Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Copy Cat

Still no Paris Fashion Week on I feel so lost. So, I'm filling the giant empty hole in my soul by looking at street style pics from Fashion Week. I found one of my favorite looks so far, and rounded up a few pieces to reconstruct the ensemble. And just for kicks, there are a few things I'm craving at the bottom.

J. Crew Cashmere V-neck Sweater, $145 at, American Apparel Interlock Mini Skirt, $25 at So here's the original look, a slightly baggy v-neck cashmere sweater, a pencil mini-skirt, a pile of bangles, and a statement necklace and shoes. I know it's in blue, but since it's me, I'm doing it in grey. Shocker, right? I'm keeping the tonal color palette, just translating it into grey and black. The key with this J. Crew sweater is to buy it one size big and push the sleeves up a lot, so it looks like the sweater in the photo. The loose fit and higher v-neck will balance out the length of the mini-skirt perfectly (it's not as short as it looks, I promise). I actually have this skirt, and it's really a great canvas for any top, especially a slightly over-sized one like this.

Fiona Paxton Edie Necklace, $262.50 down from $375 at, Juicy Couture Multi Chain Bracelet, $220 at, Rock & Republic Jolene T-strap Pumps, $310 at Since the outfit is pretty monochromatic, I'd throw in a pop of color with the necklace. It adds a necessary bit of edge to the ensemble, and it's easy drape contrasts nicely against the clean lines of the sweater and skirt. The bracelet adds a little more texture and a little more bling. It's got the effect of a pile of bangles, but it's a lot easier to take on and off. The shoes top it all off. First off, the black and grey tie the outfit together perfectly, second, I love the tactile look of the suede, third, the platforms are sick, and fourth, there's a zipper detail on the back. I mean, hello.

Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski-embellished Tiger Ring, $180 at, Ashish Sequin Leopard-pattern skirt, $490 at, Loeffler Randall Camilla Platform Boots on Wooden Heel, $850 at You know I'm all over a tiger ring. I know it's weird, but I'm still in love with that Cartier ring. Maybe it's because my high-school mascot was a tiger. This ring has all the sparkly tiger awesomeness, minus the Cartier price tag. Just look at that little tiger face....ok, ok, I need to stop. On a similarly animal related note, how awesome is this skirt? I think leopard print is having a serious comeback, and yes the sequin leopard print is a little over the top, but when it's done in such a classic shape I think it works. I'd pair it with a neutral, drapey tank, and a tangle of silver necklaces. I've never been much of a boot person, but everyone here is wearing boots. Actual legit boots, not just Uggs or rain boots. I'm kind of over the whole equestrian boot thing, so this pair of high-heeled boots is really doing it for me. The textured leather and wooden heel are refreshing, and the seam detail on the bottom takes it to the next level. Just imagine stomping around in these boots (did I mention the sick platform?).

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surprise! Not really.

I'm actually all caught up on Milan Fashion Week. It's weird. I keep clicking over to and not finding anything new. But I decided to take full advantage of my mini-break and do some online shopping (I know, I'm so productive).

Markus Lupfer Lost T-shirt, $155.01 at, Costume Dept. Global Fashion Currency Tee, $91.19 at, Bird by Juicy Couture Cropped Leather Jacket, $998 at I'm not a slogan-tee fan at all. I think I own one, and it's from Marc by Marc and has 'London' written all over it, so that doesn't count. I like this 'lost' tee because of the black and white contrast, which is very simple but very graphic, and the embroidery adds a nice, crafty touch. And if the 'lost' message is a little too Catcher in the Rye for you, it also comes in 'found.' Hehe. I'd totally wear this tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt and piles of bangles. This currency tee makes me's like the YSL logo...but with monetary symbols, a witty little jab at the fashion industry. I'd contrast the boyish fit with a pair of slim, cropped trousers. This Bird by Juicy Couture jacket is python embossed goat suede. I mean, wow. Which makes this jacket fuzzy, exotic, leather, and motorcycle, all rolled up into one. That's a lovely little package. On top of that, the fit is perfect--it hits at the perfect spot on the waist--the sleeves are just short enough, and the folded collar adds a touch of drama. Also, I love that it's in off-white, which is really refreshing for a leather motorcycle jacket. Props to Juicy.

Madison Harding Cyndi Boot, $352 at, Stella McCartney Chain-detail Hobo Bag, $1,145 at, Twelth Street by Cynthia Vincent Cowl Back Neck, $249 at I hate shooties (shoe-booties) and ankle boots, and any sort of heavy shoe that hits just above the ankle. I think they're clunky and ugly and unflattering. But these boots...these boots have me rethinking that position. There's something about the combination of that thick sole, the juxtaposition of textures, the layered rows of straps and buckles that's edgy and hardcore, but at the same time very, very chic. It hits just far enough above the ankle to give the leg a more flattering shape, and I even love the chunky heel--I think it balances out the heaviness of the shoe nicely. A stiletto heel would look totally out of place. I love chains. I love giant black bags. Therefore, according to my mad math skills, I love this Stella McCartney bag. It's a leather substitute, so no cows went into the making of this hobo, and it's the perfect marriage of simple and trendy. I really like the way that the chain handles continue down the side of the bag. It adds a ton of visual interest and just a little extra edge. Last, but not least, this Cynthia Vincent dress has me re-thinking my hatred of all things cowl-neck related (they just look droopy!). I think the band of metal studs and beads mitigates the old lady feel of the cowl nicely, and it's just a little more unexpected and a little fresher when the cowl is in the back instead of the front, right?

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Milan Fashion Week Round-up

Milan Fashion Week has basically come and gone in what seems like no time at all. It's always interesting to see how each country's fashion week compares--New York Fashion Week is usually a little slicker, a little harder, London Fashion Week is always the quirkiest, Milan this year is a little lighter and more romantic, and Paris is, well, Paris.

Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Trussard 1911: Pucci is bringing back the half-gown, and I have to say, I kind of like it. You get the legginess of a mini-dress with the movement and glam of a floor-length gown. The asymmetry in the front ties into the draping trend, and the quirky, grey/yellow tribal-nature pattern takes it to the next level. I can totally see some starlet rocking this on the red carpet. If any designers can pull off red leopard print, it's the boys at Dolce and Gabanna. In anyone else's hands, this would insanely trashy, but somehow here the floaty innocence of the chiffon mediates the rampant sexiness of the print perfectly. When you add in the same asymmetrical hemline we just saw at Pucci, you've got a fantastic on-trend party dress (maybe with a little more lining in the front). I've never heard of Trussard 1911, but this LBD plays with the nude/sheer, new knitwear, and long-sleeve body-con mini dress trends nicely. The peekaboo effect of the loose weave shows just enough skin, and adds so much visual interest.

Pollini, Gucci, Bottega Veneta: I never thought pink gingham would become a trend, but Christopher Kane and Pollini are proving me wrong. Such a campy fabric could come across as costumey and cheap, but when mixed with black and white, some chic draping, and an asymmetrical hemline, this dress is about as far from a picnic table cloth as you can get. This might be the first Versace show that I've loved. The futuristic, robotic-chic body-con minis are going to be a surefire hit. I like the juxtaposition of the high neckline against the slim fit, and the geometric sheer panels at the bust add just enough edge. Plus, when are pockets ever a bad thing? Bottega Veneta managed to take a totally synthetic fabric and make it into something organic and beautiful. That dress doesn't need anything--all those layers and all that movement are a statement in and of their own.

Versace, Versace, Blumarine: Oh, Versace. Let's be honest, Versace is basically sex made into a little glam dress. I know this first dress is totally sheer and therefore completely impractical, but the tattoo-esque print is insanely fabulous. I mean, if you could pull this off (I bet Megan Fox has already called this little number in), you will look sickeningly amazing. That's all. Come to think of it, this second dress has Megan Fox all over it too. Yes, that's a lot of skin (a LOT of skin), but the icy, geometric, diamond-ish print takes it from mildly skanky to Barbarella hot. And Barbarella is totally making a come-back. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Blumarine made tie-dye drop-dead chic. Pairing such a hippie-tastic print in such club kid color with a very clean, classic cut and a no-nonsense belt is such a genius look. It's equal parts Audrey Hepburn and Woodstock.

Gianfranco Ferre, D&G, Moschino Cheap & Chic: There are so many trends combined in this little dress (sheer, long-sleeve body-con mini, peplum skirt), but it still looks light and unstudied. Yes, you have to have no hips to wear this dress, but it would be really fantastic on someone with a more boyish figure, because that peplum is going to make your waist look teensy-tiny. D&G had this whole cowboy-western, denim, prairie skirt thing going on that was a little over the top for me, but there were a few looks that popped. The Lolita girliness of that tiered floral mini balances out the masculinity of the boyfriend denim button-up, and the leather belt ties it all together. And lastly, this Moschino Cheap & Chic dress is totally ridiculous in real life, but it's so darn cute that I had to post it. The heart almost reminds me of the Balenciaga leather dresses from a few seasons ago (I'm staring at them right now and there is definitely a resemblance).

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Bits of Runway Awesomeness That I Missed

Since today's a bit of a slow day on, I thought I'd post a few of the runway looks that didn't make it into the round-ups but that I couldn't bear to leave totally unmentioned.

Jonathan Saunders, Louise Gray, Marc by Marc Jacobs: The girls are Jonathan Saunders were meant to look like beautiful vampires. Not quite sure how the intensely-gelled, stringy hair factors into that, but I'm very sure that I want this little color-blocked shift. The subtle pastel color palette is soft and versatile, but interesting and a little geometric. I love how the blue block makes up the entire sleeve, and the diagonal line across the front is both slimming and emphasizes the curve of the hip. It's a lovely, soft take on that strong, geometric trend. The childish ikat print on this Louise Gray dress is so fun, and it contrasts nicely with the simple lines of the dress. And then you get to the blue trim at the cutaway hem, which ties nicely into the print-mixing trend, and adds a bit of sass and spontaneity. I love sweater dresses. They're equal parts comfy and sexy. The boat-neck on this dress adds a bit of refinement, and the 3/4 length sleeves and mini-length balance out the slightly baggy fit. Those yellow insets are really what make this dress. They liven up the navy, play on the '80s trend, and are extremely flattering because they trick the eye into thinking that your waist is as narrow as that navy strip. And pockets are always a plus.

Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marchesa: The Proenza Schouler dress shouldn't work at all. I mean, it's a neon tie-dye tank dress. Somehow the craziness of that print is perfectly balanced by the simplicity of the silhouette, and the layers and trim at the hem add a bit of flair and movement. And again, those shoes! The multi-textural dresses at Phillip Lim had a bit of a Joan of Arc vibe to me, with the heaviness of the intense beading (it almost looked like chain-mail) against the baroque richness of that satin. The pleating on the skirt is a little Grecian, and the sheerness on the bodice is very on-trend, as is the asymmetrical detail on the skirt. I heart this Marchesa dress. The woven blue tulle takes it a level beyond your average body-con mini dress, the textural contrast of the lacy beading adds a lot of visual interest, the cool color palette adds a bit of polished reserve, and the hanging strand of tulle is really unexpected and adds fantastic movement.

Herve Leger by Max Azria, Alexander Wang, Lela Rose: I die for the beading on this Herve Leger dress. It's a little organic, a little '20s, a little geometric, even a little tribal. I think this is a great way to do nude as well, because you get all the effect with none of the 'is she actually wearing clothes?' or awkward moments. I think it's really great that Herve Leger is branching out beyond the typical bandage mini dress. This Alexander Wang look is such a sexy take on menswear. Rolling them up to flash a bit of ankle takes these cargos from frumpy to urban chic, and the sheerness of this striped pullover hits on the sheerness and exposed bra trends while managing to spice up an otherwise unremarkable sweater. I'm absolutely in love with the asymmetrical draping trend, and this Lela Rose dress is one of the reasons why. All the extra draping adds movement, makes for a slightly abstract, interesting silhouette, and is much more interesting than the usual Grecian gown.

Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, Diane von Furstenberg: Oh, Jason Wu. He's got a lot going on in this look. The sheer tee over the gingham bustier hits on the sheerness, lingerie, and Americana trends, I love the way that the purple in the bustier and the hue of the skirt match, and the orange band at the waist ties it all together perfectly. I can't even see the front of this Prabal Gurung dress, and I still love it. The cowl neckline flashes just enough skin, and all that pleating adds so much dimension to what could have been just a plain white column. Last but not least, I loved DVF's flower children. This dress is a little boho, a little gypsy, a little hippie, the leather belt anchors all that sheer fabric perfectly. And how cute is that mosaic-y flower print?

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Cavalli, MAC Style Black, and Random Awesomeness

I know a lot of people are torn about MAC's new Style Black collection, or they think it's too goth/emo/punk or whatever, but honestly, I'm dying over it. Dying. DYING. A collection all crazy smokey eyes? You know I'm all over it. That dark lipstick/lip gloss? Not so much.

MAC Intense Black Grease Paintstick, $17.50 at, MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Gilt by Association, $19.50 at I've avoided black eyeliner for a long, long time. I feel like when you're as naturally pale as I am (which is PALE), black can look really harsh and even unflattering. But at the same time, I've always wanted to be able to pull off the Kate Moss, smudgy, rock and roll black eyeliner look, and I've been playing around with it lately, and I think...I think I can pull it off. Just barely. We'll see. But for my, um, research, I'm thinking that I'm going to need either (or both) of the Grease Painstick or Gilt by Association. I'd use the Grease Paintstick as a liner, because I've heard that it can be smudgy, but it dries to a powdery finish super, super fast. What I really like about it is that it's definitely black, but it has just a hint of purple sparkle to warm it up and make it interesting, and if you paired it with a deep purple shadow...OMG. Gorgeous. As for Gilt by Association, it's the top swatch, and it seems like a black based with lots and lots of gold glitter that comes across as a really dirty, antiqued gold. It actually reminds me of a look I saw on that new CW show, The Beautiful Life (don't judge me, it's hilariously terrible) that's basically intense black liner and crazy lashes, so when your eyes are open all you see is black, but then the entire lid is packed with a dirty metallic, which makes it a little less heavy and very edgy-glam. It's dark enough to contour and have an impact, but it's so unexpectedly hot. Ugh. I want them both.

Rebecca Minkoff Croc Embossed Nikki Hobo, $595 at, Ray-Ban Aviators, $129 at This bag is killing me. You guys know that I love the plain version of this Nikki hobo, and that I love patent leather and croc-embossing and when you put all those things together, well, it's just plain mean. The casual vibe of the slouchy shape against the polished glamor of the patent crocodile is the perfect contrast that makes this bag work for day or nighttime. And it's such a statement, even in black, that it would bring just a basic white tee and jeans to a total other level. I can pretend that I don't need it, but let's be honest, at some point I'm going to buy this bag. That is all (I miss 30 Rock...). I resisted these Ray-Ban aviators for so long. I mean, everybody has them, and they're aviators, so I assumed that they'd look terrible on me. But...I tried them on...and they're hot. They even work on round, forehead-less faces!!! If you're like me and have a roundy face, you know it's impossible to find flattering aviators, but somehow Ray-Ban makes it work. They need to stop making such damn flattering sunglasses. It's becoming a problem. And the fact that these glasses were all over Top Gun (love pre-crazy Tom Cruise) isn't helping at all.

Just Cavalli: I'm not historically a Cavalli fan, but this Courtney Love, /'90s glam-grunge Just Cavalli collection is really working for me. The '90s are coming back in a big way, and this is a vision of that era I can actually buy into. There was lots of lingerie inspiration, with sheer slips layered over nighttime pieces like sequin shifts, or over more hipster pieces like slogan tees, lots of sheer tops with bras peeking through (I feel like this trend has been brewing for awhile now, and that it might finally be acceptable to wear in public), and lace and sheer paneling on little body-con minis. It feels like a culmination of a lot last season's trends, but it also feels like it's moving in a fresh direction. Major props to Cavalli. And I would sell my kidneys (at this point I have what, -30 kidneys?) for that last green dress.

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