Thursday, February 12, 2009

Loving: Current/Elliot

Current/Elliot is an LA-based, LA-made denim brand that's popped up in the last couple of years. For a pretty young denim brand, they've got jeans down to a science. They can seriously do no wrong. I already posted their boyfriend jean, but I reposted them in a new wash just in case anyone forgot what they look like and because I wanted to drool over them again. Aside from boyfriend jeans, they do great skinny jeans, flares, bootcut jeans, jean shorts, jean dresses, jean tops, jean jackets, really anything you can think of made out of denim. Normally the only thing I'll wear in denim is jeans, but I'm willing to make an exception for Current/Elliot. Their stuff is too freaking cute. Browse their collection here.

The Boyfriend Jean in Trash Wash, $229 at I know, I know, but they're just so pretty...
The Mini Pocket in Super Loved, $273 at I think I've made my love for wide leg jeans pretty clear, but how can you not love these? They've got a def 70's vibe, but they still manage to look fresh and cute.

The Biker Jacket in Night, $275 at I generally hate denim jackets. I have a denim jacket gag reflex. But this is so un-typical denim jacket like, it may have won me over. The asymmetrical zipper, cropped sleeves, and fitted cut put it in the totally craveable category.

Square Dance Skirt in Chambray, $180 at Aside from the name (I'm traumatized by third grade square dancing lessons, yes, they do exist) I'm in love with this skirt. It's so swingy and fun, and the denim keeps it from being a 2004 boho-skirt rehash.

Long Cut-offs in Barn Dark Wash, $208 at The perfect denim short is hard to find. For a while it was those Levi's frayed cutoffs, but I think those have been done about to death at this point. These are a great alternative because they're not too short (never cute), but still short enough to be sexy, the folded cuff is adorable, and the deep pockets and dark wash make it totally refreshing.

Artist Smock, $206 at This plus some cute sandals and a few dangly necklaces and you've got a sickeningly fab spring outfit. Done and done.

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