Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alexander McQueen for Target

So Alexander McQueen is doing a line for Target. I know. Feel free to scream/run around in circles/pass out. I did. It drops March 1 (or Feb. 28 if your Target is weird like mine is sometimes) and it's basically a diffusion of his McQ line. That means no plaid/crazy feathers/typical McQueen runway stuff. That does mean some pretty cute and actually decent quality pieces, however. The most expensive piece, the black leather vest, is $129.99. Expensive for Target, dirt cheap for McQueen clothes. These are my five favorite looks. There are more, I just didn't like them enough to track down the pictures. These are pretty freaking cute though.
Not so sure about the one shoulder pink swimsuit (I feel like this is an accident waiting to happen), but I'm liking the short, shiny black trench. Very cute and very practical for SoCal. That one shoulder dress is giving me serious Alexander Wang vibes. I think he did a practically identical one in black and nude. This is about 205932095 times cheaper than his, though, so I might have to get it. I like that the draping is noticeable, but not bulky. Bulky draping around my hips is the last time I want. And that LBD on the right is pretty cute too (subtract the black leggings underneath it). It's got a body-con/bandage dress vibe, and the silvery straps make it a little futuristic. This might be the sleeper hit of the collection.

That denim motorcycle jacket might be my favorite piece. The sleeves are the perfect length, the wide double collar makes it look both relaxed and interesting, and I think it has studs on it somewhere. Grey and studded? Sold. The black vest is the most expensive thing in the collection, but if you like to dress like either one of the Olsen twins, this is probs the cheapest way to do it. I really like the dress underneath the vest. I mean, it looks like a tuxedo shirt and again, it's studded. Does it get much better than that?

If you like any of this stuff, I'd start stalking your Target on February 28. I have a feeling all of this will sell out really fast.

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One-shoulder dress:
Blue dress and denim jacket:
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