Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jason Wu is Winner.

Alright, it's day number two. There were a lot more shows than yesterday, but I sifted through all of them for you :) and here are my top six. And yes, Jason Wu is winner. Like that even needed to be said.

Abaete, Rachel Comey, Staerk. I think I posted a similar look as the first one yesterday, but the Abaete version is just so cute, and I think the blazer, drapey tee, high waisted mini skirt outfit is an easy fall look that let's you transition a lot of your spring/summer clothes into another season. Plus, it's super-easy to pull together a high street version of this. As for the Rachel Comey outfit (middle), yes, it's kind of insane, but she does nerdy-chic crazy layering so well, and if you deconstruct this outfit the pieces are all really wearable on their own. I think print clashing/layering might be a big fall trend (it is for spring). And we've got matching shoes and tights again. I see a pattern. The Staerk trench on the right is just so fab. I like that it's really long and big, but with the wide, open collar and really cinched waist you still get a sense that there's a person under all that fabric. Plus the shoulder epaulletes and the white branchy pin make it a little more interesting than the typical trench. Just skip the stirrup leggings, please.

Jason Wu. Um, Jason Wu is amazing. I loved his inauguration ball dress, and I really love his fall collection because he did COLOR! Lots of pretty jewel toned color! Fall has been kind of dark and dreary, so this is a nice wakeup call. His inspiration was old-school fairytales, and I think it shows. That red dress Chanel Iman is wearing is freaking adorable (I think it only looks funny at the hips b/c her hands are in the pockets). It's the perfect length, I love the fitted bodice, tulip skirt combo, and the print up top makes it fall appropriate, but the red on bottom keeps it lively and fun. The middle dress is the perfect fairytale princess dress. If it was white, I would get married in it. Love. I really like the way all the layers and tiers in the skirt don't make it bulky or overly pouffy, and the sweetheart neckline is just so adorable! As for the last dress, I want some to wear this to the Oscars. Please. Polka dots have never looked so chic (they might be tiny stars, in which case tiny stars have seriously never looked so chic). It's the perfect balance of little fitted bodice with flowing, a-line skirt, and it moves so well! Sigh. I also loved all his shoes. The thick black strappy ones especially.

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