Friday, February 20, 2009

Elizabeth & James

I'm usually against celebrity fashion lines. Models turned singers turned actresses usually end up slapping their names on ugly clothes that they didn't actually design and then making a huge deal out of it. No, thank you. Given the vast number of failed celebrity designers (Heidi Montag, Amanda Bynes, Heidi Klum for Birkenstock, to name a few), I have to give the Olsen twins props for not only being decent actors, but being pretty darn good designers who seem to actually work on their own lines. I prefer Elizabeth & James to The Row ($700 for a t-shirt is a little much, even if it's a really cute t-shirt), but both lines seem to encapsulate that slightly kooky, tom-boyish chic that the Olsens do so well. Here are a couple of items from Elizabeth & James that I'm craving right now.

Long Convertible Dress, $295 at, Draped Skirt in Smoky Lilac, $265 at, Black Lorelei Tank, $245 at That grey jersey dress is the embodiment is relaxed chic. Add some big sunglasses, some gladiators, and you can go pretty much anywhere--and be comfy. Score. With all the elaborate draping and ruching, this lilac skirt is the perfect way to jazz up a boring old t-shirt or sweater. It's an easy way to make a big statement. And I love that breezy black tank. The draping at the cinched waist, and the deep v-neck balance each other out perfectly, and the tiny buttons are the perfect finishing touch.

Lillian Blouse in Slipper Pink, $295 at, Field Jacket, $495 at, Boudoir Dress, $495 at, Relaxed James Blazer in Mushroom, $395 at That nude top is the definition of ballerina chic. Pair it with jeans or a simple skirt, and a cozy cardigan to look effortlessly fantastic. I'm nuts about that army green trench coat. The proportions are perfect, and it's got just a hint of military without being too literal. Love! And that is the perfect, sexy little LBD--it's a total revenge on your ex-boyfriend dress. The full skirt keeps the bustier top from looking too skanky, and the simple lines mean that you'll get a lot of mileage of it. Last but not last, there's this adorable blazer (one of Elizabeth & James' staple pieces). The combination of the slouchy fit with the cropped sleeves it genius, and keeps the blazer from looking too schlumpy, and the khaki-green shade gives it bit of a safari-vibe, which is always a good thing.

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