Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So I'm Really Jealous

Basically, for like the past however many months now, I've been pretty much ridiculously jealous of Alexa Chung. First she's crazy pretty. Second, she's crazy pretty and knows how to dress well. Third...well, you get the point. I mean, her hair is always gorgeous, her makeup is simple yet somehow dramatic, and her clothes are usually bitchin. Here are some photos that prove why she's so amazing.

See? And yeah, she's crazy pretty. And she proves my theory yet again that people with dark hair and blue or green eyes should make their own race cause they're just wayyy prettier than everybody else. Okay, this is depressing and making me hate myself just a little bit...

Megan Says: She's wearing an American Apparel skirt in that last picture! Yay for high-low chic!

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