Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rachel Leigh Jewelry

Cute, reasonably priced jewelry is hard to find. I love Forever 21, but their stuff has a tendency to turn my skin green, fall apart, or melt (one of my metal rings actually melted. for serious.). In my search for slightly higher quality jewelry, I found Rachel Leigh. She makes the most adorable stuff that gets featured on Gossip Girl and the Hills all the time, and it's not ridiculously expensive.

Olivia Ring, $58 at, Chain Ribbon Bracelet, $66 at

Audrey Enamel Cuff, $66 at (cool tones), and (warm tones). I love this. It's so preppy-chic, but just a little quirky. And the bangle has a clasp, so people who are bangle challenged (like me!) can wear it. Scoreeeeeee.

Edith's Ring in Absinthe, $88 at, Impact Silver Necklace, $150 at

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Edith's Ring:
Impact Silver Necklace:

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