Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inspired by Lucky Mag

I'm feeling particularly uninspired today, so I'm going to post all the cute stuff I found in this month's Lucky Magazine, with Camilla Belle on the cover. Or, stuff from Lucky and stuff inspired by the stuff from Lucky that I liked that does not seem to exist on the internet. Just for the record, I love Lucky. Out of the 2352525 magazines I read, I find the most stuff I want in Lucky, and I don't even have a subscription to it. Of course. This is how my insane, backwards universe works. :)

Matt Bernson Equus Sandals, $152 at doe-sf.com. Sandals + fringe + black patent leather = winner. See, I can do math.

Disaya Bead Dress, on sale for $148.75 at birdla.com
I love this brand, and I can't find their clothes anywhere. It's very frustrating. I can't look at their stuff without wanting to buy it. I get upset. If you're not like me and don't get emotionally attached to clothing, browse their collection here.

Rebecca Minkoff Devote Studded Tote, $695 for pre-order at blueheavenboutique.com. I was looking for the clutch version of this, but the internet keeps telling me that doesn't exist, so here we are. That bag is pretty cute though. I loves me some studs.

Rag & Bone Colorblock Skirt, $290 at cusp.com. Black and grey bandage skirt with a zipper? Yeah, I'm all over it.

Gryson Hannah Leather Duffel Bag, $695 for pre-order at intermixonline.com
This comes in black, but the magenta is just so freaking cute. And I'm adding this to my earlier bag post. Yes, it's a bit more than $650, but that is mini-duffel bag perfection. I'm drooling.

Image Sources:
Matt Bernson Sandals: doe-sf.com
Disaya Dress: birdla.com
Rebecca Minkoff Tote: blueheavenboutique.com
Rag & Bone Colorblock Skirt: cusp.com
Gryson Duffel: intermixonline.com

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