Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who needs shoes?

Ok, I know that Prom/graduation/spring dances are coming up for a lot of people, and one of the main things that's on your mind, if you're crazy like me, is what shoes to buy. You want hot shoes, but you don't want to spend all your money on a premier designer pair. I know your pain. I rounded up a few affordable, but still fashion forward options that would be great for any formal event coming up.

Report Signature Glitter Open-toe Pump, $137.92 at, Pelle Moda Vintage Peep-toe Platform, $184.95 at These two are totally classic styles with a bit of a twist. The subtle glitter on the left shoe adds a little bling that makes it festive and fun, and the patent leather on the right shoe gives it a bit of an edge.

Nine West Balboa Gladiator, $88.95 at, Report Signature Rockwell, $187 at The Nine West gladiator is a softer take on the dominatrix, bondage look that's big right now, with a nice, sturdy cone heel. The Report has a fantastic two tone and two texture look that's definitely unique, but very understated.

Lamb Spectator Pump, $102 at, Pelle Moda Caspian Peep-toe Platform Pump, $179.95 at How cute are those spectator pumps! The little bows make this typically masculine style completely feminine, and if these came in grey/black/white, I would have bought two already. But my favorite are these Pelle Moda platforms. The cut-out pattern is super sexy, the cone heel and thick platform are not only hot, but very sturdy, and the graphic band of pale wood cutting through the black platform is just such a fantastic look.

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