Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Go Scarf Shopping

I think it's pretty obvious that I love scarves. As in I wear a scarf everyday. For serious. Now, I ended up with that Violet Lovequotes scarf I posted about a while ago (and I love it! LOVE!) but a girl can always use more scarves, right? Most of the scarves I'm posting are pretty expensive, but there's a reason, I promise. If selected carefully and worn right, a scarf can both be the finishing touch on an outfit and keep you warm from summer to winter. Think of it as a good pair of ballet flats. How much would you spend on those? And even more people would notice the scarf, since it's by your face, than that pair of ballet flats. Which justifies spending even more money on the scarf. You see where I'm going with this.

Starting off with this American Apparel Circle Scarf, $28 at, TDM Design Grande Cashmere Scarf, $175 at The American Apparel scarf is a serious bargain--I've seen it, and it's gigantic, big enough to be worn as a dress! It comes in a rainbow of colors, and I love the circle shape. It makes it easy to get that cozy, wrapped around your neck look, and it'll never somehow slide off your neck and onto your legs and then trip you and make you fall on your but. No comment. This TDM scarf is the perfect winter scarf, thick and fuzzy, and I like the woven pattern. The solid color keeps it versatile, but the texture makes it interesting.

Tolani Weeds Scarf, $85 at, Tolani White Cheetah Scarf, $99 at Tolani is a pretty famous scarf brand that's really popular with the paparazzi stalked celebs. The pattern on Vanessa's scarf reminds me of that classic Missoni flame pattern (but for much, much cheaper), and the black and white tones mean it'll go with tons of different colors. I love Sienna Miller's scarf with the big cheetah print. It's an easy way to add a touch of fun and a luxurious vibe to even the simplest outfit (like leggings and a tank top).

Virginia Johnson Shell Scarf, $195 at, YARNZ Floral Leopard Scarf, $165 at The pattern on this Virginia Johnson scarf is so light and pretty, but subtle at the same time. Plus the scarf is huge, so it can double as a shawl or maybe even a sarong--it pays for itself. Kind of. And the flower/leopard YARNZ scarf is 70% cashmere (always a plus). The twist on the classic animal print is really cute, and the grey/black color palette makes the leopard print even more wearable.

Sir Alistair Rai Raj Karma Scarf, $122 at, Sir Alistair Rai Ahuja Mobius Scarf, $168 at This brand's another celeb favorite. All of their scarves have an Indian/Hinduism theme, a nd the prints/embroidery kind of make them look like you picked them up on your last trip to Goa. The blue scarf is super long/fat, so it's really the only accessory you need to make an outfit, and the purple scarf is a circle shape, so it's really easy to wrap (and has the cutest print!).

Sunshine and Shadow Burgundy/Pink Silk Scarf, $145 at,Lovquotes Scarf in Cobalt, $88 at Sunshine and Shadow makes the prettiest silk scarves, which are probably best for summer unless you live in SoCal. I like how this has a bit of a retro vibe to it with the pink and burgundy tie-dye. And, of course I had to put in a Lovequotes scarf because I'm in love with mine. It's the perfect size and weight, and the linen is so soft! These aren't for the clumsy/low maintenance types, though. Since the linen is a very open, loose weave, it snags and tears very easily. I have to keep mine in a plastic bag in my purse when I'm not wearing it so it doesn't get ripped to shreds. Despite that, these are totally worth it. I have dreams about having an M&Ms worthy rainbow of them in my closet. Yes, I know I have problems. And LC has very good taste in scarves. Much better than her taste in men.

If spending $100-$200 on a scarf isn't exactly your thing, I seriously recommend that you try eBay, especially for Lovequotes, Tolani, and Sir Alistair Rai (they're the most likely to show up). You can usually find them half to twenty five percent off, and eBay sellers are generally very accomodating and reliable. Just make sure you check their feedback ratings and return policies first. Good luck scarf hunting!

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