Saturday, January 31, 2009

Site Highlight: Makeup Alley

Before I buy any new makeup, skincare, fragrance, haircare, or anything at all related to beauty, I go on Makeup Alley. It is the holy grail of makeup review sites. What it is is that people (normal people, people who work in the beauty industry, beauty bloggers) write reviews of every beauty related product imaginable. They rate them on a scale of 1 t0 5, talk about their experience with the product, usage tips, post product swatches, etc. Some products have over a thousand reviews.

It's really helpful to find new uses for old stuff (look up honey) and to see if a product is going to be right for you. For instance, if I'm debating between two eyeliners, I'll look them up on Makeup Alley and see what kinds of reviews they got. Go check it out today!

Swimwear for the Ocean-Challenged

After seeing Maud's swimwear post, I thought I'd do one for those of us, namely me, who never, ever make it out to the beach (or have a paralyzing fear of the ocean. anyone? anyone else?), but have to own at least one swimsuit because as soon as you throw away your never-worn swimsuit you get invited to some awesome beach/pool party and have nothing to wear (story of my life). So I rounded up a few very basic, very timeless swimsuits that you will just have to buy once and look cute in for years. And yes, they are all from J. Crew, because one, they make high-quality swimsuits, that two, come in like 2523525 colors.

J. Crew Tortoise Ring Bikini: about $90 total at Very basic, very chic. It might give you funny tan lines, but it's got a bit of old-school glamour.

J. Crew Braided Halter Bikink: about $86 at A softer take on the typical halter, it has tiny braids along the edges, which add a little visual interest but still keep it streamlined and simple. Plus, that purple is gorgeous!

J. Crew String Bikini: about $78 at Probably the most basic swimsuit ever, aka perfection. This string bikini will last you years, because this look never goes out of style.
J. Crew Gladiola Print Bikini: about $90 at I love this! The gladiola print is really subtle, but still really fun. The yellow color is so cheerful., and the pleats are cute and young, but small enough that they don't add bulk in that wrong places.
J. Crew Pleated Bikini Top: about $42 at, Ruched Bikini Bottom: about $38 at This is the plain version of the pleated top above, so it's even more timeless, and again, those pleats are so cute! They come with this weird applique flower bottom, so instead I'd go for this simple, ruched bikini bottom. That's why I love J. Crew. You can mix and match tops and bottoms to your heart's content.

And of course, if you have a fabulous swimsuit, you need fabulous cover-ups! I may be more excited about these than the actual swimsuits. Sad.
Victoria's Secret Pink Smocked Dress, about $39.50 at This dress is just so young and fun! The subtle tie-dye is going to be big for spring, and this dress could totally work off the beach too. It's a steal!

DVF Ganza Cover-up: about $360 at This is sickeningly gorgeous. I don't think I could bear to wear this to the beach. But if I ever go shopping on an exclusive Caribbean island, this is what I'm wearing.

Brette Sandler Ashley Print Caftan: about $165 at Not only is this totally on-trend for spring (sheer and floral), but it looks so easy to wear and comfy. Layer a tank dress or a slip underneath and you can work this on and off the beach.

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Perfume Awards!

Alright, I have a confession to make. My name is Megan, and I'm obssessed (obssessed) with perfume. I love it. I could spend ten grand on perfume in five minutes. Yes, it is a problem. So, I thought I'd round up my favorite perfumes in each category and share them with you guys.

Fresh: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic, $55 at, Marc Jacobs Splash in Grapefruit, $68 at
I'm not big on Fresh perfumes, so I tend to go for the ones that actually smell just like citrus. The Guerlain has the prettiest bottle, and smells just like tangerines. Yummy! The Marc Jacobs comes in the biggest perfume bottle I've ever seen, so it's a really good deal, and smells exactly like a real grapefruit.

Floral: Ralph Lauren Romance, $36-$78 at I really love this. It's the softest, warmest floral I've ever smelled. It just smells happy and cozy! It may not be that unique, but it just smells really, really pretty. I'm a hardcore oriental-wearing girl, but I want to buy this for my girlier days.

Oriental: Coco Mademoiselle, $80-$115 at This was the first real perfume I ever bought. It's not the heavy, stereotypical oriental, it's a very floral, soft oriental. I've used it for over a year, and I still love it (and I never like anything for that long!). I've actually gotten a lot of compliments on this. It's very sweet and fun, and the bottle is super cute! And yes, it is expensive, but it's a longlasting perfume, and it's totally worth it.

Woody: Prada by Prada, $56-$115 at This is my new perfume. I typically hate woody perfumes (who wants to smell like wood?) but this doesn't come off as woody to me at all. If Coco Mademoiselle is a wet, floral oriental, this is a dry, spicy oriental. It lasts forever, but it's not overbearing at all. It's kind of like someone made a perfume out of what the perfect person would smell like. It smells really natural, and I love the supercute atomiser it comes with! So retro chic.

Two places worth mentioning if you don't shop on line. Luckyscent is a great place for slightly lesser known, more niche perfumes. They have a huge selection, and you can buy cheap samples of the perfumes you're interested in so you can decide what works for you without having to make an expensive purchase. Plus, they have an open review section for each perfume so you can see what other people thought about it. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is this really intense underground, kind of goth perfume oil site (they were featured on Daily Candy, so their stuff is wearable). Not only is the site fun to look through, because they give each perfume really entertaining descriptions, but they have an extensive review website where their hardcore fans analyze each different oil. Their stuff smells really good, and since it's perfume oil, it lasts forever.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Beach Bum

It's almost swim season (in California, and like Hawaii, at least)! For those of you who don't know, I'm a toal beach bum. If I could have my way, I'd buy a house right on the beach an go surfing like every day. But live in land and happen to be a mainlander...for now. In the mean time, I thought I'd give a heads up on some cute suits for spring/summer 2009 because it's never too early. It's also really good for me too, cause I always buy at least one new bikini every year (yeah, I know, that's a LOT, but I like to have some choices, geesh).

First, we have the all too versatile basic black. The one on the left is Kushcush and retails for around $138 and the one on the right is Mara Hoffman and retails at $150. You can never go wrong with a solid black bikini because the color flatters everyone (and it's just a little sexy). If you're down between choosing two suits and one is crazy and the other is black, do your self a favor and invest in the black one.

Secondly, never underestimate a good print. These styles pictured above have been around for the last few seasons now and are well worth the investment. The one on the far left is Brette Sandler and retails at $158. The print is really cute and dainty, so anybody can pull it off. The second is Lisa Curran and retails for $176. The tie-dye is simple and not hippy dippy at all. Th one on the right is Diane von Furstenburg and retails at $180. When you look at it closely it's not really tie-dye, but has a more interesting pattern.

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Spring Beauty Trends: Metallic Nails

I am a nail polish addict. Which is actually kind of sad, seeing as my nail polish habit has raped my nails, making it nearly impossible to wear said polish, and so whenever I see cute nail polish I cry silently inside. Moving away from the self pity. If the Spring/Summer Runways are any indication, metallic nails are going to be a big deal for spring. That doesn't just mean gold and silver metallics, though. We're talking purple, pink, blue, even black metallic. I'm really loving this trend because it's a nice break from all the heavy, vampy colors we've been seeing for the last year or two. These nails feel so perfect for spring!

First off, we have the lilac metallic nails at Zac Posen (heads up, lilac is going to be huge for makeup). The models wore Deborah Lippman's polish in Purple Rain (haha). I like it because the pale purple is very typical spring, but the metallic makes it interesting instead of cliche. It releases later this spring.
Zoya Harley. Buy it for $6 at This is a really pretty, sheer, sparkly silver that for some reason is totally giving me fairy princess vibes. I think this is a really cute, wearable way to buy into the metallic trend, and this is probably the easiest to wear of all these polishes. Plus, Zoya makes really great, cheap polishes. :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Leila Rose: Buy it for $18 at This is probably the weirdest color, but I love it soooo much. It's a warm, pinky lavender metallic with silver sparkle. It sounds really hard to pull of, but I think if done right it could be stunning. Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are also big 3 free (Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene), so they're good for your nails! Or at least not bad for them.

Lippman Collection Rhapsody in White: buy it for $15 at Kate Winslet wore this on Oprah earlier this week, and it was super cute. On short, rounded nails this goes straight past tacky and right into chic.

Butter London Swinger: buy it for $14 at Butter London polishes are also big 3 free (yay!). This is a sheer, metallic gold that's actually very flattering on all skin tones, and would look great with a tan. It's fun and warm, but subtle enough not to be too obvious/blingy. Love!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the Hunt for: Ballet Flats

So I'm going off to college soon (like in eight months...I might be planning ahead), and in the mean time I'm trying to assemble everything I could possibly need in terms of clothing. And I mean everything. In this process, I've realized that I own approxiatemely one pair of flats that aren't sandals or Keds. One. This is sad. So, I'm on the hunt for cute ballet flats, because while I'd like to pretend that I'll be spending all of college in fabulously chic heels, I know that's soooo far from realistic. This is me trying to be practical. You probably won't see that again for a while.

First off, we have these J. Crew ballet flats for $98. Their ballet flats are very basic, but pretty well made and timeless. I could have worn these flats ten years ago and I could be wearing them in five years, so they're definitely versatile. Plus I love, love, love the metallic gunmetal shade. Very me. :)

Maloles ballet flats, about $330. Very vibrant, very, very girly. They might be a little over the top, but they're really cute, and I think worn with a less girly outfit these could totally work. On the grand scale of buying practical (I hate that word) clothes for college, these are innappropriate, but for now I can dream.

DRU New York patent ballet flats: on sale for $69.99. Another pair of gunmetal grey flats. Interesting. These are like half off, so if anyone else is looking for flats, snap these up! I've heard really great things about this brand, which is always a plus. I love patent, I love grey, and I love the elastic ruching these have going on...hmmm...I may have to get these.

Bona Drag studded ballet flats: about $48. These are studded Capezio ballet flats, so they're not very padded, or probably very comfy for long periods of time, but they are soooo cute. I really want the black ones. The studs given the perfect edge to this typically girly shoe, and if they came in grey, I would have totally bought them already. I really like grey, if you couldn't tell.

And finally, the extremely covetable and extremely expensive holy grail of ballet flats.
Lanvin ballet flats: about $520.
These are just so fabulous I can't even come up with the words. But there is no way I'm ever going to get these, because even I can't justify spending over half a grand on ballet flats, and I can justify pretty much anything related to shopping. However, if these somehow ended up in my room on graduation day, I wouldn't complain.

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Mixing Prints: Part Two

Alright, we just saw how cute mixing prints can be in a casual outfit, but it can also be really cute in a slightly more formal ensemble, like the classic little dress and cardigan. I think the key here is mixing a more neutral hued piece with a more brightly colored piece, and mixing either large and small prints or different kinds of prints (like florals and stripes). These outfits would look great with a simple necklace or earrings, and a cute pair of flat leather sandals.

Look One:
Lauren Conrad Dress: about $95. I know, it's "Lauren Conrad," but the big flower print is one, big for spring, and two, very graphic and kind of adorable. It's just a really easy and fun dress, and since it's Lauren Conrad, it's already on sale. Sad, but true.

J. Crew Cardigan: about $88. This cardigan is just so freaking cute! It makes me smile. Yes, the yellow is really bright, but the print isn't too loud. Plus, the dress above is only black and white, so the yellow would be festive, but not jarring. And the whole look is under $300. Score!

Look Two:

Forever 21 Cardigan: about $22.90. Not only is this a surprisingly cute sweater for Forever 21, but it's super cheap and really versatile. Neutral colors and stripes never go out of style.

Phillip Lim Dress: about $550. I'm in love with this dress. It's got a bit of a vintage vibe with the tiny floral print, but the asymmetrical piping on the bodice makes it totally modern. The stripes and the florals work together because both prints are on the quieter side, and they're both in pretty understated colors. This whole outfit has this french girl, chic thing going on that I'm really loving. Leave the sweater unbuttoned, and pair it with a tan leather belt. Adorable!

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Mixing Prints: Part One

Here's a more casual take on the mixing prints trend for spring.

Sonia Rykiel Cardigan: about $670. It's a little pinker than it looks in this picture.

Mason by Mason Michelle Tank: On sale for $132

J. Crew Shorts: about $68

The stripes on the cardigan and the polka dots on the shorts are both strong prints, but since the colors don't clash and since the shorts are neutral colors, you can get away with two strong prints. The ombre print on the tank adds visual interest, but is subtle enough to not detract from the cardigan and shorts. I really love this look, because it not only mixes high and low (one of my fav things!), but it's cute and relaxed, but not too casual. Plus, you could easily find a high street substitute for the Sonia Rykiel sweater (I'm pretty sure Forever21 would have like 10 different options).

As for accessories, pair this with a neutral bag, some quiet but interesting jewelry, and some punchy flats (see below) and you're good to go!

J. Crew Ballet Flats: $98

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Fashion Deja Vu

I know this happens in fashion, actually life, a lot, but do you ever notice when a "new" look appears surprisingly similar to one that was created anywhere from a few years to a few decades ago? I sure do. So I decided to put together a compliation of the ones that were the most striking to me.

First, the oh-so-obvious:

Angie was the first and the greatest. period. I understand copying an iconic image and all...but this is just overkill. Mind you, I adore Megan Fox and Diablo Cody, but I'm sure they could have thought of something a little more original. As for True Blood, I hear it sucks, so they kind of have an excuse.

Exhibit B: Marilyn Monroe.

What's with all the celebrity look-a-likes? I mean come on. For someone who's not even naturally blonde and had a nose job (and who's real name is Norma Jean Baker), why does our culture not realize that their epitome of beauty was the ultimate fake?! (Ok, that might have been a little harsh but it's not like she's going to come out of her grave and get me...On second thought, maybe I'll sleep with a light on.) What happened to all the other great beauties though? I mean Lauren Bacall, Veronica Lake, Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, et al? I think that they were all much prettier and classier. But I'm ranting. Oh well, you'll get over it. But what's with all the celebrities who want to be just like her? I mean, they do realize she died sketchily, right? It looks like Lindsay Lohan has been headed down that road for a long time now, though. People are also really obssessed with saying that ScarJo looks exactly like Marilyn. Which is actually kind of true, but I still think everyone needs their own personal style. But the award has to go to Megan Fox, for making it twice on just this one post. She's known to be completely head-over-heels for the origianl blonde bombshell and has been caught reading like forty billion books about her. She even has a tattoo over her on her arm. Go figure.

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Spring Runway to Realway: Part 2

It's pretty slim pickings for sheer, tiered dresses right now (which does make sense, come to think of it, since it's January), but I think I still managed to round up some pretty cute options for a more realistic take on the Charles Anastase/John Galliano runway trend.

Jill Stuart Dress, about $468: this just screams spring to me. It's very clean and plain white, but the different fabric textures and small details give it visual interest. The cut is very flattering for most body types, and this dress would last you awhile (I bought a dress just like this three years ago, and it still looks relevant). It's definitely more of a daytime dress.

Abaete Dress, about $550: this would be more appropriate for night time, but it also works for day. The print is young and fun, but so small as to not be loud or distracting, and I really love the white trim on the bodice. It's the perfect mix of innocent and slightly domintrax-bondage sexy. I really want to buy this dress just to put it on and spin in circles. The skirt looks so flowy! And, again, the cut is very flattering.

Juicy Couture Dress, about $500: this is probably the easiest to wear option. It's really versatile; sky high stilettos and a little clutch, and you're ready for cocktails, some gladiator sandals and big sunglasses and it's perfect for lunch or shopping. The jewel neck really highlights the collarbone, and the yellow is just so fun! Yellow can be very, very bad (acid yellow), and very, very good, like this sunshine yellow. Plus, the dress is lined, so you still get the sheer effect, but don't have to worry about having a Lindsay Lohan moment.

Elizabeth and James Dress, about $445: you'd have to be pretty small waisted to pull this off, but I think that if done right, it could be really, really cute. The white over the bright pink is really fun and interesting, and if styled with the appropriate, edgier accessories, this babydoll dress wouldn't look too sweet. I kind of want this...

I'll keep my eye out for more sheer, ruffly/tiered dresses as more spring merchandise starts hitting the stores, but in the mean time, look for dresses that are sheer, but lined, and fitted to the waist with a gentle a-line skirt. Flowy and sheer is cute. Tight and sheer is not.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boys Day Out

Here we go-

I thought that I would take a spin-off on the whole wearing-little-boys-clothes-as-really-cute-androgynous-clothes thing. There are some really cute find
s out there, if you know where to look. The key is to buy them in the largest sizes, though, so that they actually fit. Plus, these are all cheaper than buying normal clothes because they're for little boys. Do I smell a deal? I think yes.

Source #1: J. Crew

The sweater is really cute (and cashmere!) and is $98 and supposedly comes in other colors. The jacket is just a spin on the old blazer thing. Plus, if you wear it with dark jeans, it really makes the look put together. It priced at $148. I thought I would add the bow tie for anybody who just has a quirky style like that. And for anybody who cares, it's priced at $19.50. (why the $0.50, I don't know).

Source #2: Target

Besides all the fabulous designers Target gets for their cheap and chic lines, there are always deals abounding throughout the stores when everyone else is completely unsuspecting. You can find some serious steals. The greatest thing about Target though is that it is CHEAP. And the quality isn't really that bad, either. The first shirt is masculine, but still cute and is only $12.99. Seriously. For those of you out there, like me, that are into what Megan calls the "lumber jack" look, this shirt is much cheaper than what you can get at Urban Outfitters for like the same quality, ok, not quite the same, but close. This shirt is a steal at, guess what, $9.99.

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