Friday, February 13, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I just came back from seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I have to say, loved it! It's not the most clever/originial/amazing movie I've ever seen, but it was fun and lighthearted. Of course, I'm here to talk about the clothes, not the movie itself. I've seen that Pat Field has been getting a lot of criticism for the styling in this movie, for it being tacky or not as good as Sex and the City or Isla Fisher's character not having good style, and I think those people are missing the point. Rebecca Bloomwood isn't supposed to be the chicest girl in the world. She doesn't work at the 'fashion magazine,' and her wardrobe is a major part of what sets her apart from the people who do. She wears clothes to have fun and take risks, without really caring about what other people think about it. I have admire how carefree she is, and I think Pat Field is remininding us what fashion is about: self-expression and making yourself happy. If that comes across as tacky or crazy sometimes, who cares? But I'm rambling. Go see this movie because Isla Fisher turns a crazy shopaholic into someone totally relatable and endearing, and the clothes are purdy. There were two outfits in the film that seriously had me drooling.

Isla Fisher wears this gorgeous purple Lanvin dress (that I could not find anywhere, grrr) and a white YSL coat. This black Lanvin Dress, $777 at, was the closest thing to the purple Lanvin dress that I could find, and it's on sale...not that that really helps, but still. The YSL coat in the film is white and probably wool/cashmere, but I couldn't seem to find that one either, so here this YSL Python Lined Trench, $2,650 at It's a similar cut and style, so just pretend that it's white.
The second piece of adorableness was this Oscar de la Renta coat. I love the giant, abstracted checks/plaid and the huge fold-over collar. It definitely makes a statement, but in the chicest way. And that purple lining is too cute!

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