Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Inspiration

With all the Fall/Winter '09 coverage I did, I kind of forgot about Spring/Summer. You know, the actual season at hand. Oops. Anyways, I pulled out a few looks from the Spring/Summer runways that are relevant and adorable, and most importantly, inspiring! The last two weeks of highschool are DRAGGING on. I'm in desperate need of some inspiration.

Loewe, Balmain, Tory Burch: I would sell my kidney for that coat. Totally kidding...totally...But seriously, the pushed-up sleeves and charcoal suede? I die (as I would without my kidney. Hm...). And I know that the Balmain pics have been EVERYWHERE, but with all the focus on the awesome jackets, people have kind of been ignoring the gorgeous dress. This fuschia, one-shouldered dress is 100% on trend, but so classically Balmain at the same time. Very rock and roll. The separate pieces in that last look aren't jawdropping alone, but the styling is spot on, with the kooky mixed prints, giant necklace, and jaunty fedora. That's a really easy, very chic look to dupe. Hello, this weekend's outfit.

J. Mendel, Burberry, Philosophy: That J. Mendel dress is so ethereal, and floaty, and pretty...drool...I love, love, love the styling at Burberry. The statement necklace and boyfriend blazer with the rolled up sleeves--why is Christopher Bailey so brilliant? And I just want to throw on that Philosophy dress and jump on a plane to anywhere but Mexico. The dramatic, fitted bodice balances out the maxi skirt, and the colors are so vibrant and cheerful! Plus the detail on the top is amazing.

Peter Som, William Rast, Yigal Azrouel: I know it looks like she's naked, but the nude is so on-trend, and the black shapes (flowers?) look so organic creeping up the skirt. I feel like you could just throw up on with a killer smoky eye, walk into a room, and just shut in down. Or maybe that's just my daydream...Anyways, that look from William Rast is a little more fall than spring, and I'm torn about the jeans (hehe...bad pun), but the top half of that outfit is sick. I'm a sucker for motorcycle jackets and big scarves. How amazing is that Yigal dress? It's so ornate and twisty. It's practically alive, and somehow looks really cool instead of creepy.

Nicole Miller, Erin Fetherston, Boy by Band of Outsiders: Again, the styling at Nicole Miller is impeccable. The cheeky hat (hats. sigh.), the tribal-inspired necklace, the boyfriend blazer, the tapered/cropped pants. It's all on-trend, but it doesn't come across as looking overly trendy. For the minimalists, I love this look at Erin Fetherston. It should come across as really stark and boring, but it's so sexy and drop-dead chic at the same time. And now for my favorite look, from Boy by Band of Outsiders. The trench is amazing. The boyfriend button-up and striped pencil skirt are amazing. The whole combination is the perfect "I stole this from my boyfriend" look (minus the skirt...hopefully), but the adrogony is striking feminine at the same time.

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Celeb Style: Emma Watson

This Harry Potter star has gone from conjuring up spells to conjuring up the style gods. Fashion houses seem to fight over her, which shows she has some obvious fashion skills. While she might have started out with a very simplistic style, as she's matured her style has as well. Now she always seems to be the bell of the ball. I don't think she could ever wear anything truly horrendous, although everyone has their ups and downs. But for the moment, she's on a serious role, whether she's attending an awards show or just out and about.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lorick FINALLY at Retail

I've been in love with Lorick ever since the line debuted on Gossip Girl last season, but the line's been a little hard to track down in the mean time. But finally, finally, the Spring stuff is up online, and here are my picks:

Lorick Heart Beat Dress, $345 at, Lorick Scarf Overlay Dress, $318 at, Lorick Strapless Dress, $368 at The print on that first dress is a heart monitor line thingy! It took me forever to figure that out. I think the combination of the quirky, slightly morbid print and the retro, super feminine shape is adorable. And the cut is really, really flattering, with the fitted bodice and swingy skirt. The second dress is a little more on the hippie/organic-looking side, with the cream hues and brown, tie-dye scarf overlay. Again, the shape is very flattering, and I like how there's just a kind of this off-beat detailing with the print. That's what makes these pieces so special--they don't look like anything else out there. The last dress is very simple, but more on the formal side. The pared-down silhouette is balanced nicely by the rich sheen of the fabrics and the contrasting hem, and who doesn't love a sweetheart neckline?

Vena Cava Papyrus Dress, $575 at This dress was on Gossip Girl on Monday. I've been eyeing it for awhile, and that cameo convinced me. The zipper down the front is so unexpected, but very sexy, and the above the knee length skirt mediates the zipper and the bare top. I love the print on the skirt, and the dress itself is just such a look. It doesn't really need anything else to make it work, and I promise, it's more flattering than it looks.

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Desperately Seeking Susan

Add this to your Netflix now. The movie itself is good, but the fashion is AMAZING. Think mid '80s and young Madonna. I die. Twice. Everything she wears is amazing, but she has this short, fitted boyfriend blazer/layered rosary necklace thing going on that is really quite fantastic. Observe:

Yeah, copying the look verbatim might not be the best idea, but as an inspiration, it's perfect!

Johnson Ralph Blazer, $326 at, Elizabeth & James Jagger Jacket, $395 at, Elizabeth and James Jackson Blazer, $395 at Boyfriend, cropped/cutaway, fitted blazers are '80s-inspired, but the softer shoulders and modern fabrics keep them from being dated. I love the touch of plaid on this Johnson blazer, and it definitely looks the most like the blazer from the movie. That middle blazer is definitely the most '80s, with the cutaway front and longer back, but I love the monochromatic stripes! And the double-breasted buttons are adorable. The last blazer is my favorite. The cropped, cutaway from combined with the double-breasted buttons almost makes it look like a tuxedo vest, but the bright white shade keeps it from being dated/kitschy. Love!

Catholic Black Rosary Beads, $11.95 at, Black Prayer Beads Lourdes Rosary, $9.49 at, Alkemie Jewelry Black Owl Rosary Necklace, $209 at Rosaries are surprisingly cheap! Which means that you can afford to buy multiples and layer them, a la Madonna. I like the black/silver versions because they don't look tacky, and they'll show up against a wider range of colors than say, a white rosary. This first rosary is a bit more feminine and ornate, and the second is a little blockier and a little more androgynous (so of course I like that one more). Personally, I have nothing against wearing rosaries. They're beautiful, and they make a statement. But, I'm sure some people find wearing rosaries in a non-religious context offensive, which is why I put in this owl rosary. I'm not really sure if you can call it a rosary without a cross, but it looks extremely similar. The owl is a quirky, cute touch.

I'd layer a cropped/cut-away jacket over a sheerish white tee, throw on a couple rosary necklaces (or some chain necklaces), a pair of boyfriend jeans, and some fierce heels, and people will be desperately seeking you. Too easy. Sorry.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Declaring it Officially Summer

I don't care that it's currently 60 degrees in LA or that there's some official season calendar somewhere that says summer starts in June. It's almost May, and I get out of school in two weeks, ergo it is summertime (my fancy word usage makes it MORE official. Take that evil calendar). Anyways, since it is now summertime, I feel like it's about time to break out some coral lippie. Of course, since this is me we're talking about here, I'm too indecisive to decide what kind of coral lippie I want--something more on the orangey/red size, or something in the more traditional pinky-coral category.

These two are the pinkier options. That's MAC's Lipstick in See Sheer on the left and MAC's Lipstick in Vegas Volt on the right, both $14 at See Sheer is a bit brighter and deeper than Vegas Volt in real life, but both are medium, pink/orange corals. There's just something so fun and summery about these two! I want to pair them with white dresses and head off to a beach STAT. I might be leaning towards See Sheer out of these two because Kristen Stewart wore it on the cover of Nylon recently, and it looked amahzing.

These are the orangier/redder options. CARGO Plantlove's Lipstick in Evangeline, which I already posted about, is on the bottom left of the pic on the left (confusing!), and is $20 at, and YSL Rouge Volupte in Orange Shiver and Extreme Coral (ignore the third swatch) is on the right, and is $34 at Evangeline is definitely brighter in real life, but it's surprisingly wearable, especially as a stain, and it's eco-friendly! I've heard the YSL Rouge Volupte lippies are unbelievable, but they're a little pricey...I'm torn between Orange Shiver and Extreme Coral, but I think Orange Shiver might be a little more realistic...

I think my favorites are See Sheer and Orange Shiver/Evangeline. That was difficult! Now I can't just buy one of them. Oh dear. This blog is most definitely having a negative effect on my bank account.

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I have a bit of a problem with updos. I think they're gorgeous...on other people. The problem is, I have really, really thick, really, really straight hair that is hell-bent to resist any kind of curl, and takes 10 bobby pins to get into a ponytail (sadly, no joke). Plus, it's just above shoulder-length in the front and about two inches shorter in the back, aka barely long enough to get into an updo.

Normally I don't even think about updos (way too lazy), but I have graduation coming up, and I'm wearing a one-shoulder dress. I want to show off the pretty neckline, which means that my hair needs to be up. Since I am in no way capable of doing that myself, I'm hopefully going to get my hair done. Which means I can pick hairstyles way too complicated for me to even think about doing on my own! I have a couple of celebrity-inspired ideas for pretty updos below, let me know what you think. These would also work really well for prom, if anyone else is looking for inspiration!

I think Taylor Swift's style is one of the most low-key, just curled and then gathered into a loose, low bun. I'm worried that I don't have enough actual length to pull that off, but it's so pretty! I LOVE Hayden Panettiere's messy chignon. The twisty texture keeps the chignon from being too formal. This might be the most realistic--I think we had the same length hair when that pic was taken (btw she looks kind of fantastic right there). The least realistic is Blake Liveley's hair from the Gossip Girl premiere. Keep in mind that since I have a lot less hair than she does, the curly bun at the back would be smaller. I just love the combination of textures there, the braids, chains, and curls all wrapped into that loose, wispy updo. So pretty. Seriously, how amazing is Nicole Richie? First off, I love what she's doing with all the braids. I die. I think I would try to do a combination of these two. I want my bangs and some side pieces down, but I want the French braids circling my head (minus the bump). And last but not least, I'd also like to try Sienna Miller's loose, twisty updo, but maybe a little more polished. I think the twist is a cute variation on the braid, and maybe less trendy, so less likely to look dated? I need opinions here. Help!

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Coco Inspired: Breton Stripes

I was inspired by that still of Audrey Tatou earlier (in the adorable striped top) to go on a hunt for a couple of buyable replicas. I love the fresh, slightly nautical vibe of the navy and white stripes, and they just scream French girl chic. Plus, this kind of top is a really easy way to add some pattern into your wardrobe for the print-phobes out there (maybe that's just me?). The traditional variety of these tops is called a "Breton" top--no idea why. It's generally boat-necked, with thin navy and white stripes and 3/4 length sleeves. However, designers are mixing up this classic, and you can find it in every variation imaginable.

Armor Lux Pull Marin in Navy/Nature, 90 Euros at, A.P.C. Navy/White striped top, $58 at, Land's End French Sailor's Shirt, $34.50 at This first top is the real deal. Like, from a French sailing ware company. So, if you want authenthic French nautical, look no further. The price is a little steep for the current euro/dollar exchange rate, but on the other hand, this is probably really well-made, and I love the little buttons at the neckline! So cute! This would make an amazing sweater. Drool. If you want to show a little more skin, this A.P.C. version is perfect with its cropped sleeves and scoop neckline. It's more of a henley than a Breton top, but I think it still has the same vibe. Yes, it looks dumpy on the model, but I think it would be cute in real life. And if you're really looking for a great deal, Land's End has an adorable French Sailor top! It's definitely the most affordable option, and it actually looks the most like the one Audrey was wearing. Translation: the cheapest one looks the most like the one Coco supposedly wore. Enough said.

Throw one of these on with a pair of black cigarette pants and some cute ballet flats, and I guarantee you will feel at least a little bit Frencher,. I think every girl would use a little more Frenchness in daily life, no?

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Coco Avant Chanel

Unless you've been living under a rock lately (or just have way more willpower than me and can resist the siren call of cable/internet), you probably know that Audrey Tatou is starring in the latest Coco Chanel biopic. Seriously, what's with all the fashion biopics/documentaries this year? I like it! Anyways, having seen the Shirley Maclaine version, I can safely say that this one is going to be better, and I haven't even seen it yet. I mean, Coco Chanel had an amazing life, while wearing and designing amazing clothes. Even Lifetime couldn't mess that story up. Since Coco Avant Chanel was released in basically every country but the US so far (why?!?!), I rounded up a couple of stills from the movie to help tide you over until the movie gods decide to let us see the actual film:

So far I have concluded that one, Audrey Tatou is relentlessly adorable (like that needed confirmation) and two, I need all the clothes from this movie. I love how Coco was slightly adrogynous and yet extremely feminine at the same time. And none of the clothes here actually look dated. Talk about timeless chic.


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