Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It happened. I'm all excited for fall, and it's only March. I blame Fashion Week--there's nothing like parades of knits to make you want September all over it. Since these pants are cropped and rolled, they might actually be summer appropriate though...Anyways, we all know pants are back, and these trouser-style pants that taper just slightly towards the cropped/rolled ankle are a great (read: MANDATORY) alternative to the harem pants. Since they're not skin tight or super-tapered, they're much more flattering than skinny jeans, and I think that fact that they look like you stole your boyfriend's pants makes them way sexier than jeans so tight they look painted on. And they're comfier too.

J. Crew Summerweight Chino Cocktail Capri, $79.50 at jcrew.com, Organic Pleat Slim Pant, $157.50 at shopbop.com. How cute are the chinos on the right half of the J. Crew pic? I love how she rolled them to emphasize the cropped length, and how they're just a little wrinkly. These would totally work for summer and they're affordable. Love. The navy trousers are actually organic (always a plus), and I like the subtle volume the pleating gives. The lines on those pants are fantastic.

Acne Jeans Gin Pop Chinos, $249 at
largarconne.com, Golden Goose Chino Pant w/ Pyramid Stud, $501 at lagarconne.com. These Acne pants you'd have to roll a bit more, but for those of you who are addicted to your skinny jeans, these are a looser, more flattering option. I am in love with these khaki Golden Goose pants (just not the price tag). First off, they're studded, and baggy, and cropped. Drool.

Madewell Sandstorm Khakis, $115 in Madewell stores, Ash Banyan Banded Wedge Sandals, $212 at shopbop.com. I know. I am addicted to Madewell (but the store near me opened #$&%& omg), and these pants are awesome. They hit both the cargo pant trend and the tapered, baggy trouser trend, but not so overtly that they couldn't become a wardrobe staple (and again, reasonably priced!). And what is that cropped, ankle-baring length perfect for but showing off some superhot heels? Like these 6" dominatrixy wedges (I need them). That means you have to buy pants and some new heels. Geez. Fashion is pain.

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