Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More MAC Launches!

I inspired myself! Here are what I think are going to be the highlights from three upcoming MAC launches: A Rose Romance, Naked Honey, and Grand Duos

A Rose Romance: Launches April 23

Okay, so, first off, look at the pretty lipglosses! So much pink...But what I'm really excited about are the eyeshadows. There's grey, plum, mauve, and gold! Drool. And there are two new blushes, a clean and a violet pink (I've been looking for a violet blush...), and there's a gel blush! Yes! It's called Just a Pinch Gel Blush, and it's a sheer reddish pink. Gel blush is the bomb. And MAC will do it better than everyone else, as usual.

Naked Honey: Launches June 11

The Naked Honey collection is all about honey (duh, I know), and there are lots of honey skincare products, and a honey fragrance (which actually sounds yummy), but I want the high-light poweders (far left). They come in peachy-gold and tan, and are super finely milled with just a hint of shimmer. And that honeycomb embossing on the powder is just so cute!

Grand Duos: Spring 2009

This collection is entirely composed of these mineralize, baked, duo blushes. First off, I love this kind of blush because the combination of the veiny side with the solid side gives a really multi-dimensional flush that I think looks more natural than regular blush tends to. And these blushes come in such pretty colors! From left to right, I'm 95% sure the names are Intenso (Terracotta Rose w/Pink Gold melange), Light Over Dark (Deep Brown w/Orange yellow mélange), Grand Duo (Plum w/ Copper Pink melange), and Moon River (Pale Yellow Pink w/Blue Pink melange). I like them all so much I can't even choose my favorite. I guess I'll have to buy more than one. Oh well.

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