Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Favorite Boots: Frye Vera Hiker

I am really weird when it comes to shoes.  Mainly in that I have very expensive taste with a very non-expensive budget, which makes me sad, so I just don't buy shoes often.  In my attempts to actually buy shoes (I was honestly that California girl in the Rainbow sandals for an embarassingly long time), I try to save up and then splurge a bit once or a year or so on a pair of Fryes--and then wear them to pieces.  My current Fryes in rotation are the Frye Jane's in Redwood, which are just the most beautiful boots, and these Vera Hikers in brown that I got for Christmas (thanks mom!).

The reason I wanted these boots was that I like the versatility I get from having a pair of short and a pair of tall boots.  My last pair of short boots was more on the cowboy side, and I wanted to try something a bit more rustic and a bit less western without getting these, which basically everyone at my school has.

I love, love, love these boots.  They look like a retro hiking boot, but the oversize tongue, upturned toe, and the 2 inch heel give them a bit of a modern, edgy twist.  I've gotten so many compliments on them already!  Some of my Fryes have taken weeks to break in properly, but these I could wear easily right out of the box.  They have a rubber sole for traction, which is perfect, and are easily to get on and off with the laces.  I can wear these all day without my feet getting tired or annoyed.

I like to pair these with tights and nubby men's socks.  The simple, slightly old school feel of these boots means that they can work with lots of different outfits and styles--I like these with a little leather jacket and a cute little dress because they can ground even the girliest of dresses, but they're also cute with a colorful mini and a sweater.  Overall, I really recommend these.  They aren't cheap, but they're the best combination of timeless and on trend, and you can absolutely feel the quality. 

ALSO!  If you live somewhere snowy and cold, totally get these instead.  They come shearling lined!  I think they're so cute, and they would be SO WARM AND COMFY.

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