Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heels Under $200

I think I've established that I like shopping challenges. Give me a goal product, a price range, and a laptop and I will be entertained for hours. I have prom, graduation, and well, college coming up, and I currently have one pair of heels. And they're not even that cute. Why? Because 99.99% of the time the only heels I like are the ones that cost $700+. But obviously, I'm going to need some heels, and it's just a matter of putting in the time and effort to finding cute heels that I can actually afford. I rounded up six pairs of heels/wedges for under $200 that I think anyone would be able to work, and I'm seriously psyched to buy.

Seychelles May Platform, $98 at, Pelle Moda Vicious Buckled Platform Sandal, $196 at The brown platform has a great 70s vibe, but the cone heel keeps it modern. These would look equally adorable with wide-legged jeans, shorts, or a cute dress. And the price is a steal! The black sandals are strappy and bondagy without beeing S&M, and the super skinny heels is super sexy.

Dolce Vita Triton Woven Wedge Sandal, $175 at, Oh Deer Strata, $199.95 at Those wedges look so comfy, but also totally chic in a very jet-setty 60s/70s inspired way. I'm seriously feeling the Jackie O travels the world thing right now, huh? Anyways, just look at those shiny black sandals. The sinuous leather curves are big for spring, and they're just so pretty.....drool...pair these sandals with a girly outfit, and you get serious chic.

Pour La Victoire Murielle in White, on sale for $84 at, Report Signature Pamona Patent Platform in Black, $187 at $84 for those white sandals is a serious deal (they also come in black) and if you're still riding the gladiator wave, like me, this is a great wedge alternative. And check out the Report Heels! I had no idea Report made things that were actually...nice. The spiral heels are seriously sick, and the way that the front of the ankle strap dips down is really flattering and lengthens the leg significantly.

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