Monday, February 16, 2009

Revolve Clothing/Love Quotes

As if there weren't enough reasons to love Revolve already, I just found out that they have a 30% discount coupon thing for new customers. Click here, put in your email, and you get a coupon code good for two years. Um, finding that out made my day. I'll be using mine to get a Love Quotes scarf (after I trade in what my dad got me for V-day because I'm a horrible, ungrateful child).
A Love Quotes scarf is normally $88. With the discount, it's $62. Cha-ching. If you've been planning on making a big purchase and Revolve carries what you want, you can save serious cash. 30% off a $500 handbag is $150 off. Me likey.

Anyways, I need advice on what color to get. I want something light or cheerful because my wardrobe is, well, dark and grey/blue, but I don't want white because one, I drink coffee, and two, I am accident prone.
Dove is a light grey (trying to ignore the fact that LiLo is wearing it), Cosmo is a light, bright pink (also owned by LiLo, grrr), and Violet is, well, violet.
Beach is a warm, off-white, and Lotus Pink is pale pink.
Do you see my problem? I want them all! They all look so light, and fluffy, and awesome, and I have absolutely no idea which one I want. Advice, please.
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