Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Handbags Under $650

I love purses. Purses are expensive. This makes me sad. So, I spend lots of time bag shopping online looking for purses whose price tags won't make my eyes bleed. And since I had all these links piled up, I thought I'd share them with you. And I'm bored, so, it's a win win here. I chose to look for bags under $650 because I was going to do $700 but they all ended up at $650 or under, and because finding a significant number of cute, well-made bags for under $500 that aren't from Coach or Juicy is next to impossible. I really do think it's worth it to spend this much on a bag, because if you get a classic shape and material, it'll last you at least a couple of years. Let's say a bag lasts five years, and cost $700. That's $140 a year. Wouldn't you spend that much on crappy Forever 21 bags and cheap totes anyways? One of these would not only last longer, but just look better. Anyways, here are six of the bags I found.

First off, yes, they're pretty much all black leather, and they're all by Marc by Marc, Foley and Corinna, or Rebecca Minkoff. Why? Because if you want versatility and to get a lot of wear out of one bag, you buy a black bag. If you have money to spare and can afford more than one bag, by all means, hit up the patent leathers and the greys and the blues and all that. But if you can only get one bag, get a black one. I like leather because it wears well, it's sturdy, and if it's black, it won't show many stains. As for the brands, I've had good experiences with all three, and I know a lot of other people that have too. They're really reliable, but not so popular that every other person you see on the street will have one of these bags.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Classic Grovee Bag, $498 at shopbop.com. One of my friends bought this last year and she still loves it. It's a good medium sized bag, for those of us that don't carry around ten pounds of stuff with them all the time (guilty). The Dr. bag shape is so classic, this won't be going out of style anytime soon, and it fits perfectly under your arm. So cute!

Marc by Marc Jacobs City Leather Tote, $430 at
net-a-porter.com. This is more my style. It's just big, roomy, and basic. I have one a lot like this. It works for most occasions, it goes with most outfits, it's just a do-everything bag. And it's big enough for magazines. :)

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Tote in Noir and Black Croc, $595 at revolveclothing.com. I love the name of this bag, and that's what it's big enough for. It's a medium sized bag, but the croc trim is just so cute and chic! The rectangle shape fits under perfectly under the arm, too.

Foley and Corinna Classic City Tote in Soft Onyx, $485 at revolveclothing.com. I have this in a different color, and I can't rave about it enough. It's big, but super-chic, and the leather on these wears really well.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah Shoulder Bag, $450 at net-a-porter.com. For the people who like their bags a little on the slouchy side, this is a more hobo take on the basic tote. I love the silver hardware: very streamlined and simple.

Rebecca Minkoff Market Bag, $627 at revolveclothing.com. This might be my favorite (and of course it's the most expensive!). It come with the scarf, adorable, and it seems like the perfect size and shape! The handles are just long enough to fit under the shoulder, the buckles are just the right amount of detail, and it just looks so chic and timeless. Love!

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