Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hitchcock Heroine

Maud and I worship Hitchcock. Probably to a sickening degree. While I think Maud worships him more for his actual skills (being an aspiring Steven Spielberg and all), I love him more for his leading ladies. Especially Grace Kelly, in Rear Window, and Ingrid Bergman, in Notorious (best. movie. ever.).

When I think of these two Hitchcock heroines, I think of fierce, independent, elegant women with strong personal style. Now, while I'd love to dress exactly like Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman did everyday, in order to keep from looking like a crazy child on Halloween, you have to modernize their style. So here's my take on a more current version these leading ladies' style.

One of the brands that I think embodies this is Lorick. If you watch Gossip Girl, you probably remember Lorick as the real designer behind Eleanor Waldorf's clothing line. Her line is an adorably modern take on 40s/50s style. Below are a couple of images from her Spring Collection, which hits stores in a few months.

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