Monday, November 19, 2012

Outfit of the Day

So it's cold in Boston--per usual--and as always, I am in denial.  Perpetual denial.  This is what I wore today.  It is currently 46 degrees outside.  Denial!

Sweater: J Crew (about three years ago), shirt: Stradivarius in Spain, skirt: J Crew factory Accordion Pleat Mini in Dahlia, tights: Hue, boots: Frye Carmen Harness Short.  Apologies for the horrible lighting, we have the sad energy-saving bulbs that don't really make light.

The skirt was originally $70, and I got it for $30 on sale.  Yay!  I love the cheerful fuchsia color of the skirt.  I'm usually a 4 in J Crew factory skirts, but I went up a size because I wanted the silhouette of the skirt to be more of an a-line.  The waist is elastic, making it super comfy, and easy to wear both higher and lower on the waist.  The skirt has two deep pockets, and it's a wool/poly blend.  It has the warmth of wool but isn't too thick or itchy.  Overall I really love it--it's sold out, but J Crew factory currently has 30% off everything and free shipping!

I paired it with a white, 3/4 sleeve shirt I got in Spain.  Since the skirt is such a statement color, I wanted to keep the top neutral.  The sweater is a marled black and white knit with a shawl collar that's really cozy and warm.  I like that it tones down the girliness of the skirt a bit.  The short boots add a little of a rustic, casual twist.

Speaking of shoes, I am constantly struggling to find shoes that I like that aren't sandals or boots.  Literally all of my shoes are sandals or boots.  No flats, no sneakers (aside from gym shoes).  I used to have a pair of Topsiders, but they aren't really me, and I'm definitely not a ballet flat or a Converse person.  I stumbled across this pair of suede tuxedo loafers from DV, and I think I need them.  They're on sale for $62.99 from Zappos right now.  They also come in black, which I'd probably buy, but how cute is the pink?!  I want them.  I like that they're a little retro, a little men's smoking jacket-esque, and very practical.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick

So in my last post I mentioned that I've been dealing with the LSAT and applying to law school and hopefully I'd be done with all of that soon--jokes!  Long/boring story short, I have a stomach condition, it likes to act up randomly to terrorize me, and it was horrible on the day of the LSAT.  As in, I couldn't eat anything and almost threw up on the way to the test horrible.  But I took it anyways, because I had studied literally SO MUCH and I'm crazy stubborn, and basically that was a mistake and I'm taking it again on December 1! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy (all of the sarcasm in the world).

 I thought I'd try to get back to blogging regardless, because I kind of miss it (and because I just finished midterms and now I have nothing to be neurotic about in my free time).  I have so much stuff to review!  Here's one of my new favorite things, Clinique's Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

 The casing is very long and skinny--it almost looks like it's going to be a lip gloss.  It's a simple brushed steel on the bottom and shiny steel on the top.  Not ugly, but very plain.  The lipstick twists up, and you can see immediately that it looks insanely dark.  One of my housemates thought I was putting on black lipstick--side note, my nail polish is not black!  It's a super vibrant and dark purple from Zoya that's called Pinta, and it's just lovely, and my pictures aren't doing it justice.

Back to the lipstick!  It doesn't really have a smell, aside from the faintest hint of that typical 'lipstick smell.'  It's extremely sheer, as you can see in that swatch.  I swatched heavily, probably about 8 times, and that's how sheer it is.  Which is actually a good thing, because it gives your lips the prettiest berry flush without looking like you just drank a gallon of grape juice.  It looks really natural on, with just the smallest hint of vampiness.  The formula feels lovely on your lips, almost like a lip balm, and it has a nice amount of shine.  It terms of lasting power, it's called Almost Lipstick for a reason--the lasting power isn't amazing.  This is basically a lip balm and lipstick hybrid, so I'd say it lasts about two hours on me before I feel the need to reapply.  However, it wears off evenly, leaving behind no stain, and doesn't leave my lips feeling chapped.

So, Clinique's Black Honey--does it live up to the hype?  I say yes!  I bought it because I was feeling super '90s nostalgic, and I've worn it almost every day since, and lipstick SCARES ME.  I'm not an easy sell in that realm.  Plus, it's only $15 at, so if you want to dip your toe in the pool of vampy lipsticks, it's a good way to ease into the look without spending a ton of money.  Awkward Chic rating: A.

PS: If you like Pride and Prejudice (aka if you're breathing), you should watch this modern adaptation web series.  It has murdered my productivity.


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