Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ever since Gossip Girl brought back the headband for good, I've been looking for some cute, more real-life wearable versions (somehow I don't think wearing a turban to school would go over well). Well, it turns out that two of the brands featured on Gossip Girl, Jennifer Behr and Jennifer Ouellette, are available for retail purchase and are semi-affordable.

Jennifer Behr makes precious headbands, using vintage materials and lots of Swarovski crystals.

Petite Vined Crystal Headwrap, $250 at
Overlapping Crystal Twist Headband, $188 at

Double Crystal Scallop Headband, $262 at, Encrusted Crystals in Silk Chiffon, $595 at

Allegra, $175 at, Sophia, $185 at

Jennifer Ouellette does a lot of Blair's headbands on Gossip Girl, and a lot of headbands with feathers (Maud!).

Curved Feather Headband, $125 at, Vintage Daisies and Veil Headband, $60 at

Coque Feather Headband, $65 at, Narrow Feather Headband, on sale for $29 at

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