Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Fashion Week Street Style

This is a mix of shots from New York and London Fashion Week. The people who attend these shows are basically chicer/better dressed than I will ever be, so I like live vicariously through their outfits. Trust me, it's fun.

If that girl on the top looks familiar, it's because she's Dree Hemingway. Yes, the model. Let's all be jealous of her adorable scarf and cropped tuxedo together. As for the girls on the second row, I love the way they both use a touch of (faux?) fur to elevate a mostly black outfit. Black tights/skinny pants, a boxy coat, and a fur hat/collar is such a cute winter outfit (the collar option is probably more wearable, but still). Plus, adding a fur accessory (eBay has a bunch of faux fur) adds a sense of luxury to H&M or Forever 21 basic pieces--it's the perfect example of high-low mixing.

Image Sources:
Dree Hemingway:
Girl with fur hat:
Girl with fur collar:

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