Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Xmas List

First off, I want to make sure no one assumes my parents will be buying me all of these things.  I will probably end up buying half of it for myself.  If I'm lucky.  Anyways, here are some of the things that I want for Christmas.

Pink iPod Nano 8 GB, $139.95 at amazon.com: I really, really need a new iPod.  Mine is basically a useless brick at this point.  I tend to sleep with my iPod (mind out of the gutter), and since it's an iPod Touch, me falling asleep on the touch screen makes it basically unable for the iPod for function without me sitting on top of it.  Which just isn't practical for daily life.  I like this iPod because it's tiny and pink, it has a touch screen (but a small one that would be harder for me to break!), and it has a clip on the back for me to clip on to my shirt when I'm running!  Such a win.

MAC Eyeshadow in Sable, $14.50 at maccosmetics.com: Sable is a gold-plum shadow with bronze pearl (veluxe pearl finish), and it's basically everything that I wanted Satin Taupe to be.  It' a warm, deep but versatile basic shade that would look great with my hazel eyes, and could work as a lid or a crease shade.

Frye Carmen Harness Short, $298 at fryeboots.com: Y'all know I want these.  They're so pretty.  They're nice and rugged without being too mannish, and the little heel is so sassy.  I love the tapping sound these make when you walk, and with these heels I'll be 5'11.  Ack!  So tall.  I will probably end up buying these for myself. 

Ray-Ban Oversized Wayfarers, $139 at revolveclothing.com: Yes, I know, I have the regular Wayfarers and the aviators, but...I want these.  The oversized shape makes them so darn chic, and they look just like the Audrey Hepburn ones from Breakfast at Tiffanys. 

J. Brand Jeggings, $139 at shopbop.com: I'm caving.  I want jeggings.  BUT just to wear with boots, I swear.  They're just so easy to tuck into boots without looking bulky.  I love these J. Brand jeggings because they look like real jeans, with zippers and back pockets and everything, but they feel like pajamas.  And that's always a plus.

Love Me Sugar Paris Boudoir Eye Mask, $15 at etsy.com:

Viv & Ingird Horseshoe Earrings, $65 at vivandingrid.com: I've had a pair of Viv & Ingrid earrings for the past year, and I wear them basically every day.  They're basically indestructible.  I wore them for 6 months straight after I pierced my ears, and they never got lose or fell out.  I love that these are tiny horseshoes, one because I ride, and two because they're a little good luck charm to carry around with you all day.

ASTARS Ventura Highway Top, $66 at alpinestars.com: I've decided this is the best t-shirt ever.  I got it a year ago and I've basically worn it to pieces.  It's flattering, it's comfy, and it works for day and night.  I know $66 is a lot for a shirt, but trust me, this one is so, so worth it.

Images from amazon.com, amanda11762.blogspot.com, fryeboots.com, revolveclothing.com, shopbop.com, etsy.com, vivandingrid.com, alpinestars.com.

Loving the Look: Leighton Meester

Here's Leighton Meester at an Herbal Essences event (it still surprises me that of all the Gossip Girl actresses they didn't pick Blake Lively.  Girl has HAIR).  Her hair looks suitably fabulous, I'm loving the soft smokey eye, but what I really want to talk about is her Versus dress.

HOW ADORABLE IS IT?!  The bodice is modest, but in an interesting and fresh way, the mixture of textures keeps the black from feeling staid, and the kicky short skirt gives it all a young and fun twist.  I'm even willing to forgive the shoes, as long as that dress makes its way into my closet while I'm sleeping tonight.  

Image from gofugyourself.com.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

So I've been dying to buy the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter for a while now.  I wanted a highlighter that was a little more subtle and easier to deal with than my MAC Vanilla pigment (still love it though).  But it's $45.  Boo.  However, it looks an awful lot like the MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle, which is $28 at maccosmetics.com.  Guess which one I ended up buying?

This is my first MSF.  It's a finely milled powder that's marbled and baked, and the compact is about the size of my palm.  $28 isn't pocket change, but you get a LOT of product with this baby.  The MAC site describes it as a gilded peach bronze.  Um, no.  It swatches more a rosy champagne with a mixture of shimmer and glitter.  It's just really, really lovely.  Here are some pics:

I'd say the coloring veers a bit more towards the first than the second picture.  Here's a good swatch of it.  Isn't it pretty?!?!  What I've found with this is a that a little goes a long way.  It is very shimmery.  With a heavy hand you can veer into Twilight territory immediately.  But with a big, fluffy brush or a skunk brush like my MAC 187, you can get a light application that gives you a candlelit glow (and who doesn't want to look like they're permanently bathed in candlelight?  Really now).  The wear time is about the same as any powder on me.  It fades throughout the day, but doesn't disappear, and would probably last a lot longer if you have less oily skin than I do.

You can really use this anywhere--on the lids, browbone, collarbone, cheekbones, etc, etc.  It looks very natural because it's actually a skin-esque color, and it makes you look dewy and fresh without looking oily.  I'm honestly very pleased with this.  It's probably my favorite highlighter that I've ever used.

Awkward Chic rating: A-.  I wish that is what just shimmer instead of having some random glittery bits mixed in, but overall it's a gorgeous shade that's easy to work with and good value for your money.

Images from berryberrycouture.blogspot.com.

Review: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss

Confession: I have never been a big fan of Victoria's Secret beauty products.  They've all seemed a bit tacky to me.  But I got this lip gloss in I Want Candy (really, that's the name) in a free gift bag from Black Friday, so it was a no risk situation.  I'm not very demanding in want I want from my lip glosses.  I want a little bit of color, a little bit of moisture, some sheen, and possibly a yummy taste with a good wear time.

It's $7 at victoriassecret.com or 5/$20.  This is exactly what it looks like in person, a muted mauvey-pink with absolutely no shimmer (sad face).  It literally tastes like candy.  Shocking, I know.

I like the squeeze tube applicator a lot.  It gives you a good amount of control over how much product you're using, and lets you get at the gloss from the bottom of the tube when you start running out.  It goes on nicely, and gives a pretty high sheen to the lips.  I wouldn't say it makes me lips feel less chapped, but it doesn't make them feel drier, so it's sort of neutral in the moisturizing department.  It adds a bit of pink color, but not much.  The one issue I have with it is that the gloss is very, very tacky.  Your hair will be sticking to your lips.  All the time.  But on the flipside, it has great wear time.  This weekend I got four hours including eating and drinking.  For a lip gloss, that's pretty fantastic.

Awkward Chic rating: B+.  It's a good gloss, a little on the tacky side, but a decent value for the price.  I'd be willing to try this in a few other colors, maybe More Mimosa and Juiced Berry.

Image from amazon.com.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mini OPI Haul

I hate to pull the lazy blogger card, but it's vacay.  And Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  So this is probably the last you'll hear of me for the week (because I will be locked in a tiny dark closet writing a Medieval Architecture research paper.  Fun times!).  But before I go, I just had to show you guys the 2 new polishes I got.

I went to Ulta looking for Essie Smokin' Hot...and they were literally out of the entire winter collection.  What.  The.  Heck.  Not cool.  So I grabbed these two puppies: OPI Ink and OPI Royal Rajah Ruby.  I love that OPI keeps their seasonal collections around.  I'm so used to MAC and the new things disappearing after a month, so finding a polish from a 2 year old collection was a nice surprise.  OPI Ink is $5.55 at amazon.com, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby is $5.25 at amazon.com:
Here's a swatch of Ink, and here's a swatch of Royal Rajah Ruby.  No time to take my own swatches.  Yes, I do fail.  Ink is an indigo blue-purple with fine pink shimmer.  It's a much cooler and slightly lighter version of Zoya Valerie, which I just got.  Royal Rajah Ruby is a little more blackened on me than in that swatch--it's a blackened red with red shimmer, very holiday but very vampy.  It's what I thought Midnight in Moscow would be, except this one actually reads as red on the nails.  

I'm still upset that they didn't have Smokin' Hot, but I really like both of these.  Especially Royal Rajah Ruby.  I die.

Update: I went to Ulta again today.  They still didn't have Smokin' Hot.  GAH.  But Royal Rajah Ruby is wearing so well.  It's such a lit-from-within color that it practically glows.  Love.

Images from amazon.com, amazon.com.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Retail Therapy

 Sometimes when I get to that really burnt out, stressed, tired/grumpy place during midterms/finals, I like to buy myself things to make me feel better.  I know it's terrible, but it's sad how much better a new nail polish can make me feel about having to write a 7 page Medieval Spanish Lit paper (yep, that was my weekend).  Here are some of the things that I want to buy myself right now.

Rebecca Minkoff Charm Mini Bag, $225 at shopbop.com: I'm really warming up to the idea of shoulder bags with long straps, like this little Rebecca Minkoff bag.  It's affordable, it has a girly shape with some sassy detailing, it has a practical turnlock closure, and it's small enough to be easy to deal with, but it's still a versatile size.  Also I'm just dying for a little Chanel shoulder bag, but this is a much more realistic option.

Elizabeth & James Fairfax Sunglasses, $185 at shopbop.com: I LOVE THESE CAT EYE SUNGLASSES.  The shape is just so cute and retro and refreshing when basically all everyone is wearing nowadays are aviators and some variation on Wayfarers (guilty on both counts).  The slightly tortoiseshell frame adds to the retro effect, but the wire arms keep it all from being too heavy and intense.

Essie Polish in Smokin' Hot, $3.75 at amazon.com: This polish is from the winter collection and I am 100% picking it up on Wednesday when I finally get to go to Ulta.  Smokin' Hot is a grey-mauve-taupe.  Here's a good swatch.  I'm really feeling it because it's offbeat but polished and wintery, and it manages to not be a stereotypical color without resorting to being ugly.  Plus warm purpley greys are so much more flattering on me than cool-toned grays. 

Images from shopbop.com, shopbop.com, amazon.com.

Crystal Renn and the Plus Size Debate

This spread from the recent issue of Harper's Bazaar has caused a lot of controversy in the blogosphere recently.  There's been a lot of drama over Crystal's weight fluctuating, and how people think that as a plus size model she needs to stay plus size (especially as the poster child for plus size models).

To which I have to say: who cares if she loses some weight?  I think the fact that she looks a lot thinner in these is mostly due to the lighting and camera angles.

I read her autobiography over summer break, and here's what I think happened.  She had a severe eating disorder for most of her teenage years, and to help herself get over it she stopped going to the gym, where she would work out obsessively.  And she's said recently that she's just been able to start working out in a healthy way again, so I think that might be a big part of it.  The girl already has so much speculation over her body as a plus size model.  Give her a break.

Images from fashionista.com.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Deborah Lippman Cravings

I think I want to buy myself some Deborah Lippman.  I know it's $16 a bottle, but...they're so pretty.  And apparently the quality is there.  And they're so pretty.  Here are the colors I'm craving.

Bitches Brew, Supermodel: I love the name of this first polish.  I especially love that it's a vampy, shimmery wine red that does look a little bitchy in a very intense, glam way.  Which is kind of why I like it.  This Supermodel shade was made with Dree Hemingway (yes, that Hemingway), and it's a sheer orange-coral-red jelly.  I love these sorts of colors for spring/summer or brightening up a grey winter day, and the jelly gives it this interesting, translucent effect without actually being sheer.

Don't Tell Mama, Wicked Game: Don't Tell Mama has a dark blue/black base with green and blue shimmer.  So, so pretty on the nail.  It's a fun twist on the vampy trend and a refreshing change from the usual reds and purples.  The two colors of shimmer give it such a multi-dimensional look on the nail--it's very jewel-like.  The duochrome on this second polish is insane.  It's a silvery lavender with a green and blue duochrome.  It's very offbeat and edgy, but in a pretty and feminine way, which is rare.

All $16 at deborahlippman.com.

Have a great weekend y'all!  I know I need the break.

Images from deborahlippman.com.

Fashion Contraceptive

I don't even know what to say about these pants.  Except that they could possibly function as birth control and the act of paying $900 for these should be illegal.

Ellery Bloodstone Extra Wide Flare Pants, $900 at shopbop.com:


Image from shopbop.com.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finger Bling

Shopbop has had a lot of hilarious rings lately.  Especially hilarious knuckle rings.  Well, I think all knuckle rings at innately hilarious, but that's beside the point

Marc by Marc Jacobs Stone Cluster Ring, $88 at shopbop.com: I don't really know what Marc was thinking.  This ring is a hilarious collection of things that shouldn't work together but almost do?  I can't decide if I think it's hideous or awesome.

Noir Jewelry Bat Two Finger Crystal Ring, $143 at shopbop.com: This ring is seriously the bat call sign from Bat Man.  But in a Swarovski knuckle ring.  It's like a Bat Girl ring!  I love it because it's so quirky and weird and almost nerdy, but the black crystals take it to a slightly edgy/glam place that really works.

Kenneth Jay Lane Monkey Ring, $86 at shopbop.com: Aaaah I want this on my finger.  It's such a cheerful little monkey, with it's waving palms and it's gigantic, drug-addled looking eyes.  It really looks like a crazy little monkey, but I kind of like crazy little animals on my jewelry.  It's like a little buddy that hangs out with you all day.

Images from shopbop.com, shopbop.com, shopbop.com.

The Family Circus

This W spread (from the December issue) is fantastic.  I love anything that's a twist on a fairy tale, and this is a dark/glam twist on fairy tales.  The heavy snow effects only add to the magical quality of it all.

Also I'm really excited for all these fairy tale movies coming out soon.  This is the Red Riding Hood trailer (2011).

 And I was excited for this, but on rewatching the trailer...hm....Although I do like anything with talking sassy horses.

The Family Circus, shot by Paolo Roversi for W Magazine, featuring Lindsay Wixon, Arizona Muse, and Britt Maren.

Images from wmagazine.com.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

J. Crew Lovelies

Mostly pretty J. Crew things.  J. Crew is seriously hitting it out of the park this season.  Also they sell Essie and Bobbi Brown there now?  Interesting. 

Sandro Jet Lace-Trimmed Mini Skirt, $255 at net-a-porter.com, J. Crew Chunky Fairisle Funnelneck Sweater, $148 at jcrew.com: This skirt + holiday parties = match made in heaven.  Dress it down with a white tee.  Dress it up with a blouse.  The options are endless, and the lace detail makes it much sassier than the usual pencil mini skirt. You guys know that I'm not a preppy person.  Cable knits and pearls make me cringe.  But some deep, pathogical part of me really wants to wear this Fairisle sweater with dark jeans and a pair of equestrian-inspired boots.  I think it's the All American Girl collection.  I'm irrationally drawn to that wholesome, Ralph Lauren-esque look.

Coquette Hobo in Shimmer Leather, $248 at jcrew.com: This really reminds me of this Stella McCartney bag in black.  Except a zillion times cheaper.  The combination of the leather/ribbon/chain handles is very Lanvin (love), the top has a turnlock, which is super convenient, and I love the construction.  You can scrunch the sides up and down based on how much stuff you have in it, so you can go super slouchy or nice and structure.  The slight sheen of the leather adds a nice glam twist, and makes black fun instead of boring.

Tinsel Bustier Dress, $695 at jcrew.com: I realize that this is a lot for a J. Crew dress.  But it's limited edition and the tinsel is hand sewn to the skirt!  Gosh I'm gullible.  I just love the shape of it, with the voluminous skirt against the fitted bustier, and the contrast between the matte top and the high sheen of the skirt.  It feels so festive and holiday party appropriate, but at the same time you could really wear it all year.

Images from net-a-porter.com, jcrew.com, jcrew.com, jcrew.com.

Audrey Hepburn Would Approve

Is it really obnooxious that I want an eye mask?  Not the skincare kind, the sleeping kind.  Look how glam Audrey Hepburn looks with one!  Adorable.

Glam Pink and Tulle Eye Mask by Love Me Sugar, $25 at etsy.com.  The story is that even though I'm as night owly as it gets, my roommates tend to stay up later than I do, and it is ridiculously hard to fall asleep with the lights on.  The eye mask solves all those annoying light problems, and looks glam doing it.  Much better than me putting a pillow on my face.  Much easier to breath too.  I love the sweet girliness of the black/pink color combo against the luxuriousness of the satin and the lace.  My only fear is that I would wake up and think that I'm blind.  Does anyone else have irrational fears like this?

Images from kamharrisphoto.wordpress.com, etsy.com.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Princess Diana's Ring?

6Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably heard that Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged, and that he proposed with his mother, Princess Diana's wedding ring.  AKA this giant hunk of sapphire and diamonds.

 It's definitely gorgeous, but does anyone else find it a little creepy that he's using his dead mother's wedding ring?  Especially given the circumstances of her death and her marriage to his father.  I feel like it symbolizes a whole lot of bad things.  But again, so pretty.  So, so, so pretty.  I'm intrigued by these wedding rings that have colored stones in the center and diamonds on the perimeter.  I think I like.  What do you girls think?

Image from mirror.co.uk.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello, Darling

One of my favorite parts of the holidays?  All the adorable gift sets.  So many of them, so few blog posts.  Hmm.

Philosophy Holiday Greetings Set, $22 at sephora.com: So much cute.  I mean first off, I'd keep the packaging just to use as storage/decoration.  It's a mini mail box!  Adorable.  And second off, the baked goods scent profiles of the included products--omnomnom.  You get Brown Butter Cookie shower gel and shampoo, Pink Frosted Cookie lip shine, Almond Macaroon body butter.  Nothing says holidays like baked goods.  And smelling baked goods is much better for the hips than eating said baked goods.  Plus, at less than $25, this is a great last minute present for a girlfriend or cousin.
Image from sephora.com.

Daily Dose of Ugly

Sometimes fashion baffles me.  Don't get me wrong, most of the time I love it, but this...this makes me question it.
Georgie Ashley Lace Bell Bottom Pants, $218 at shopbop.com: More than $200 for polyester lace printed bell bottoms.  No.  No.  No.  Just no.  NOOOOO.  So ugly my retinas are burning.
Image from shopbop.com.


So I've kind of failed recently.  I know.  I'm sorry.  It's like midterms NEVER END and just go straight into finals.  Unacceptable.  To make up for my faily-ness, I have a brand-new layout for you guys!  The old one was bothering me.  It was too busy.  Sometimes I get so excited about new Blogspot options that I don't really think them through.  I hope you guys like this one better (I know I do), and to make this post EVEN BETTER, here are some awesome self-esteemy quotes I've been loving lately.

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left." -Marilyn Monroe

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." -Coco Chanel

"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." -Marilyn Monroe

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." -Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe.  Way cooler than I thought she was.  I always think of that episode of Mad Men where they stereotype every woman as either a "Marilyn" or a "Jackie," as in Jackie O.  Because clearly there's no middle ground there.  Although personally, I'd rather be a Marilyn. 
 Image from thoughttheater.com.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Color Coordination

This post was my roommate's idea.  I asked her if there was anything she'd want to see me post on, and apparently the idea of matching nail polish to an outfit is very stressful.  Our room is special, what can I say.  But I got to thinking about it and it can be hard to decide what nail polish to wear with an outfit, especially if you're like me and you own like a million nail polishes.  It's all about contrast, people.  So, without further ado:

The bright/printed outfit: Rebecca Taylor Strapless Dress, $163 at shopbop.com, Essie Mademoiselle: When you have a dress like this, where both the color and the print are doing all the talking, you don't want to make your nails fight with the dress.  Clearly the dress will win.  It's fricking pink tie-dye.  What you want to do here is pick a basically neutral color that will complement the hues of the dress.  Since the dress is so pink, I went with a pale pinky-nude.  It looks very polished and chic, especially on short nails, and the pink goes well with the dress, but doesn't compete with it.  That said, this isn't the only polish you could ever wear with this dress--you could do a light blue-grey, a pastel lavender, etc, etc.

The girly/white outfit: Madison Marcus Gilt V-Neck Dress with Belt, $305 at shopbop.com, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: I really wanted this white dress to be girlier, but Shopbop failed me.  Just imagine that it has ruffles or lace or something.  White dresses themselves are very light and girly, and when you add in feminine detailing like ruching and the imaginary lace, you end up with something more Taylor Swift than modern and edgy.  If you add a light, pretty polish on top of that, you start looking a little twee.  Or like a cupcake.  Here, I like to contrast the sweetness of the dress with a deep, vampy polish, and what's vampier than Lincoln Park After Dark?  I wouldn't do shimmer here, just because shimmer itself is so girly, and we already have a lot of that going on.

And the edgy LBD: Veda Georgia Dress, $385 at shopbop.com, OPI Diva of Geneva: Last but not least, the classic dilemma: the LBD.  I always want to liven up my LBD's with colorful accessories.  Don't get me wrong, I love black, but too much black takes you into Taylor Momsen territory.  My favorite polishes to do with black are jewel tones--they just look so rich together.  I like Diva of Geneva for this because the pinkish-purple hue and the shimmer add a little punch and girliness to this edgy LBD, but it isn't so bright that it looks out of place against the dress.

Images from shopbop.com, mandalzying.blogspot.com, shopbop.com, makeupandbeautyblog.com, shopbop.com, mbeautylounge.com.


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