Thursday, February 19, 2009

Review: MAC Femme Fi

Femme Fi is a pale, cool gold shadow from MAC's Blonde Brunette Redhead collection. It's a 'Veluxe Pearl' finish, which means that it's sheer, but slightly frosty with a hint of shimmer. If that sounds totally unwearable, it's not. Femme Fi is a fantastically versatile shadow. It works as a highlighter for the brow bone, on the inner corners of your eyes, and even on top of your cheekbones. I think that the pale gold is a better highlighter than the typical white or pink shade because you're trying to make it look like your skin is glowing naturally. Your skin glows when the sun hits it. Sunlight is gold. You see my point. White can end up chalky, and who glows pink? Not me. I tried to swatch it but I couldn't get it to show up with my crappy camera flash. I'd say it looks more like the pic on the right in person.

It's MAC, so it's finely milled and long lasting, with minimal glitter fallout. It actually lasts all day on my browbone without primer, and nothing lasts all day on my skin. For serious. Of course, since it's MAC, it has to be limited edition (it's actually a re-release from their Neo-Sci Fi collection, but still). Which means you need to hop over to or your local MAC store now.

Femme Fi shadow, $14.50 at

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