Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NY Fashion Week Roundup #3478

I feel like the number of shows grows exponentially every year. My strained eyeballs are agreeing with that statement. It's towards the end of NY Fashion Week, so the heavy hitters are starting to come out, most notably (IMO) Marc Jacobs. But I'll get to that later.

Carlos Miele, Daryl K, Tracy Reese. That Carlos Miele dress is making me think of sunny places...stupid LA weather...but don't you just want to walk around a South American city in this dress with a convenient breeze and in slow motion? Or am I projecting? I can't tell if those are tights or pants at Daryl K, but I don't care. That jacket is the perfect combo of blazer and motorcycle jacket. It's a blazocycle jacket. I want it. And the pop of blue works so nicely there...I'm going to assume that's faux fur over at Tracy Reese and gush about that coat. How gorgeous is it? OMG. I like the subtle (windowpane?) pattern, the wide collar, the fur trim, and the juxtaposition of small pattern on the coat with the large pattern on the dress.

Jill Stuart, Jill Stuart, Temperley London. I always love Jill Stuart. She does rocker-chic in a feminine, non-stereotypical way. Like this tiered dress. Take a very girly shape, put in in a dark fabric and layer on some crazy necklaces and some gothy accessories, and bam. Perfection. Same with the second dress. Girly, floral-print fabric meets sexy, mini-dress shape and some bad-ass boots, and sudden pastel florals are looking very appealing. This wasn't my fav look from Temperley London, but it had the best shot of the hair and makeup. I love the hair and makeup. Love. Hardcore black eyeliner + braided updo = I die. Plus, that dress is pretty darn cute. I like the mix of folksy, boho detailing with that edgy, urban warrior vibe. And I see matching tights and pants!

All Marc Jacobs. I'll try to restrain myself from gushing about Marc. He is genius. Done. The thing with his shows is that while you may not like all the clothes themselves, his theme and outfit composition are always brilliant and relevant way beyond the context of the show itself. Like last seasons jumbled prints and layering. This season was a sort of futuristic take on the 80s, reminding us of the 'good old days.' It was hot. No, really. Look at that studded dress. The strong shoulder is totally 80s, the stud detailing is very modern, and the result is a little nostalgic but extremely current at the same time. Go check out his show at style.com. I mean it.

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