Sunday, February 15, 2009

NY Roundups #3

Alright, it's round three of Megan's NY Fashion Week roundup, and I think I'm starting to get carpal tunnel in my right hand. So...much...clicking. But we all suffer for fashion, right? There was some pretty cute stuff today/yesterday (darn those timezones) from designers that I was not expecting such awesomeness from, and there were at least ten more documented instances of matching tights and shoes. Start color coordinating now.

Alexander Wang, Elise Overland, and Elise Overland. Alexander Wang, love of my life, evidently had a sign up backstage that said "Tequila shots for for whoever doesn't fall xoxo alex". Have I mentioned how much I love him? And his clothes? And his super-awesome muse Erin Wasson? Well, he showed a lot of black on black, so it was really hard to actually see the clothes, but what stood out were these strappy, bandage LBDs. He had at least four of them, and they've cropped up on a few other designer's runways, so I think it's safe to say that if you've got any assymetrically detailed LBDs, keep them. The off center detailing continued at Elise Overland, who did a lot of work with leather (like this mini dress and blazer), but made it chic instead of S&M. Seriously, how adorable is that studded dress? I can't even deal with it. And the slouchy blazer/tee combination shows up again. If you didn't cave on a boyfriend blazer for spring, you should definitely start stocking up for winter, because this trend isn't going anywhere.

ADAM, Ruffian, Vena Cava. Check out the collar detailing on that ADAM coat. Sick. I love the double buttons. It's a mix of pea-coat and old-school men's blazer, but here it looks so feminine and wearable. Plus, I see matching tights and socks. Over at Ruffian, the models were in full body stockings (just no) but the clothes were surprisingly sophisticated and chic. The combination of off the shoulder cardigan with what looks like a floral/toile printed mini is such an adorably cheeky take on 'proper'--and those Louboutins don't hurt either. Finally, I love this streamlined look at Vena Cava. It's really simple, just a tight black (polo?) dress, motorcycle jacket, and leggings, but the variations in pattern and texture give it visual interest. Plus, that jacket is perfectly proportioned, and the tie-dye/scraffiti print on the leggings is one, fun, and two, the second instance of this I've seen in the last three days. Cloud/tie-dye print leggings for fall? Maybe...

As for makeup, there hasn't really been anything even noticeable. Makeup has been super simple, hair has been really easy...maybe it's just New York, but it seems like we're getting a little more low-maintenance. It's about time.

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