teensy in contrast with the wide sleeves, and the draping of the top goes so nicely against the clean lines of the skirt.  Plus that embellished neckline is so festive and party-ready.

Halston Heritage Skinny Sash Belt, $75 at, Jeffrey Campbell Tabitha Lace Platform Pumps, $130 at I'd add this metallic belt to jazz it up even more, and draw the eye straight to your waist.  It's really long, so it wraps around the waist like a sash, which gives it an unexpectedly formal twist.  I. Love. These. Shoes.  They're a little on the strippery side, but the black color palette keeps them from being too racy.  The platform makes them comfy, and the lace paneling is so elegant and offbeat.

And if you really want to be the star of the night, bring a plate of these chocolate crinkle cookies.  I left out the cherries and added some extra chocolate chips and some cayenne pepper instead to make them Mexican chocolate style.  They're delicious, really easy to make, and the perfect combination of gooey and crispy.  Trust me, you'll be very popular.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Xmas Shopping

My go-to last minute holiday gifts are always books.  Partially because I'm a book nerd, and partially because books are an affordable present that you can put a lot of thought into and really get something that will resonate with whoever you're giving it to.  Here are some books that I'm really interested in (and may have asked for for Xmas) that will hit a lot of different bases.

Cleopatra: A Life, $15.74 at, Geek Love, $10.20 at For all your history nerd friends, this new Cleopatra biography is supposed to be amazing.  Ancient Egypt is always fascinating, and the backstory behind this femme fatale empress looks just as fascinating as the myths.  Also the cover is pretty, and yes, that does sell me.  For your friend that loves all things quirky and offbeat, Geek Love is about a troupe of circus freaks who start a religious cult and go around manipulating their followers.  Definitely not the usual fare, but done in a strangely mesmerizing way.

100 Years of Solitude, $9.59 at, A Vintage Affair, $16.33 at For your serious, intellectual friend, this beautifully illustrated novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a classic, but not in the boring, dusty sort of way.  His writing is impeccable, and this is the sort of book that you can proudly display on your bookshelf AND actually have interesting conversations about.  Lastly, for your fashion-forward, beach reading friend, A Vintage Affair centers around a girl running a vintage clothing store.  It combines her life with the lives of the clothes in a really touching way, and again, the cover is adorable.

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Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

I'm home!!!  It only took 12 hours of traveling (American Airlines, I sincerely hate you), but I am home, where the weather is actually worse than in Boston.  Nice.  In the midst of my Xmas shopping for other people today, I managed to pick up a MAC goody for myself: the Studio Finish Concealer.

It looks like this, in a flip-top container that's the same as the MAC eyeshadow pots, but just a little taller.  I would totally take pictures myself, but my camera is hidden somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my duffel bag.  Which I am currently avoiding in my procrastinating of unpacking.  So.  It's $14.50 for a good amount of concealer, which is a nice deal, and it has SPF 35.  The SPF is both a pro and a con--it's great for your skin, but it can flash white in photography, which is definitely not cute.

Now, I still love my MAC Studio Sculpt concealer.  I use it for all my blemishes, and it's fabulous.  But the problem is, it's way too thick and drying to use for my under eye circles, which are not pretty.  What I've been using for my dark circles was this great pink pencil by Anastasia that I got from Sephora for free years ago, but it finally died and it's been discontinued (crycry).  All of my favorite YouTube makeup gurus use this for their dark circles, so I thought I'd try it out.  

I like the packaging.  The flip-top is easy to use, and harder for me to lose than a twist on cap.  I've heard that it will make you break out more if you put it on blemishes, so I haven't even tried that (break out more?  No thanks).  Most people apply it with a blending brush (like a 217), but I don't have a spare one, so I've been using my fingers.  It feels very solid in the pan until you warm it up a bit with your fingers, and it goes on very smoothly and very, very opaque.  I've had no issues with drying or it settling into fine lines (but I have no fine lines, so I can't say if it would or not).  I'm in between a NW15 and NW20, so I went with the lighter shade because I feel like lighter under the eyes is always better than darker.

I hadn't been using anything under my eyes for a long time, and I hadn't realized how tired I'd been looking until I used this.  It makes me look so much brighter and more awake and just plain alive.  It's fantastic.  I don't have terrible under eye circles, so I'm not really putting it to the test, but I definitely have visible darkness and veins from my chronic insomnia, and it makes me look bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  I highly, highly recommend it.

Awkward Chic rating: A+.  The price is right, it's so opaque that I don't have to use a lot of product, it really covers my dark circles, and it wears really well (I'm at 8 hours now and there's no visible fading).  The only cons I have are that it has so much SPF and that the pot container isn't the most hygienic, but I'm willing to forgive those for how well it performs.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Wants

Finals.  Are.  OVERRRRRR.  I can taste the freedom.  I want to dance around and be ridiculous.  But since I'm so tired, I'll probably just end up napping.  Anyways, here's so pretty stuff for everyone who's not done with finals to enjoy.

ALICE by Temperley Metallic Mini Atlas Dress, $350 at, Patterson J. Kincaid Lola Sacred Beetle Print Tank, $78 at, Of Two Minds Brando Jacket, $624 at  How adorable is that Temperley dress?  It's ruched jersey, so it's crazy flattering, and the silhouette itself will give anyone an hourglass silhouette, by hugging the hips, drawing the eyes to the waist, and camouflaging a large chest while making a smaller chest look bigger.  Win-win-win.  The metallic gold/burgundy print is so Dynasty high drama, but against the clean lines of the dress it works.  That tank has tiny beetles on it!  Beetles!  So cute.  I like that it's such a basic shape and color, but the tiny beetle print gives it a twist of quirkiness that makes it unique.  Plus it has a slit up the back, so it's a little on the sexy side.  I want this jacket.  Want.  It's twill on the outside, which is a little more practical than leather, but it's shearling on the inside, which is nice and warm and fuzzy.  Perfect for winter!  And I love the drama of that exposed collar.

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Review: LUSH Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar

I switched it up this weekend.  In a fit of post-finals induced retail therapy, I hit up LUSH and grabbed a new shampoo bar.  I usually go for the New! shampoo bar, which is red and cinnamon scented, but I felt like mixing it up and picked up this Ultimate Shine shampoo bar because I heard it gives great volume.

The ingredients in this include ylang ylang oil, violet leaf, elemi oil, gardenia extract, and glitter.  You read that correctly.  Glitter.  It's a white shampoo bar with scattered flecks of glitter.  That really threw me off at first, but it definitely washes out in the shower, because I haven't noticed any in my hair.  It smells like faintly herbal and floral, but a hint of Eucalyptus--not nearly as strong as New smelt, and it's the size of a hockey puck.

As for what it does for my hair, I've used it four or five times now.  It lathers really well, just as well as a liquid shampoo, and the smell fades even as I'm showering.  It keeps my hair very clean, but doesn't strip it of moisture and make it all dry and gross.  My hair feels great!  It usually gets oily throughout the day with liquid shampoo, but I've found Lush shampoo bars keep it clean all day.  It gives me really nice volume that doesn't quit throughout the day, and makes my hair feel nice and soft.  The only thing it doesn't do is make my hair shinier.  But to make my hair shinier you would probably have to literally pour glitter on it, so I'm not blaming the shampoo.  I think it would add shine if you have dull or damaged hair because of the ylang ylang oil, though.

My one problem with these shampoo bars is storage.  I bought the shampoo bar tin that Lush recommends, but unless you wait til the bar is 100% dry to put it in the tin, it will melt and mold into the tin and be impossible to get out.  And waiting for hours to put the bar in the tin kinda defeats the purpose of the tin in the first place.  My last bar completely melted into the tin.  I've taken to storing it in the paper bag it came in, because it won't stick to that even when wet.

Overall rating: A.  It's $10 at Lush, which seems like a lot for shampoo but it will last you months and months, so it's not a bad deal.  It gives me great volume, doesn't smell offensive, and keeps my hair clean without stripping moisture or color.  My only issue with it is storage.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Water for Elephants

I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS MOVIE.  Well, I'm really a little torn because I absolutely adore the book (EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT--can you tell how excited I am from the excessive use of capital letters?) and whenever you love a book too much the movie is always a letdown.  But I'm remaining optimistic.

Here's the trailer that just came out:

I love the vibe of the movie, all that twisted '30s glamour.  And what I love the most?  The jewelry.  I heart all of that art deco jewelry.  I may have just spent the last half an hour searching for art deco-esque jewelry.  Here are some pretty options.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson Crystal Stud Earrings, $58 at,  DANNIJO Alanza Earrings, $128 at Okay, so these first earrings aren't really all that art deco-y but they are really cool.  I love the contrast between the pretty nature of the crystal and the very distressed backing--it feels so primal.  This second pair is much more classic art deco.  The chains of crystals would be so gorgeous draping across your neck, and the way that they catch the light is so beautiful.

Kenneth Jay Lane Deco Ring, $209 at, Alexis Bittar Neo-Deco Ring, $275 at Both of these rings are similar prices and have deco in the name, but I like how they both manage to have such different vibes.  The one on the left is very formal and cocktail-y (doesn't the shape remind you of the Chrysler building?) whereas the one on the right is much more punk and edgy with the textured metal and the giant, milky stones.  It's so hard to choose.  Of course, you could always rock one on each hand a la Olsen twins.

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What I'd Like to Be Wearing Right Now

This week.  Finals.  Gah.  Bleh.  Grrrr.  And all variety of upset childish noises.  My brain feels like it's self-imploding AND it's not even over yet.  I feel gross.  So, this is what I'd like to be wearing right now:

This Rachel Gilbert Danae Embellished Silk-Chiffon Gown, $1,360 at It's pretty.  It's really, REALLY sparkly, and it's floaty, and a pretty shade of off-white and so Glinda the Good Witch in a great, modern way.  No matter how annoying and gross you feel, you put on a dress like this and you feel like a princess.  I die.

Juicy Couture Faux Fur-trimmed Wool-blend Cardigan, $330 at Of course, realistically with my cold and the fact that I've holed up on the couch in a ploy to block out the brutal Spanish Lit final I had earlier, I'd really like to be wearing this warm, cuddly sweater.  It has a removable faux-fur trimmed collar and a bathrobe-like waist tie, and is basically a lot of steps up from wrapping yourself in a blanket and calling it a day.  Which may or may not be what I'm doing.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Burberry

Dear Burberry,

Please stop making ridiculously gorgeous coats.  Especially ridiculously gorgeous coats in a beautiful dove grey and a soft, plush wool with elegant ruffles at the hem.  Like this Burberry trench from Net-A-Porter than is half of what I earned all last summer.

Please stop making trenches that say "I am both edgy and feminine, chic and practical, ridiculously expensive but also insanely versatile."  Because you will drain my bank account faster than you can say "French girl chic" if you continue.

Awkward Chic.

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How To: Dress for Rush

Sorority rush is a tricky thing.  Sisters work so, so hard to make it seem natural and spontaneous when you're in a house, but the truth is that there are months and months (literally) of planning that go into that week of events.  Speaking as a sister going through it right now, it's much more intense than it looks.  As a rushee, when you only get 10 or 15 minutes to make a good impression on someone you have to realize that how you've presented yourself, with your clothes/hair/makeup, will factor into that a lot.  Because honestly, how much about someone can you leave from 10 minutes of conversation?  I can learn more about you from looking at your outfit for 30 seconds.

Now, my school has a fairly informal rush, but we do ask you to dress a certain way and in different sorts of outfits on different days.  The guidelines that potential sisters get are much more vague than the guidelines we get as initiated sisters, but your best bet is to dress how we dress.  What we're told to do is dress like we're going out to a nice dinner with friends and family--fashion forward but not too trendy, not frumpy but not overexposed, and dressing it up a little with rich hues, luxe textures, and classy jewelry.  The one thing you have to keep in mind is that for most schools, like mine, rush is in winter.  It's COLD.  So a cute little sundress won't cut it when you're standing outside in the snow.  You want to balance the cute and the practical.  Here's what I'd recommend as a formula for a less formal rush:

Juliet & Company Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings, $20 at, Joie Bittersweet B Top, $168 at As far as jewelry goes, you don't want to do anything crazy here that will distract people from you and what you're trying to convey about yourself.  I'd recommend going for a simple pair of posts and maybe a small pendant necklace.  I like these earrings because pearl studs are so stereotypical sorority, but this pair is fun because they're such a flattering shade of pink and slightly oversized and glam.  Now, on to tops.  I'd really skip the skirts and try jeans and a top.  You can go two routes here: do a more statementy top and then just your coat on top, or do a more basic top with a cute little cardigan.  For a bolder top, I love this Joie blouse.  The red is so classically chic, the ruffles add a sweetly girly twist, and the cut is extremely flattering for almost all body types.

J. Crew Dulphine Bling-Button Cardigan, $39.99 down from $69.50 at, J. Crew Vintage Cotton Sunburst Tank, $58 at Or if you want to go the more neutral top route, I love this tank/cardigan pairing.  I wouldn't do a tank without something on top because it's a dangerous slippy slope into exposed bra straps and equally un-classy things.  This top is basic and white, but the sunburst detailing keeps it chic and interesting.  The deep green cardigan warms it up with a flattering jewel tone, and the bling buttons just scream cute.  A fitted cardigan like this is great for layering over a flowier tank to give it some straight.

 J. Brand High Rise Skinny Jeans, $216 at, Frye Melissa Button Boots, $318 at Jeans can be hard.  I'd really go for a high-waisted pair here because they'll suck in any problem areas, and won't run you the risk of any accidental exposure like low-rise jeans.  I like a dark wash and a slim cut because it's really flattering, and the slim cut makes it easier to tuck into boots.  Boots are a great option because they're practical for the weather and they immediately make you look a little more dressed up with minimal effort. 

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today's Cravings

I want so many things from Shopbop right now, but these two are really catching my eye.

Dolce Vita Hawk Lace Up Clog Booties with Shearling Cuff, $265 at I'm really craving these sort of bootie/clog/mountain shoe combinations right now, especially ones with shearling lining that lace up the front.  Like this pair!  The high, thin heel keeps it all girly and sexy, the laces add a rugged twist, the shearling keeps it mildly practical, and the overall package would look fab with jeans and a jacket or a wintry dress and a sweater.

Twenty8Twelve Beaux Dress, $365 at I love, love, love the jaunty silhouette of this dress. The skirt is so a-line and so full, it would make anyone into an hourglass bombshell.  The square neckline draws the eye straight to your collarbone, and the deep back with zipper detail takes it from proper to slightly dangerous.  This is a great holiday season dress because you can style it a ton of different ways for different parties: do a jewel-toned heel and a sparkly belt for a girlier look, big statement earrings and some big metallic platforms for an edgier look, etc.

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Things I Want to Buy People for Xmas

And by things that I want to buy for other people, I really mean things that I want to buy for myself.

Victoria's Secret Tank & Yoga Set, $49.50 at This is such a great 'lounging around in my room pretending to study for finals' outfit that one, is adorable, two, wouldn't shame you if you had to walk down to do laundry or grab a snack, and three, works equally well as separates.  It comes a bunch of different colors, and I can say from personal experience that their yoga pants are fab AND actually great for doing yoga in.

LUSH Christmas Tweets gift set, $27.95 at Lush has fab holiday gift sets.  They're all holiday themed and come pre-wrapped in these adorable boxes.  This one has Snowcake soap, Vanilla Fountain bath bomb, Smitten hand creme, and Lil Pud bath bomb.  It's great for anyone who loves taking baths, and that soap will last forever.

LUSH Christmas Candy Box, $39.95 at This gift set has Snow Fairy shower gel, Candy Cane bubble bar, Rockstar soap, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Bubblegum lip scrub and Snow Fairy lip tint.  This would be great for any girly girl, with all the pink and super-sweet scents (the honey soap literally smells like candy), and I love how well the products coordinate.  Also, I'm dying to try a bubble bar--they're like concentrated bubble bath.  Someone buy me this?  Please?

Essie 2010 Winter Collection 6 Pc Cube, $25.95 at This is a great deal.  Essie's usually run about $8, and here you get 6 full-sized bottles.  So you're basically saving $20 and getting some fab colors.  This includes Smoking Hot, a mauvey grey, Masquerade Belle, a vampy red jelly, Silken Cord, a fiery orange red, Going Incognito, a forest green, Hot Coco, which is exactly what it sounds like, and Luxedo, a very dark vampy purple. 

Too Faced Pixie Perfect, $42 at I love holiday sets.  This is such a steal.  You get the adorable bag (so great for traveling), an eyeshadow quad with Velvet Revolver, Enchanted Forest, Totally Toasted, and Peach Fuzz, a Papa Don't Peach blush and Sun Bunny bronzer, Shadow Insurance primer, Glamour Gloss in Plush, and Lash Injection mascara.  That's $110 of product for less than half of that price.  Such a win.

Philosophy Share the Joy Set, $36 at Speaking of great holiday sets, this has matching shower gels and lip glosses in Candy Cane, Cinnamon Buns, Bubbly (champagne), and Peppermint Bark.  I love this because you get to try a lot of the Philosophy scents for not a lot of money, and heck, even 4 lipglosses for $36 is a good deal.  Through in the shower gels and you're making out like a bandit.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Pantene Fine Hair Triple Action Volume Mousse

My local CVS has been failing me.  They never have any of my usual hair products in stock.  Sob.  So instead of picking up my usual Dove Volumizing Mousse, which I love to death because it leaves my hair nice and soft and bouncy with zero buildup or crunchiness, I grabbed this Pantene Fine Hair Triple Action Volume Mousse (such a mouthful).  You get 6.6 0z of product for about $3.50 vs. the $6 for my Dove mousse where you get 7 oz.  So it's a better deal per ounce. 

The bottle is very tall and skinny, probably about 9-10 inches tall and inch and a half wide.  I like the packaging--it's very sleek and polished, and I like that they have consistent packaging for all the products in their hair solutions line, all yellow for fine hair, green/blue for thick hair, etc.  Now, if you know me you're wondering why I got mousse for thin hair when I have enough for for about four different people on my head.  Well.  I figured that the volumizing mousse for thin hair would be more intense than the volumizing mousse for thick hair because thin hair is flatter (I feel like that logic is deeply flawed somehow, but whatever). 

Here's what Pantene says about the mousse: 

-Volume Particle Technology creates distance between hair fibers to help add volume.  
-Gentle enough for color treated or permed hair.  
-The result is all over volume that lasts all day.
-Volumizing mousse contains maximum level hold to protect hair from humidity for style that lasts.

It has 'maximum hold' at Level 4 (whatever that means).  As for the mousse itself, here goes.  It smells amazing, that mixture of florals and slight fruitiness that expensive conditioners have.  I don't think the smell lingers on my hair for all that long, but it's hard for me to smell my scalp.  The texture isn't as wonderful.  There are the mousses that have a great, thick, marshmellowy texture that don't collapse like a souffle, and there are the mousses that look nice and thick but collapse like whipped egg whites when you touch them.  This one collapses.  Which means that I have to use more product to feel like I'm putting anything in my hair at all, which means that the cheapness of the price doesn't end up being so cheap.  

However, once I put it in my hair and brush it out, it all gets better.  It is one of those mousses that you have to brush out--I brush it out a lot, and sometimes when my hair dries it's still a bit crunchy.  If you brush it out once it's dried, however, it stays nice and soft.  This mousse leaves my hair soft and shiny--not as soft as my Dove mousse, but still pretty soft with minimal buildup.  The best part about this mousse is the volume.  It gives me great volume.  Even more volume than my Dove mousse, and I've even been getting comments on it.  The volume lasts all day, even in weird Boston weather.

Awkward Chic rating: A.  I have to use more product because of the texture and it does dry a little crunchy, but the volume it gives me is fab, so it cancels out.  All in all it's a pretty good deal for the money, even if you don't have fine hair.

    Review: Revlon All Fired Up

    Disclaimer: I am not a red nail polish person.  I can't remember the last time that I wore red nail polish on my fingers (it occasionally appears on my toes).  I tend to associate red with hyper-girly retro older ladyness for some reason.  I waver between vampy purples, blackened reds, and corals about 99% of the time.  But I was gifted Revlon's All Fired Up polish this weekend by a lovely secret Santa, and I was about due for a manicure, and for some reason this polish got me.  I was just staring at it, having an intense 5 minute debate with myself about red polish (yes, this is how I spend my time during finals) and then I realized--I do the retro-lady cat eye thing every single day.  Red polish kind of goes with that, no?  So I did it.

    All Fired Up is about $3 at the drugstore.  It's a lovely tomato red--slight orange undertones, but mostly neutral.  It's just a very basic, classic diva sort of red.  I love that it has warm undertones.  Almost all of the reds I see have blue undertones, which just make them feel very updated to me for some reason.  This is nice and warm and flattering.

    Please excuse my crappy manicure skills.  This photo is very true to life about the color.

    I just realized that I totally cut if off in this picture, but Revlon's reissuing some of its older shades in bottles with 'Revlon' in cute retro script (you can kind of see it here).  I can't believe I forgot about how good Revlon polish is.  It's probably my favorite drugstore polish--even better than Sally Hansen.  It's ridiculously cheap, all the colors I've tried go on opaque in one or two coats, and the wear time is great.  I did two coats of All Fired Up, but I could have gotten away with one.  The brush is normal, a little on the small side but easy to work with, and I had no issues with the formula.

    Awkward Chic rating: A.  I'm really surprisingly happy with this.  The formula and packaging are great, the color is great, and it's really cheering me up in the middle of this Boston monsoon.

    Thursday, December 9, 2010

    Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

    Oh, Karl.  You know that I love everything you do, and then you have to go and do a Byzantine Empire inspired pre-fall collection.  I am such a little history nerd.  I'm dying here.  It's all so opulent and over the top in the detailing, but done in a very wearable way (if you have $50,000 to play with).

    This first look is so working girl chic!  The fitted black silhouette makes it versatile and easy to wear, but the gold accents to it to a whole new level of luxurious.  It's almost Romanov-chic.  The same goes for this second look, with it's '60s inspired silhouette.  The lines are very simple, but the materials used (leather skirt!  I die), the gold accents, and the glam bib necklace give it a modern, rock and roll princess sort of feel.

    I bet Diane Kruger will wear this purple dress on the red carpet.  I'm almost positive of it.  The pattern on the bodice reminds me of a Klimpt painting, but the light pleating is so Jane Austen.  And I love me that embellished flat sandal.  This last dress is like the best Cleopatra Halloween costume EVER, except actually really chic and wearable.  The hair totally puts it over the top.  I need these gold, tiara-like headbands.  Need.  They make any updo look awesome and unique.

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