Thursday, April 29, 2010

MAC Attack

This week has really been a posting fail, and I'm so sorry guys.  It's been CRAZY busy in Boston, with finals and sorority stuff and Spring Fling this weekend, but next weekend is reading period, so I'll try to get back on the posting bandwagon. 

Mason by Michelle Mason Assymetrical Tank Dress with Mesh, $364 at, Gorjana Vine Ring, $54 at, Gwyneth Paltrow:  This Michelle Mason dress reminds me of a cheaper version of those Alexander Wang sports bra-inspired dresses I've posted a few times.  It has the same sporty-luxe vibe and sports bra lines, but at about half the price and with a little on-trend nude thrown in.  I think this ring is so lovely.  It really looks like tiny vines wrapping around your finger, and the chunkiness of the ring balances out the delicate lines of the vines (hehe, that rhymes) really nicely.  Gwyneth Paltrow is rocking the burgundy eyeshadow here.  I'm really warming up to red-based eye shadows for some reason.  It really makes her blue eyes pop, and keeping the rest of her face neutral was a great decision, as it lets all the focus stay on her eyes.

3 Free Starter Pack with Nail Foundation, $38 at, Butter London Creme Trio, $24 at How adorable is this little three-pack from Butter London?  I've been meaning to try out their polish forever, partially because it's a British company and partially because the shades that it comes in are awesome.  In this pack you get the base coat, top coat, and a nail polish of your choosing.  This would make such a fab birthday/Christmas present!  Butter London also makes hand/cuticle creams, which coincidentally come in another three-pack.  Madam is country garden scented, Mister is black tea, and Mistress is champagne.  I love the super adorable packaging and that you get a scent for every mood in the perfect purse size for on the go touch-ups.

MAC Shadow in Mythology, $14.50 at, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, $16.50 at I did make it over to MAC, just like I promised.  I picked up Mythology eyeshadow and the paint pot in Painterly, and I love them both to death.  Mythology is a luster shadow, so EXTREMELY shimmery, and a lovely warm copper hue that verges on orange in the pan.  It does go on rather sheer, and since it's a luster, it has somewhat chunky glitter that causes a little fallout.  I've been applying a wash of it across the lid.  It adds a warm glow to the lid and contrasts really nicely with the green in my eyes.  I'd really recommend it if you're looking for a unique lid color that's very fun and summery, and especially if you love sparkles.  I have to confess something guys.  I fell asleep with my makeup on last night.  I don't know how it happened, but I was expecting to look like a raccoon when I woke up.  However, my shadow hadn't creased at all.  My gel liner had faded a little, but the shadow was still totally intact 12 hours later, and it was due entirely to this little paint pot.  It's genius.  I like it better than UDPP because the packaging makes much more sense, it works as a concealer as well as a base, and it's a little stickier, which I feel like helps hold the shadow in place better.  I'll definitely be repurchasing both of these.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NY Bridal Fashion Week and Barbie

Remember how I said that my Mac was being evil and grumpy?  Well it died yesterday morning, and then miraculously resurrected itself in the afternoon, hence the late posting.

Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera: I think I've confessed my love for Bridal Fashion Week before, but I'll do it again.  So many pretty things.  So many.  I know that Vera Wang is the epitome of bridal for most people, but I've never been a huge fan of her wedding dresses.  This dress, however, I love.  It's soft, but structured, ethereal, but not too fairy-princessy, flattering, but also concealing.  It's pretty much low-maintenance glamour at its highest.  Carolina Herrera isn't someone that comes to mind when I think bridal, but isn't this dress lovely?  The neckline is a little unconventional, but it would be so perfect for a beach wedding with the slight halter vibe.  The detail at the waist keeps it from being too casual, and the soft lines of the skirt would flow so, so perfectly on a breezy beach afternoon.

Jenny Packham, Junko Yoshioka: I'm 90% sure that Miley Cyrus wore a variation of this Jenny Packham dress to the Oscars and I hated it, but here for some reason it works.  Maybe because it actually fits.  Obviously this is a little on the retro/sexbomb side for a traditional wedding, but I think with the right attitude it would come across as classy instead of too in-your-face.  The bustier top is very in at the moment, and the voluminous a-line skirt contrasts the structure of the top perfectly.  I've never heard of Junko Yoshioka before, but if she makes dresses like this all the time, we all need to watch out for her.  This dress is organic, but soft and romantic, clean-lined, but not stark.  It really is a study in opposites, but doesn't come across as too fashion forward or statement-making to wear to an event that will be immortalized in pictures literally FOREVER.

Both Oscar de la Renta: Oh, Oscar.  No one does ball gowns like he does, or wedding dresses for that matter.  I absolutely love the way he combines tactile skirts with streamlined, structured bodices.  It's a great, flattering way to do high-contrast in a wedding dress, because it highlights your smallest part (your waist) and your collarbone, but also skims over any potential problem areas in the hip region.  The version on the left is a little more subtle and modern, with the light floral applique skirt, and the dress on the right is more full-blown romantic--doesn't it almost look like feathers flowing in the wind?  So lovely.

Oscar de la Renta, Reem Acra: I don't really see where this dress fits into Oscar's bridal vision, well, at all, but it does really remind me of that moment in Gone with the Wind when Scarlett's wearing this black dress and supposed to be mourning a dead husband, but ends up being the center of attention and a total drama queen instead.  And it's totally gorgeous, and I'm pretty sure those appliques are in the shape of butterflies, which is totally killing the 6 year old in me.  I think Reem Acra might be one of my favorite wedding dress designers (she's right up there with Monique Lhuillier).  Just look at the cut on this dress--it's so, so flattering, soft without being sloppy, clean but not minimalist, romantic but not sappy.  The off-white hue is so lovely, and the tulle overlay on the skirt makes me want to twirl around in it for hours.

David Lerner Lace Front Shorts, $88 at And as a palate cleanser from all that gorgeousness, here are some lace-front bike shorts!  I was trying to figure out why Shopbop wasn't showing a front picture, and then I realized that the lace isn't just on the legs, it's all across the front.  Which means that you either wear underwear and everyone sees, or you don't wear underwear and yet arrested for indecent exposure.  And did I mention that they're BIKESHORTS?

Alkemie Jewelry Octopus Ring, $155 at, Anemone Barbie by Christian Louboutin, $150 at On a prettier note, how adorable is this octopus ring?  I clearly have a thing for jewelry with awkward animals on it, and this octopus is no exception.  How unexpected would this be just chilling on your ring finger?  It's odd, and the rough-hewn texture only adds to the organic feel, but there's something so elegant about it at the same time, with the graceful curves of the octopus' legs.  Christian Louboutin came out with another Barbie!  I die.  Not only does she come in a fab red carpet gown, but she also comes with four pairs of shoes that I would personally do terrible things to own in big girl sizes, especially those mules on the left.  And this Barbie has red hair!  I don't think she's ever been more glamorous.

Daisy Knights Kim Gold-Vermeil Skull Stud Earrings, $150 at, Diane von Fursternberg Ferdon Snake-Print Dress, $200 at In the same vein as awkward animal jewelry, I love tiny earrings with weird things on them.  They look like basic studs from a distance, but when you get up close you realize that they're really something awesomely offbeat and interesting.  These tiny skulls remind me of the calaveras that you see on Day of the Dead, and the primitive nature of the shape and cut of the skulls almost makes them less creepy and kind of adorable.  They're like the Caspers of the ghost world, endearing instead of frightening.  I don't think I've ever seen a snake print dress before, but I'm kind of loving this DVF version.  The snake print comes across as really fun and summery because of the tropical color palette, and the simplicity of the cut balances out the high-impact print perfectly.  It's such an offbeat take on the traditional sundress, and would be fab with a pair of brown leather sandals, a gold pendant necklace, and some oversized Wayfarers.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Bangs and Target and Prettiful Things

 So my Mac is doing very odd things today, and will be taking a little field trip to the Apple store on Thursday.  If I mysteriously go missing at some point this week, that's why.  I'll also be able to pick up MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly on the way, so look out for a review of that!

J. Crew Plume-print String Top, $58 at, J. Crew Double-chained Mesh Bracelet, $75 at, L'Occitane L'Aurore Peony Face Color Powder, $12 at I love peacock prints.  There's something so exotic and far-off feeling about peacock feathers, something so inherently regal.  They're just a naturally luxurious print, and the color palette of green/yellow/brown sounds off for a swimsuit, but totally works here.  I love the contrast of this unexpected print with the classic string bikini cut, and yes, it's expensive, but I'm pretty sure I would wear this every day for the next five summers straight.  Speaking of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons is on a serious roll.  This moldable chain cuff makes such a visual statement, and since it's moldable and has a clasp in the back, it'll be so much easier to put on than a regular cuff.  The thick chains circling it only add to the edgy, industrial feel.  So I wanted to put this L'Occitane product on the left because it just makes more sense, but Blogger won't let me.  Please pardon the J. Crew interruption.  L'Occitane is making beauty products now, and since L'Occitane makes such great skin products, I feel like their makeup has to be good.  All their beauty products have peony infused in them, which makes me ridiculously happy, and this light pink highlighters with pink shimmer sounds like a lovely summer product (plus that packaging is ADORBS).

J. Crew Jericho Hobo, $238 at, J. Crew Strapless Impressionist Dress, $148 at, J. Crew Featherweight Cashmere Stripe Boatneck Pullover, $188 at And back to the J. Crew.  They're really upping the game in their bag department.  This bag is slightly military/outdoorsy vibe to it, and the way that the pockets are placed and slightly raised is slightly reminiscent of Alexander Wang, but at a much lower price point.  It hangs off the shoulder perfectly without losing too much of its shape, and the caramel hue would go perfectly with all the beige we'll be wearing next fall.  How springy/summery is this strapless dress?  The print is just so exuberant and happy, and slightly inspired by Impressionism, but really just unabashedly happy.  The contrast of the brown menswear belt really works to tone down all that giddiness, and I think with the right accessories you could totally pull this off for daytime.  I still have a thing for Breton-inspired shirts, mainly because they make me feel like an awesome French girl, and this J. Crew version comes in cashmere.  CASHMERE.  So you get super-cute French girl-ness and the coziness of cashmere at the same time.  That's a win-win-win (the Office, anyone?).

Zac Posen for Target: Zac Lipstick Tank, $16.99 at, Braided Belt, $24.99 at, Snap Tape Dress, $69.99 at So the Zac Posen for Target line came out two days ago, and while I haven't made it to a store to check it out yet, I've picked out my top three items based on reviews and pics that have come out so far (note: the safety-pin gown isn't on the Target website, so I haven't had a chance to look at it, but I feel like it would be in my top three).  I know this tank is cliche, but that lipstick writing is so adorable--very '80s glam.  It would be cute with little shorts or tucked into a high-waisted  skirt.  This belt might be my favorite thing.  It really looks like it costs a lot more than $25, with the mixture of textures and surfaces, the organic bow on the front, the tiny studs.  It would be the perfect counterpoint to a girly, romantic sundress.  This snap dress is so genius.  I mean, it looks great on it's own, with the snaps as a fashion statement, and the sexy cutouts in the front, but in the promo video Zac was demonstrating how you can use the snaps to customize the fit of the dress.  You can snap the sleeves to a different length, snap the skirt shorter or into a different cut.

And on a totally irrelevant but still Lea Michele got bangs...and I dislike them.  Maybe it's just how her hair is styled here, but I think that when you get this sort of front bang you need to have really thick hair that fills out the front bangs nicely.  Here her bangs look stringy and sort of awkward.  Loving the Herve Leger dress though.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Picky. And Slightly OCD.

The title of this post will make sense in a few minutes, I promise.  In the meantime:

Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried: How gorgeous is Scarlett's makeup here?  Another example of a dusty rose eyeshadow looking romantic and lovely (instead of calling up images of pink eye), and I'm not a general fan of middle parts, but her hair looks crazy awesome.  The volume, the loose curls, the warm blonde hue...being married to Ryan Reynolds is definitely working for me (it would work for me too...just saying...CALL ME RYAN!!!  I kid.  Not really).  The combination of the winged out liner and intense false lashes on Amanda creates a cat eye effect without the harsh black liner.  I can't stop staring.  It's so well-executed.  The way that the rest of her eyes are look bare just accentuates the cat eye even more.  And don't get me started on that chic runway-to-realway topknot she's rocking.  The headband takes it from ballerina straight into dramatic chic. 

Philosophy Beach Girl Set, $28 at, Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad, $5 at I'm in a such a vacation/summer-time place right now that it's literally impossible to live in gloomtastic Boston at the moment.  But since I have finals coming up, I can't just skip town and head over to the coast, I'm living vicariously through tropical beauty products.  First off, this Beach Girl set from Philosophy is basically the cutest thing ever.  The scent is Orange Crush, AKA summer-time Popsicle flavor of choice, and for $28 you get the lip shine, body lotion, and showergel.  Considering the lip shine is $10 on its own, that's a great deal.  As for this pink scrubby thing: I really need to exfoliate.  I really want a Clarisonic.  I can't afford said Clarisonic.  I am experimenting with cheaper exfoliating tools, hence this Sephora scrubber.  From what I understand, you use it to buff in your cleanser, and the scrubby bits lift off all your dead skin and work the cleanser into your pores.  Sounds foolproof, and even if it isn't, it's $5.

Philosophy Pineapple Coconut Lip Shine, $10 at, Givenchy Phemenon'Eyes Waterproof Mascara, $29 at Another example of me living through makeup.  Pineapple Coconut sounds like a lovely daiquiri and summer and deliciousness, especially since I love coconuts and ADORE pineapples.  Since I'm not supposed to eat pineapples (insane stomach.  Insane), I'm very much in favor of pineapple-flavored gloss.  I've never been a mascara person, but my roommate definitely is, and she's inspired to actually wear my mascara, Max Factor Volume Couture Waterproof, on a regular basis.  However, it's been discontinued (sad face), and while I have one tube left, I'm slowly looking for replacements that give me great separation, length, and volume with no smudging/flaking.  From what I've heard, Phemenon'Eyes is just that: phenomenal.  The brush is supposedly genius, and since that genius now comes in waterproof, I may have to try it out.

Gap EDT in Close, Vera Wang Princess Body Lotion, $32 for 5 oz. at Here's where the title of the post comes in.  I'm really, really sensitive to smells, and really OCD about everyone, especially me, having a unique signature scent.  I finally settled on Close by Gap for daytime (apparently they aren't selling it anymore???), which is a lovely, beachy/salty/musky scent with a hint of florals and vanilla.  I wear it all the time, it smells subtle and soft and basically like me but better.  However, lately I've had one teensy issue with it.  It isn't all that girly.  It's not masculine, but it's definitely somewhat androgynous.  So I started layering things with it, and the best combination I've come across so far is Close over a little of Vera Wang's Princess Body Lotion.  Princess itself is a little too generic/overly sweet for me, but layered with Close, it adds a little extra femininity and warmth that the fragrance was missing before.  I got a giant free sample of this from Ulta, but I'm seriously considering buying the full-sized tube.  In case anyone's wondering, the notes for Princess are: Water Lily, Lady Apple, Mandarin Meringue, Golden Apricot Skin, Ripe Pink Guava, Tahitian Flower, Wild Tuberose, Dark Chocolate, Pink Frosting Accord, Precious Amber, Forbidden Woods, Royal Musk Captive, and Chiffon Vanilla.

Missoni for Converse Hightops, 3.1 Phillip Lim Laser-cutout Silk Dress, $625 at Missoni and Converse.  Converse and Missoni.  It's like caramel and sea salt.  Sounds disgusting, looks (or tastes) surprisingly awesome.  The clean lines and white detailing of the Converse really work with the crazy flame-stitched print.  I don't like Converse, but I would buy these (in a theoretical world with Monopoly money) in a second.  Especially the pair on the left.  Phillip Lim just keeps churning out adorableness.  It makes coming to terms with the balance of my bank account very difficult.  This navy dress is so sweet!  The simplicity of the cut and the military vibe that comes with navy against the delicately cut-out flounces on the's the perfect amount of contrast and tension.  Plus, this piece would be a total workhouse.  Pair it with a little brown leather belt and some leather sandals for lunch, take off the belt and add some sky-high platforms to go out, the possibilities are endless.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Lazy Friday

Sometimes after I have a really high-stress week, all I want to do is lounge around in my room and watch Gilmore Girls.  Of course, I also feel the need to always look cute during said lounging, which is harder than it sounds.  Scroll down for a few options that are comfy and adorable.

But first, this ridiculous fragrance ad from Kimora Lee Simmons.  Not only is it blatantly obvious that that is not her body, but apparently the retouchers took her lower half straight off of Daria Werbowy on the cover of Vogue in 2005.  Even the shorts are the same.  I understand that retouching is pretty much a given in campaign shots, but stealing half of someone else's body?  Just weird.

Viv & Ingrid Black Diamond Swarovski Mini Bobby Pair, $36 at, Chanel Nail Polish in Versailles: I have trouble getting anything at all to stay in my hair: clips, headbands, barrettes, anything.  My hair eats it and then spits it out on the ground.  Bobby pins, however, have a fighting chance, which is why I've been looking into embellished bobby pins.  They're a really simple, easy way to add some bling to your hair style, and imagine how adorable that tiny slice of sparkle would be peeking out from your hair.  On another sparkly note, I want this Chanel nail polish.  First off, love the name.  I'm a total Marie Antoinette nerd.  And second, I've had a serious craving for metallic polishes recently.  Shimmer is so standard and mattes just don't do it for me, so the next logical step is metallics.  Having gold-plated fingernails just seems so summery!

 J. Crew Seersucker Sidney Underwire Top, $50 at, Hint-of-Lace Briefs, $38 at So this J. Crew bikini top is in no way related to lounging.  I just really want it.  I've always wanted an underwire bikini top, just because they're a lot more flattering if you're above a B-cup, and have a serious retro-glam vibe.   The seersucker print is so old-school summertime, and coming from someone with a serious lack of preppiness in her closet,  I want this preptastic swimsuit.  I've realized that Anthropologie has the cutest camis ever.  As for the lounging ensembles I promised earlier, my new favorite look is to do a very cute little cami with a pair of more boyish sweats.  It's an interesting mix of contrasts, and insanely comfy.  The combination of tiny nautical stripes and delicate lace is another offbeat juxtaposition that really works.

Victoria's Secret Cami & Panty Set, $19.50 at, Victoria's Secret Ultrasoft Tank, $22 at Victoria's Secret also has a ton of adorable little camis in super-cute prints.  This cami is totally affordable, comes with matching panties, and the colorful leopard print is equal parts fun and super-sassy.  This with a pair of cute little shorts or yoga pants = adorable lounging.  If you're less into the crazy leopard prints and a little more into the basics, Victoria's Secret also has these asymmetrical hem tanks that I'm seriously craving.  The a-line body balances out the tank cut nicely, and these are the kind of top that would go equally well with a pair of shorts or yoga pants or a pain of little jean shorts.

Rose Window Chemise, $58 at, Victoria's Secret Soft & Lacy Robe, $48 at If your lounging style is a little on the girlier side, I totally recommend this chemise.  It's not too sexy or too revealing, could actually double as a daytime dress, and has an adorable, beachy Lolita vibe that's totally endearing.  You could sleep in this, roll out of bed and do homework, and still look totally put together.  Or if it gets a little chilly, you could throw a chic robe on top.  These Victoria's Secret robes come in subdued pastel colors with delicate lace trim--basically the epitome of girliness.  I've always wanted a glamorous robe.  There's something so Sunset Boulevard about them.

Also, on an unrelated note, the Times Online released their list of the top 25 fashion movies of all time.  Here are some highlights: West Side Story, Belle de Jour, the Big Sleep, Atonement, Gone with the Wind, Coco avant Chanel, Funny Face, To Catch a Thief, Zoolander, Devil Wears Prada, and Avatar.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inspirational Prettiness

So while I was trolling wedding blogs today (yes, you read that correctly), I stumbled across this blog, A Thing For, where all the blogger does is make adorable inspiration boards.  Like all the time, just inspiration boards.  THEY'RE SO PRETTY.  They mix fashion and nature and total randomness, and somehow manage to make perfect sense.

J. Crew Ladie's Companion Tote, $10 at I am in love with these J. Crew totes.  They're totally affordable, pretty decently-sized, and have the cutest prints on them ever, all of which revolve around puppies and clothing and shopping, AKA three of my favorite things (if there were also ponies, I would be losing my mind).  These would be so great for groceries, sleepovers, text books, going to the beach, you name it.  And since they're only $10, you could afford to buy all of them!

Sea of Shoes: I love the pictures from Sea of Shoes.  Girl has skills.  There's just something so desolate and yet romantic about this shot.  The lighting is perfect, the mixture of fur and lace and silk is so unexpected, but so pitch-perfect, and I really want her hair. 

Jak & Jil: The mix of textures here is genius, with the applique nature of the bag, and linear and studded bracelets.  Since the bracelets are so subtle against the statement nature of the clutch, it works without clashing.  And I really, really want that clutch.  It's the perfect size...le drool.

 And now time for an installment of things Megan finds absolutely hideous:

Nightcap Clothing Flamingo Skirt, $264 at, Superfine Chase in Sweat Pants, $209 at That skirt.  Hm.  Hmmm.  The clothing equivalent of a mullet?  Yes.  In a trippy wallpaper pattern?  Yes.  With awkward lace trim?  Yes.  For more than $250?  Yes.  Someone explain that to me.  And then there are the $200 drop crotch sweatpants.  $200 for sweats is bad enough, but $200 for sweats that also make you look anatomically incorrect?  No, thanks.

 MAC Chromagraphic Pencils, $14.50 at I have been looking for a good, off-white waterline eye liner for EVER.  It's hard to find a light, eye-safe pencil that's not bright white or yellow.  I know these look brownish, but swatched they're a really nice, pale beige that's basically skin-toned and would be a really great way to wake up your eyes in the morning.

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